Tamra Judge Texted Alexis Bellino After Harsh Email While Filming the Reunion


Alexis Bellino’s email to Tamra Judge at the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion caused a lot of shock and conversation with both fans and even cast members. We witnessed Andy read the email that he received from the former Real Housewife and the whole cast’s reaction. Alexis indicated that Tamra was “making a mockery of her faith” and insinuated that Tamra’s action towards finding Jesus were not genuine. Though we got to see and hear the famous email reading, what we didn’t see is Tamra text Alexis at the reunion taping!

She shared with Bravo, “I wanted to reach out to her as a fellow Christian and just say to her, well I’ll tell you what I said. I said, ‘As a Christian, I’m confused on your judgement. I would think you would be uplifting and encouraging of my decision. I have also learned that just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean that you are perfect, so I forgive you. As you know, as a new Christian, it’s an amazing journey and I now see what you were so excited to share on the show…. I’m sorry for any pain that I caused you and I truly wish you nothing but a blessed life. Maybe one day we could sit down and talk.’ And then I put Luke 6:37, basically, ‘Thou shall not judge.'”

Since then Alexis did publicly apologize to Tamra via Instagram. She wrote, “I can see how my email might have come came across judgmental last night on RHOC, and I’m sorry about that, that was not my heart. I was not trying to judge Tamra, I just wanted to make sure this was all coming from a good place, so please do not judge me. The Bible is clear that we are to hold each other accountable as sisters in Christ. I am imperfect and human, but I am steadfast in my faith and the Lord laid this conviction on my heart.”

What do you think of Tamra’s message to Alexis? Who’s side are you on? Comment below!

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62 Replies to “Tamra Judge Texted Alexis Bellino After Harsh Email While Filming the Reunion”

  1. Such a bunch of crazy in O.C. I guess everyone is religious and I guess everybody claims to be the true believer… sounds like nutcases to me.

    If you are religious just keep it for yourself and respect it in the privacy of your home, nobody needs to know or see what you believe in.

    1. I don’t want to speak for other religions but Christians are commanded to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ as part of the Great Commission Matthew 28:16-20 so keeping it to yourself in the privacy of your home kind of flies in the face of the belief. Some do a better job of doing it with respect to others’ feelings and sensitivities than other.

      1. Yeah and after their sacred Baptism on a reality tv show (to spread the gospel of course) isn’t it customary to have a cocktail party? How touching is that?

        1. Why is having a cocktail party wrong?? No one was drunk, no where in scripture does it say drinking alcohol is wrong. It says do not be drunk, and elders should not drink MUCH wine….it does say to treat your body as a temple so that would mean drinking sodas would be much worse that 1 or 2 cocktails.

        2. Tamra has the perfect last name, because all she does is JUDGE! She and Brandy are the worst and most crazy out of the entire franchise. I don’t believe that Tamra has changed at all. Now she is not talking to Vicki, her good friend.. Why, because Tamra is JUDGING! She is a pathetic excuse for a human being, and sounds like an awful mother! And Tamra why are you hanging out and sticking by all of these other women-(use that term loosely)/ castmates who are doing nothing but JUDGING? Beyond Hypocritical!!!

    2. The same could be said about anything, however Christians are the only ones that need to keep it in the privacy of their own homes??? Our nation allows the KKK to have a march yet Christians shouldn’t talk about their beliefs in public.

      1. Anon, you read that wrong. It was referring to the fact that Jesus said to preach His Father’s name from the mountain tops, NOT keep it in the privacy of our homes. That;s why the preacher told Tamra to have her Baptism in public, it is worth celebrating.

        1. I read that post to say, Christians have as much right to be vocal about their beliefs….saying it is ok for other groups to speak publicly about them yet they feel Christians shouldn’t…..ant they were questioning that logic. That’s how I read And interprated it anyway. However I just worked a 14 hour shift so I could be wrong. agree with anon. Why are Christians the only ones who should keep their beliefs private? Why is it ok for Other HW to preach their beliefs, political, moral religious (Carrollton) yet not the Christian beliefs??? It is what we as Christians are called to do…Go yet in to all the world sharing the love of Jesus.

    3. Mili, I’m inclined to disagree. Share your love, show your light by example, not forcing your beliefs down anyone’s throat. But be PROUD to state that you’re a child of the King. Don’t talk the talk, just walk the walk, alongside Jesus & by example, others see & follow. I’ve found this to be so true in my own journey with my Saviour & I wont have it any other way. There’s that saying that is my favourite. “God said & I believe it & that settles it for me.” I rest my case.

