Tamra Judge Wants Heather Dubrow to Replace Emily Simpson Next Season on RHOC

Tamra Judge is revealing that she wants Heather Dubrow to return to The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“I think she should come back next year,” Tamra said, noting that she keeps in touch with her former costar “once in a while.”

Heather, 49, joined the cast of RHOC in 2012 for season 7. She announced her departure from the series in 2017 after five seasons.

Judge also revealed she finally saw Heather and husband Terry Dubrow’s mansion, which was still under construction when the actress left the Bravo show.

“I did see Heather’s house once and I think it took about an hour to do a tour,” Tamra explained. “It’s beautiful. It’s big. … It’s everything Heather is.”

When asked which of her co-stars she’d boot to bring Heather back, she hinted at newcomer Emily Simpson.

“Maybe somebody that likes diamonds and things,” she told US Weekly, seemingly referring to Emily’s opening tagline: “When you come from humble beginnings, you count your blessings … one diamond at a time.”

The reality TV personality also noted during the interview that she doesn’t really talk to Emily “too much.”

“I think the issue with me, it’s not so much what happened on the show, it was a lot of the things that she was doing behind our backs. A little sneaky,” she explained. “Outside of the show, just things that I’ve heard, things that she’s done. Her sister’s out there tweeting horrible things about me and [my husband] Eddie.”

She added: “I mean, I want to love Emily, she’s always nice to my face, but it’s even worse when someone’s so nice to your face then you’re hearing all these things are going on. You’re like, ‘Whoa, really?’ You call me, you text me, you tell me you love me. You’re friends with me, but then … It is what it is.”


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