Tamra Judge Texted Alexis Bellino After Harsh Email While Filming the Reunion


Alexis Bellino’s email to Tamra Judge at the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion caused a lot of shock and conversation with both fans and even cast members. We witnessed Andy read the email that he received from the former Real Housewife and the whole cast’s reaction. Alexis indicated that Tamra was “making a mockery of her faith” and insinuated that Tamra’s action towards finding Jesus were not genuine. Though we got to see and hear the famous email reading, what we didn’t see is Tamra text Alexis at the reunion taping!

She shared with Bravo, “I wanted to reach out to her as a fellow Christian and just say to her, well I’ll tell you what I said. I said, ‘As a Christian, I’m confused on your judgement. I would think you would be uplifting and encouraging of my decision. I have also learned that just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean that you are perfect, so I forgive you. As you know, as a new Christian, it’s an amazing journey and I now see what you were so excited to share on the show…. I’m sorry for any pain that I caused you and I truly wish you nothing but a blessed life. Maybe one day we could sit down and talk.’ And then I put Luke 6:37, basically, ‘Thou shall not judge.'”

Since then Alexis did publicly apologize to Tamra via Instagram. She wrote, “I can see how my email might have come came across judgmental last night on RHOC, and I’m sorry about that, that was not my heart. I was not trying to judge Tamra, I just wanted to make sure this was all coming from a good place, so please do not judge me. The Bible is clear that we are to hold each other accountable as sisters in Christ. I am imperfect and human, but I am steadfast in my faith and the Lord laid this conviction on my heart.”

What do you think of Tamra’s message to Alexis? Who’s side are you on? Comment below!

Photo Credit: Bravo