      1. Those words resonate with me Starr. Walk the walk with true intentions. The Lord already knows what is in your heart and He knows your truth.

    1. I knew we would eventually find something on which we agree. These ladies treat religion like a Get Out of Jail Free card for being a hateful bitch.

  2. I’ll take TAMARA any day over “Jesus Jugs”. Tamara is openly/obviously being a true CHRISTAN, flawed, imperfect, opinionated and honest regarding HER faith & belief.

    Jesus Jugs Alexis has always shoved her CHRISTIANITY down everyone’s throat especially when she needed to cover her ass after being caught in a lie, conveting others belongings, as aan excuse for any number of her dirty deeds.:-P I was taught actions like hers were usually the actions of a person that was a “Christian of Convenience”

    With all her faults, misplaced trust Tamara is a good person and a good example of a true Christian.

  3. My pet peeve is when people use portions of scripture and or take scripture out of context. Luke 6:37 says more than that. 37 Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. 38 Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” What this verse is saying is that if you don’t want others to judge you then don’t judge them. It doesn’t command you not to judge. So make sure you have taken care of it in yourself before holding others accountable. Often people use the words God says do not judge, however never does it just say those words followed by because their actions don’t matter and they don’t have to be held accountable. The words when the whole context is written are speaking about your personal sin, you want to judge this person clean your house first, then help them with theirs. This verse does not mean do not judge, the whole context says if you do you will be judged to the same accountability you are holding another to.

  4. So Tamra found Jesus and Vicki found Satan….. Tamra has always come off as being green with jealousy when it comes to Alexis – as most of the ladies are.

    1. I liked Alexis sometimes, but I absolutely don’t think Tamra was jealous of Alexis. She had someone who really loved her, and she didn’t think Alexis did. What I found annoying was the comparison of the marriages of T and Simon and A and Jim. Alexis wanted the same things Jim did in marriage, Tamra didn’t want the same things Simon did. Alexis was never able to explain that, and I think that is one of the forms of judgement Alexis disliked about the other ladies.

      1. 3D…. what bothered me was when Heather got on Alexis’s case about being showy with her money… and look at Heather – she wants to make sure everyone knows she’s rich. Regarding Tamra… I think this lady is so insecure in life and lashes out whoever is in her way..

        1. The point about Heather, totally agree, hypocrite she is! That was her whole season talking about the cost of every silly little thing. It’s classless to talk about money in that way. I don’t care if she has 114 bathrooms but I don’t need to know about them!

          1. it sure was a turnoff listening to here money talk…. remember the party she threw and one of the glasses of wine had a diamond at the bottom for the lucky person to have that glass… I thought that was rediculous

            1. I did wonder at the time if it was a cubic zirconium! I was never an Alexis fan and she did similar with her Bentleys etc. But the lecture Heather gave her about flaunting her possessions is ridiculous in hindsight when I think we even know about her diamond encrusted toilet paper or something similar, I fast forward her parts when she is in lecture or money mode!
              Of course ‘the diamond’ could have been supplied by Bravo. Is that not the party when Sarah ate her bow! Hilarious!

              1. yes… I think that’s the party regarding the bow…. again Heather made a fool of herself berating a guest in her home cuz she happend to eat a bow on ther cake. Her reaction was scary and mean.

                1. I’m laughing now, I thought it was that party but Heather is nuts! The first season I wasn’t sure but now I wouldn’t miss her at all. I liked Terry but since watching botched I hate the way he talks to and about Paul. Anyone would think Terry is good looking! He isn’t George Clooney!!! Paul went through enough being married to Adrienne, okay he isn’t the most charismatic of men but he seems nice!

      1. You know anyone who has had sex could get crabs. Even married people who are married to someone who is dishonest and a cheat. You seem very hung up on this. We get it she had crabs, she used some RID and took care of the situation. Not once have you brought up how gross the man was who gave it to her or the person who gave it to him. I’m not sure if you have noticed but you are the only one hung up on this, not sure why it is so important to you to continuously bring this up. It is just as gross and discussing to keep bringing it up like this as the STI is itself.

