Tamra Judge: Vicki Is a Bully


Tamra Judge is taking to her blog to react to this week’s episode of the RHOC. Tamra says that Vicki Gunvalson was clearly still angry at the fact that Shannon Beador didn’t come visit her in the hospital and that’s why she reacted the way she did. Judge says, bottom line, Vicki is a bully.

“Congrats to Meghan and Jim on the opening of their store and of course on the pregnancy!

I brought up the voicemail to Vicki because she could at least say “thank you” to Shannon and they could move on. After all, Shannon did reach out to see how she was doing and tell her she didn’t understand the severity of the accident. I think it was a big step for Shannon to approach Vicki and to tell her she was sorry. It seemed like Vicki clearly wanted to hold on to the fact Shannon didn’t see her at the hospital. Almost like she had the upper hand now.

Shannon is not the type of person to just sit back. I told her I tried to get Vicki to talk to her but she said “no”. So, Shannon tried one more time. Vicki was not warm and accepting even though Shannon spoke to her nicely. Then Vicki calls her a liar. I knew that wasn’t going to go over too well. Shannon is an open book. I know that for sure. I found it very disturbing when Vicki said, “I have secrets about Shannon and David that Shannon told me in confidence. I keep it in a box with a pad lock, and the key hidden. I might reveal the secret that she doesn’t want anyone to know.” Oh s***, that’s down right low!

When things started to get heated I said it’s time to move on. Meaning making a scene in Meghan’s store is not going to resolve anything. Shopping with Vicki was a s*** show. First, Vicki’s shoe gets stuck in a crack then my nipple cover falls off and hits the ground.

When Vicki told me she was dating a police officer I was so happy she had found someone. She constantly says she doesn’t want to bring guys around us because of what happened with Brooks. It’s like she thinks it’s everyone’s fault he lied about cancer and us girls are to blame. It’s not our fault she was dating a jerk! The funny thing is she has involved herself in everyone’s relationship in the past. But acts like a victim. After Brooks it’s been a running joke with me and Briana that we will run a background check on the next guy that comes into her life. No, I would never actually do that, but Briana might?

I’ve know Vicki long enough to know she has a habit of telling people she has dirt on them and if they don’t stop pushing her buttons she will expose it. She did it to Meghan last year and to me the year before. It’s a very juvenile way of fighting. Clearly she has told Kelly about it because she had Kelly tell me and Heather hoping it would get back to Shannon, but I didn’t say anything because I knew it was nonsense and Vicki’s way of threatening Shannon. Bottom line, Vicki is a bully. To say that she has a secret about Shannon that would hurt her family is just absolutely disgusting. Her family has gone through enough hurt. Leave them alone, Vicki. Heather said it best: “When you have a secret, you don’t say anything about it. Vicki going around telling everyone is more of a threat than anything.” I’ve seen her do this so many times. Congrats to Heather and Terry on their new book!

Shannon told me before the party that she was going to put her issues with Vicki in the past and treat her like nothing was wrong. I was happy to see Shannon come in and joke around with Vicki. Shannon was super cool about the whole situation.”

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  1. Nice to see Tamra stand up to Shannon and call out LIARFACE! Yes Vicki is a bully and is jeuvenile ( Tamras words)! Good read !

    1. Wow! I didn’t know Tamra had it in her! As long as she sticks with it and isn’t cosying up to Vicki next week! Xxoo

        1. I think Tamra is the worse of these two. She flies which ever way the wind blows, bottom line. Vickie is no angel and has her share of dirt, but Tamra and her found “Christianity” makes a mockery of the religion. Tamra will turn on you in a minute. 🙂

        1. I don’t watch OC at all so just commenting on the stories and in this case on Tamras blog. I won’t watch while Vicki is still on. So I guess OC is finished for me. Andy won’t get rid of her!

  2. How sweet Tamra that you and Bratty Brianna mock Vicki behind her back. What a wonderful daughter Brianna is! So appreciative all the time-NOT. And you calling anyone a bully is laughable after all the bullying you’ve done! Also, Vicki stuck up for you when Meghan said you were reckless and she was “so mad at you for endangering everyone.” She could have jumped on the bandwagon, it would have been so easy, but she didn’t. Let’s bring Alexis and Gretchen back to discuss your cruelty. Oh yeah, and Jeannie Keogh! Tamra you are such a hypocrite! And have been a two-faced bully for years!

    1. Brianna’s made comments about the POS Vicki on camera, so it’s not a surprise they do it between the two of them. My theory is that if you are going to LIE ABOUT CANCER and act crazy and bring home all these men that don’t respect you, then your kids have every right to talk about it to whoever they feel like.

  3. If you don’t go along with Vicki she’ll Bully and make up a bunch of Sh#t up try to make you look bad why she try’s to play Victim she is the biggest LiarFace on TV. #scumbag

  4. Krista, I agree with you 100%! Tamra is such a two-faced, fake person! And why Heather and Shannon consider her a friend is disgusting! Vicki needs to realize it is Tamra throwing her under the bus and creating all the dis course within the group. Wise up Vicki and distance yourself from Fake Friend Tamra!!

