Tamra Judge: Vicki Gunvalson Loves to Lie

After watching this week’s RHOC episode, Tamra Judge isn’t very happy with co-star Vicki Gunvalson, which who wouldn’t be when someone is constantly accusing their husband of being gay.

Tamra talks about how Vicki is sad at the beginning of the episode that they are no longer friends and by the end of the episode is back to doing what she does best and attack people with rumors and lying.

“From the beginning, we see Vicki’s halfhearted attempt to look like a friend. In one scene she feels bad we are no longer friends and in the same episode, she reverts to her back stabbing insecure ways. Orchestrating an obscene discussion (bad acting by the way) with people I believe she truly does not respect or are really people she considers friends to celebrate her birthday. Yes, the same people who have no problem perpetuating her lie about Eddie. Who spends that much time and effort to carry on a lie? Is this another attempt to deflect her addiction to lying? Well, I guess if you do it for a living on a daily basis it’s just another day at the office,” Tamra says in her Bravo Blog.

Tamra then talks about how Kelly Dodd is seen trying to convince Vicki to call her and tell her to “stop this mean girl.”

Tamra thought it was interesting as she said, “The phone call that I answered was from a blocked caller.”

Tamra even admitted to going against her first reaction of not going but she thought it was the perfect opportunity to tell Vicki to, “STOP BEING A BULLY…GROW UP!”

Tamra then talked about Vicki and how she loves to lie.

“I think Vicki is addicted to putting others down to make herself feel good. I also think she chooses bad men over her friends and children and worst of all continues to lie about cancer. Lie after lie after lie…it’s clear she will not stop until she is satisfied she hurt me, Shannon or anyone in her path,” Tamra said.

Tamra finds it a little creepy that Vicki, Kelly and the other ladies are going to have an affect on her life.

“The disturbing part of this episode is that they really think they are affecting my life by creating a conversation (a bad one at that) that questions my husband’s sexuality. They really think that accusing a straight man of being gay in this day and age is still a way to hurt one’s character? The obvious fact is that he is not gay and to continue to use this bully tactic to hurt me, my loving relationship or my family shows what kind of horrible person Vicki and her party guests are, especially coming from a gay man himself. Who knows for sure 100% that Eddie is not gay but would rather get his 15 minutes on TV to say otherwise.”

Tamra even gives the ladies a place to find information about bullying, for Vicki’s constant lies.

“Keep watching as Vicki continues to burry herself in her lies. Everyone involved should be ashamed of the horrible actions. Instead of spreading sexual rumors maybe they should educate themselves on bullying. www.stopbullying.org is a great place to start…”

Tamra is convinced that Vicki didn’t want a birthday party as much as she wanted to bash Eddie on camera.

“It is clear her birthday party was about making her look like she has nothing to do with this rumor she’s behind. Trying to bully people by attacking their sexual orientation is absolutely disgusting especially at their age. To see a table of adults flat out lying about Eddie to try and hurt me and try to humiliate Eddie is beyond comprehensible,” Tamra said of Vicki’s birthday party.

At the end of Tamra’s blog she gives Vicki some advice.

“Vicki, my advice to you is stop lying! It’s easy to tell the truth and you never have to create more truths to make your point.”

Thoughts on what Tamra had to say?

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21 Replies to “Tamra Judge: Vicki Gunvalson Loves to Lie”

  1. The footage of the last season’s Ireland drive to the airport is still on Bravo’s Youtube channel. Tamra would be wise to not bring up bullying. At all.

  2. If she wants it to stop…Tamra needs to stop feeding the fire. Stop talking about it. If you know the truth – then none of it matters. Tamra herself keeps bringing up the gay comments and cancer topic over and over…why? Just let it all dwindle out and die already. Do you have nothing else to do or talk about?

  3. If you watched the most recent episode.. it was NOT Vicki perpetuating the gossip! Eddie does “like anal sex a lot”according to Tamra Tattles aka Jesus Jugs Jr! Besides..She loves to dish on vickis dirt little hypocrite but like most people hates it when it is turned on her!

