Tamra Judge Thinks Vicki Will Get Back Together With Brooks Ayers


Tamra Judge appeared on Watch What Happens Live earlier this week and after all of the controversy last season with Vicki Gunvalson and her boyfriend Brooks Ayers, shared her opinion about the situation. Judge says she doesn’t think Vicki is really done with Brooks…

“I can only speculate, but I do think they’re still talking, and I think that it’s a matter of time before they get back together. I do,” Tamra said on Monday’s episode of WWHL.

Vicki began dating Steve Chavez Lodge earlier this spring, and the twosome definitely seem serious. But, Tamra doesn’t think that will stop Vicki from getting back with Brooks.

“Yeah, I did meet [Steve], and for the record I never touched his crotch. She said that,” Tamra said, referring to an anecdote that Vicki told on the show earlier this month. “He seems like a really nice guy. But Vicki doesn’t like the nice guy. She likes the bad boy.”

Do you think Vicki will get back with Brooks?

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11 Replies to “Tamra Judge Thinks Vicki Will Get Back Together With Brooks Ayers”

  1. Who the F cares if they get back together or not! I’m sick of Vicki stories but I guess there will be plenty!

    1. I don’t care about either of them really. I think we are spinning our wheels though Suze because as long as this season is airing, this is just going to go on, and on, and on, and on………. Nothing ever changes with this damn series.

  2. I think that too. I think they are just “acting/lying” about being separated because of all the heat from last season. They deserve each other.

  3. Sick of the cancer story & Tamra & Vicki. Time to move on. Guess Tamra really doesn’t follow trying to be a Christian.

  4. People who find God don’t magically become perfect. It is the ones who have always strived to do what is right have had a difficult life, and always feel lesser than. Just because Tamra is still Tamra does not mean her belief in God isn’t true and real. The people who need the most mercy and forgiveness from God are the ones with the most tortured souls. Maybe a little mercy from others would go a long way to help heal hers. . She isn’t evil like Viki and B. She made a huge mistake with Shannon, with a good purpose, not a gossipy reason, it was Heather that made sure the whole town knew about it. Tamra explained and was ashamed of herself and apparently Shannon knows what real apologies are, and true repentance.

    1. See this here is why I love and respect you, 3D’s. You always see the possibilities of goodness when the bad is always front and center. I never cared for Tamra much because of her very mean girl ways until the show started sharing her vulnerable side and who she was capable of being deep down inside. She’s changing, growing, and learning, it’s evident. I’m rooting for her now to continue on to be her best self.

  5. Icky Vicki deserves Brooks. They should run off together to an uninhabited island somewhere far far away and leave Bravo for good. The problem is that they are both egocentric and love all the attention, and Vicki will risk losing everyone around her for that loser. She is thinking with her love tank and not her brain. She is an intelligent woman in business but a total idiot when it comes to being honest and loyal to family and friends. She is blinded by her lust-love.

  6. Vicki is unbelievably pathological when it comes to covering up for that scum bag Brooks! I hope she gets it through her bleached brain that her daughter deserves more respect than lies, deceipt, coins, & manipulation from her own MOTHER!!! Vicki is sick, sick, sick & needs professional help & lots of it in order to take a look at her bizarre need for scum bag men!! Really sick & twisted! Vicki & Brooks r sadly two peas in a pod! Narcissistic liars!!!!!

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