Tamra Judge Talks Custody Battle With Simon Barney


Tamra Judge appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night after an all new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and she addressed the ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband, Simon Barney.

“My ex is suing me for 100% custody of the kids,” Tamra reveals. “It’s probably been one of the most devastating times in my life, because these are my children. What kind of father does that unless the mother is a drug addict or something?”

“I’m going to win,” Tamra told Dr. Drew, who was also a guest on the show, and when he asked what she believes Simon’s motives are, Tamra says, “In his declaration, which he knew was going to public, he said some very nasty things about me.”

“Anything truthful?” Dr. Drew asked.

“No,” Tamra stated. “And my thing is for somebody that doesn’t want his kids to be on the show, why would you do something like that? There were stories out there about my children that were just horrific. It’s been hard, it’s been sad, I’ve been crying for weeks. I’ve been in a place, Andy, that I haven’t been in 25 years.”

“They’re my kids and that’s my life, and you don’t do that,” Judge added.

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  • Andrea

    Tamra, I’m confident you’ll win. Simon is an asshole.

  • getreal

    Had Tamra been more conscientious concerning her kids’ emotional, intellectual and physical well being on her watch, she wouldn’t be in this mess. She needs to take responsibility here. Simon has proof on his side, which Tamra, basically gave to him on a silver platter. Whether or not the allegations went public, it doesn’t change the fact that her kids were neglected BY HER. And if she really wants to keep 50% custody, then she needs to stop kissing Andy Cohen’s ass and start kissing Simon’s because it sounds to me like he has a strong case against her.

    • Daniel

      What proof? Simon said Tamra doesn’t feed or bathe the kids so it must be true? I don’t believe what he said about Tamra’s parenting, everything seemed so twisted and exaggerated by Simon. Just because she doesn’t cook every night and her daughter didn’t bathe for a couple days while she was sick doesn’t make Tamra a neglectful mother.

      • getreal

        How is Simon twisting and exaggerating? The only one making the rounds in social media is Tamra. Sounds like you’re just regurgitating what Tamra says. I highly doubt that Simon would go into family court asking for 100% custody without evidence. Apparently, he has medical and school documentation, texts, tweets, most likely pics, statements from the kids themselves and a court appointed evaluation that backs up that Tamra’s mothering skills aren’t all that. What does Tamra have? NOTHING , except to say he’s jealous of Eddie.

  • ceebee

    Frankly, I think any person who puts the welfare of his/her children first does NOT take a job on a reality show as a RHW of anywhere.

  • peta

    What the F*ck did Tamrat do to her face? Looked into a hurricane? Wow, she is starting to look like the Cat Woman. Can you get those eyes any tighter and higher Tamra? Slow down on the check fillers, whoa. And, let’s get this straight: Simon filed papers through THE COURTS, not through RadarOnline—HE is not the one to blame, here, YOU are! Simon didn’t do anything TO you, you neglected your kids, PERIOD. You are a terrible example of a mother and heaven help us that you don’t bring another child into this world, especially if it won’t even have a father that wants to be involved, Simon is a much better example of a father than Eddie would ever be, by his OWN admission!! Go back to your cosmetic surgeon and pull that face back a little tighter so you can no longer speak, do us all a favor!

  • RHAddict


  • Michelle

    I went through 5 custody fights in the 10 years I was divorced with minor children. It is a shame the courts let you waste money on this ridiculousness. I won every time my ex tried to get custody. And he tried for as stupid reasons as Simon’s. It is not a surprise that the older child is alienated from her mother. That is what happened every time my daughters visited their father, for the first 2 weeks of their return. She has 50 50 custody. That should be good enough. Just so you know, Tamara, unfortunately you aren’t the first to go through this crap. We all are praying for you.