  4. What a grade A hypocrite. She is so much worse than Vicki could ever be. I feel bad for Eddie though as he’s a good soul, a little too good for the bad devil he’s married to.
    She, Tamara is keeping this candle brightly lit, so she, more than anyone else is shedding a very dark light on her husband. She just wants to hate Vicki & make sure she keeps that hate alive. She is certainly not doing a good service to or for poor Eddie. What a witch.

      1. Maybe I missed something, I have no recollection of Vicki scamming cancer victims.
        My knowledge of the season with Brooks is how battered Vicki was by her so called friends. She was pushed so far by them & was also pushed to lie to save face for Brooks because she loved him to blindness. When she become clear of his fabrication, it was too late to back down, for by that time, the women were hating on her & being a people pleaser, she wanted back into their midst. Fool that she was.
        Tamara on the other hand, is evil, enjoys the evil & lives by evil. Christian? I think not for a second. Add Shannon & Meghan to that mix.
        We are all entitled to our opinions & I appreciate your thoughts & mine even more.

        1. Brooks and Vicki bought into Club Detox and began speaking of, and “showing” Brooks’ battle with cancer. They were pushing the fact that the products from Club Detox were helping Brooks. A woman from Club Detox accompanied them to doctor appointments and was teaching them about being grounded and one with the Earth, the whole time wearing a Club Detox t-shirt and talking about how much Brooks is improving thanks to their juices. During this time Vicki was lying about calling Terry for help in the middle of the night and about going to chemo treatments with Brooks and having a full binder with colored tabs to keep track of his progress.
          Then the truth came out and it all exploded in their faces. Vicki admitted she lied, but then retracted that. She started saying that her business was badly hurt by the Brooks’ has cancer storyline and how it played out. THEN she decided to partner with a “charity” which was really no more than scam to get leads to sell insurance. That was quickly shut down.
          In short, Vicki may not have profited from the scams, other than getting the attention she craves, but it was still a scam and she was still part of it.

          1. Yes Mary, I agree fully that Vicki did some lying because she was so blinded by love for this man that was also fooling her & up till nearing the end, she believed everything he told her. As for the juices from Club Detox, Brooks did show vast improvement which was easy for him to show as he was not sick at all. Vicki seeing this first hand would’ve more than believed him. Remember she was witness many a time to how sick he was. Only Brooks knew what he was taking to bring on such illness. And she Vicki bought it all, the stupid fool.
            Yes she did do the cancer charity from her work place to prove to her infidel friends that she meant well & of course it would get the name of her company out there. The moment she was told this looked bad, it was shut down. Her so called friends were again the first to point fingers.
            As for calling Heather’s husband, she never concluded that version until she did which was that she spoke to Brianna who’s a nurse & advised differently. Again, she was nailed to a cross.
            We can all view this story from every angle & either see the rights & wrongs & the why’s of it & draw our own conclusions. She made a whopper of a mistake, begged for forgiveness relentlessly only to be turned away.
            I can quicker forgive Vicki for a bad mistake than I could understand Yolanda’s made up lying journey which was clear as day & the same goes for the behavior of Tamara, Shannon & Meghan at this point in time.
            Thanks for the opportunity to express my thoughts.

            1. I guess some people don’t want to see the truth about Vicki. If you’ve watched from the beginning you can see how money is everything to her. She controls the people she professes to love with it. When she sees an opportunity to get more, she’ll go for it. She says she’s a smart, savvy business woman. What smart, savvy, business woman would not have known that getting involved in something didn’t even have a tax-exempt status, but stilled called itself a “charity”, and was involved in CANCER would not see this was a bad idea. Vicki did not shut this down, the State did that for her.
              Vicki has admitted she lied, and now says she didn’t. She has said that her business took a big hit from the Brooks fallout, but that’s not why she did killallcancer.
              The bottom line is, she can’t have it both ways. She had to have been in on the cancer scams from the beginning. No one who has made the kind of money she claims to have made in business could be that stupid.

              1. I’d rather tolerate a huge lie done for love than tolerate those who are black hearted, mean spirited & down right evil. AND, I have lost too many to count by cancer. Remember Mary, forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. That way you do not fester with anger or resentment. However the other party feels is entirely up to them.
                We may never agree on this topic, you & I and that’s fine too.