  5. It only took Tamra what? 10 years to figure out what a POS Vicki is? She’s a quick one, that Tamra. However, she’s a gossip. All season she’s gossiped. And Tamra’s been right there with that POS for years so she if she wants us viewers to think of her differently, then she better separate and STAY SEPARATE from the POS forever.

  6. the preview for next week has put the fear in me. Did you see Tamra’s face when she was emotional – her botox or whatever she uses has made her face into a scary doll face.. It’s the scene where she is in Shannon’s arms (I think Shannon) and is supposedly freaked… is this Holloween?

    1. I saw that promo as well and it REALLY creeped me out. I’m not sure which was worse, her porcelain doll botoxed face, or her inability to deal with stuff being put back on her, that she dishes out to almost everyone. To be honest, Shannon’s face looked a little disturbing as well. I’m not sure if it is those hats or the eye make up they were wearing, but it was not pleasant to witness.ughh..I won’t be watching.

  7. Did anyone else wonder if Vicki peed herself when she was laughing so hard over her shoe getting caught and her nipple cover falling off? Why doesn’t she use pads if she has a bladder problem?

    1. Why doesn’t she buy good bras that have the nipple protection sewn in? She’s an idiot; that’s all I thought. Good question though 🙂

  8. Tamra seems to have joined the ”Clown” club. Hopefully she realizes she’s gone to far with the botox or whatever is freezing her face…. not good.

  9. They are all bullies in my opinion. A big bunch of useless losers. None are good or clean by any means & would turn on each other in a heartbeat. They use each other conveniently & then turn on each other. Shannon did not even approach Vicki with sincerity, she came off as a big, fat hypocrite, trying to be friendly. Great open book for sure. As for Tamara, suddenly she decided not to be a reporter & tell Shannon what Kelly said? That’s a first! This is the most self-righteous group I’ve ever had the pleasure not to meet in real life. They should be hanging their heads in shame as to the type of corrupt humans they are.

  10. I have a soft spot for Vicki because 1) Rather than “Vicki lied about cancer,” I think it’s “Vicki chose to believe the man she loved that his cancer had returned.” Foolish, but not evil as people here seem to think. 2) Sadly, in the past few years several of my girlfriends lost their mothers and they tell me they feel an indescribable aloneness, even when they are surrounded by others. Their mothers are gone and the loss takes root in their hearts and hits them at the smallest little moments. I see that sadness in Vicki’s eyes and I feel compassion because of it. That’s just my opinion and I already know ,y’all won’t like it.lol

    1. Krista dear you’re entitled to your opinion. You are always respectful and you don’t trash others so who cares who likes your opinion or doesn’t lol. The thing about HW is that we all have our favorites or can relate to some more the others . Equally, some HW piss us off for no obvious reason or do things we find unforgivable…. Have a great weekend xoxo

    2. As Rain said, it doesn’t matter we are all entitled to our opinions! You are respectful so I always read yours even if I don’t agree. Xxxxooo❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Awwww thanks Suze. I always read yours too even when we disagree. I know we agree about Tre when all many others want to do is call her the “c” word. Lol

      2. Krista, well I guess that’s better than felon! Gets a bit tiring! I only ever read a few comments on Tre threads I’m sure others don’t read mine. So that’s just fine! I do read yours as I said as you are always respectful and interesting. We will never agree on Vicki but that’s ok! Xoxoxoxoxxo

  11. Thanks Rain. Underdogs just make me want to root for them, my weakness I guess…that and right now at this moment, Halloween candy. Who are these people that don’t think Smarties are like the best thing ever? And Mounds bars. Enjoy your weekend too.

    1. I LOVE smarties! But then I have a sweet tooth, always have had one. I live on a rural road that’s not well lit, and even the first few years here, I turned on ALL the lights, including all of the security lights, only my little neighbor girls came for trick-or-treat. So, I don’t do that anymore, but keep candy on hand ( well, I will be honest, I ALWAYS have candy here ) so if we get the straggler trick-or-treater, I have a nice treat for their bag!
      I am another fan of Theresa, as you know. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for her, and there are so many evil people, she simply doesn’t fit that category. She is working to repay her debts, and that is all she owes. She paid the other debt in prison for almost a year, and she owes me NOTHING. Hope Fall is nice for you in your corner of the world, Krista! 🙂

      1. Thanks D’s. I am happy to report no candy consumption so far today & it’s almost 11 am! Small victories…I still like Tre better than all the Jersey housewives, past & present. I hope we do not have to have endless”cut the cancer out meeting” rehashing that involves any screen time (read that scream time) for Rosie & the Wakiles. I will be perfectly happy if we don’t see them again.

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