  5. Tamara’s email to Alexis was pure comedy:) Everyone only answers to God for themselves so these passive aggressive bitchy remarks disguised in quoting scripture are actually humorous. No one is going to win the “I’m a better Christian than you” award on the Real Housewives of Orange County, that’s for sure:)

  6. Alexis goes on to say that Andy conveniently left out a very kind part of her email. Not cool. maybe Alexis is concerned that this might not be legit when Tamra says things like ” I have accepted Jesus if you dont like it suck it”? I wont question Tamra’s faith and know it is a process not an instantly new person but her behavior is a bit questionable at times.

    1. In my opinion it is mostly the people with questionable backgrounds and actions that find such relief in God, to realize they too can be forgiven. It doesn’t mean our personality is washed away, just our sins.

        1. I totally love that Tamra is beginning a walk with Christ. I was simply explaining why some of her behavior can draw criticism.

        2. That was a joke referring to the part of her she was trying to leave behind. She was making a little satire of herself, and unfortunately, it was subtle and a lot of folks didn’t see the humor. If we ever think we won’t make another mistake, there would be no reason to accept God into our lives.

      1. 3D’s do you teach a bible study to young women. You would be wonderful with young women and new moms. The stuff you say is very profound.

        1. Up thread, Lisa mentioned Tamra’s quote saying, “I have Jesus in my life now, I don’t really care whether anyone believes it, and anyone who doesn’t can suck it” She says of that that she could see why Alexis might have questioned Tamra’s faith. And I said that we all know Tamra, and in knowing her she was making a satire out of who she has always been, the part of herself she is trying to change. It kinda came off a little wrong, but the message was subtle and I think a lot of people took it the way I believe Alexis did. Was that the part you meant, whew, I hope so because that was difficult to make a little less convoluted! 🙂

  7. You know, I think Tamra’s faith is genuine. And I also believe too many people think once a person accept Jesus into their lives they instantly become this semi-saintly Mother Teresa type person who is almost a missionary. And whoa to you if you do not project that image. Where Jesus himself was perfectly comfortable with the “salt of the earth” type of people who were most certainly NOT the outwardly perfect Christains, but in their hearts they were the purest.

  8. Honestly, I agree with both. One is a Christian that has fully grown in her faith & her love for Jesus is profound, so she will feel she has to say God’s truth. I totally understand Alexis’ thoughts. Tamara is a baby yet in her faith. This new found love is awesome & one flies high with the joy & love one experiences. Tamara will just keep growing & we will see the changes with God in the center of her life.That’s how I view it.

  9. I think Tamara owes Alexis a very sincere apology for picking on here and calling her those nasty names !! If you decided to change your life and get right with God you sure do not keep being your same nasty self !!! Ok it was very sad about how her kids were but still does not justify being a nasty person !!!! She needs to step it up a bit!!!! So start by telling ALEXIS that she is sorry and make a good sincere move !!!!

    1. I thought I saw a twitter message where Tamra did sincerely apologize to Alexis, does anyone else remember that? And the last season they were on together, they had a meeting of minds. I do remember blogs with apologies for everything Tamra ever said that hurt Alexis. So, I was also surprised at her hostile email, if anyone would have understood Tamra’s journey, I would have thought it would be Alexis. I wish Alexis would have stayed another season, It didn’t seem done. She could have had the chance to show us the growth she had spoken of that she was proud of, that might have been a nicer finish for her and us.

  10. I always liked Alexis, Jenna, & Lizzie. I remember when Alexis was in the limo crying, Tamara had no compassion for her whatsoever. I don’t believe Tamara or Heather have changed. They are both sickening to me. Watch your back Shannon.

    1. I agree patricia. I honestly never noticed Alexis bragging, not to the extent those obnoxious Dubrow’s do, who feel compelled to share with us, the cost of every single purchase they make–or plan to make. And you’re right, Shannon needs to be careful, those nasty, jealous creeps have already shown their true character.

    2. After the limo, tho, she went to lunch with her and apologized. I believed it was totally sincere, and Alexis did too. I don’t think Heather says anything without practicing it. She seems to say what she thinks everyone wants to hear, or what she thinks is the most sanctimonious. I LOVED it when, at the reunion with Lydia, Lydia wouldn’t let Heathers whole thing about the magazine have any wind. It was the perfect example of someone who can think on the fly as opposed to someone like Heather who rehearses everything she says.

  11. Tamra woo hoo! Alexis reaction is exactly why a lot of people hate to go to church or be around overly “churchy” people. Cause Christianity is about acceptance and being nonjudgmental and trying to be a better person. Tamra GOD BLESS YOU!!!!! You nailed the nail on head babe! WOO! HOO!

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