                1. I don’t see how a lie intended to scam cancer victims out of their money is done for love, unless you mean Vicki’s love of money.

  5. If Tamra is suppose to be a christen then why does she cuss every other word gossip about just about everyone? If she is a True Christen she wouldn’t be acting and doing the things she is. You don’t see or hear Lydia acting or saying these things. Also let it go. Good grief. Vicki is a very lonely sad person. She has to have All the attention all the time. Look at the last episode. She walks out and everyone was talking having a good time. They weren’t glued to the door waiting for her. Besides who gives themselves a birthday party? Her children or a friend would do this.
    Tamra doesn’t have anything to have a story line about. She is either pretending to cry about her daughter or fussing about Vicki. Really don’t know why Shannon and Vicki can’t get a long. Shannon acts a lot like Vicki as far as David goes. Unless David is giving all his attention to her. Shannon is crying David doesn’t want anything to do with me. I’ve put on weight cause of tension. It’s always Me Me Me. What shannon and Vicki need is a haram. They could have all men. All they have to do is give all their attention to them. Got off subject. Sorry.

      1. Christians can never be perfect, only God is. But Christians try to be better & better in their walk with God. Otherwise there’s no growth.
        Tamara tries to talk the talk (and fails badly ) she never walks the walk. Her thoughts, ways & actions are unkind & does not show God’s love.
        It’s as simple as that.

        1. All I’m saying is that we don’t know about Tamra’s personal growth or her Christian walk. We only see what Bravo chooses to show us. Don’t get me wrong. I believe Tamra to be a total gutter snipe, but I don’t know what her path to God is.

          1. Thanks for your answers Mary. If that is what Bravo chooses to show us tells it’s own tale or she must be the devil’s advocate by day & act like an Angel of God when alone. It’s either she’s for God or against Him, she cant play a two way game, That’s what I’m thinking.

            1. I don’t think it has to be so ridged – for God or against Him. Everyone’s walk is different and personal. Have you never felt abandoned by God or wondered about His ways? I was raised in the Catholic Church and have seen a lot of people play a two way game at times, it does not mean they are not Christian.

              1. I am Catholic as well Mary. I agree with you that every one’s walk with God is personal & different levels. No, I have in all honesty never ever felt abandoned or wondered about His ways. I just trust Him implicitly. That’s just me. And to me, there’s never a right way to do a wrong thing & that’s how I live. I am not rigid in my beliefs at all. I just LOVE Him & would like to be more like Him & less like myself. It’s not about religion to me, but more about love of & for God.

  6. I don’t watch anymore since the Brooks cancer lie. But, I saw these articles and wanted to say that I think it is part of their job, the housewives, to respond to things that are said about them. It is one thing to respond, and quite another to allow it to become part of your daily life. I have always been a Tamra fan, even with her faults. Being we ALL have them, I accept that hers are public and therefore blown way, way out of proportion. We see 20 to 23 – 40 minute slices of their lives. However, Viki doesn’t simply have faults. She is a liar, and perpetuated a lie about cancer to keep that disgusting excuse for a man in her bed. Cancer is an epidemic that effects millions of people, beautiful people full of life until their 1st chemo treatment, children and babies born with this dreadful, gruesome illness causing such unimaginable pain and heartache for the babies & the families of these poor kids. Most of us know someone who has or had cancer. It is a horrifying illness, with the “cure” being worse than the actual disease. A friend of many of us here died of cancer not long ago. Kelly is another poor excuse for a human being. I actually can’t believe this show is even still on. It is distasteful, revolting, tired and old. Most of the cast are disgusting, along with the story line. Time to end this disaster and find some decent, classy housewives. Out of the millions of beautiful, rich working women in Southern California one would think Bravo could find 5 of them to do a show. Naturally there has to be drama, and maybe a common enemy or the dynamic wouldn’t work. But this has gone WAY, WAY past drama. It has become a sickening look at only the lowest form of life, magnified. Please, Bravo, put a stop to the horror.

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