Tamra Judge Was Shocked To Hear About Shannon’s Mother-In-Law


Tamra Judge is taking to her blog to discuss this week’s episode of the RHOC. Judge says she was absolutely shocked when Vicki told her about Shannon’s mother-in-law and says she felt horrible for Shannon. Tamra also weighs in on Kelly and Michael’s martial problems.

“So let’s start with my tipsy day date with Eddie shall we? After the whole Glamis debacle I think Eddie just wanted me to relax a little bit and have some fun. SO, we start drinking sake…of course with my competition coming up all I could think about is how many calories are in sake and how rice is a carb and carbs turn to sugar which goes straight to your a**. I know I’m being obsessive but the last few weeks are make it or break it time. Anyone that knows me well knows I can NOT stand to hear someone eat…I will jump out of my skin. I literally have to leave a room. So being on this strict diet I get annoyed so easy. Check please.

Eddie usually stays pretty neutral about stuff. He is a no drama kind of guy. But with the sake flowing he made a comment about Shannon that I think was totally misunderstood. Eddie is the nicest guy and he absolutely LOVES Shannon. He would never want to say anything to hurt her feelings. He just knows how stressed out she has been ever since the ‘70s party, the move, her mother-in-law. Eddie never raises his voice and is pretty even tempered (unless he’s hungry). He’s just a zen kind of guy. I know he wasn’t trying to single Shannon out or say anything hurtful, he just thought it would have been nice for her to go and relax.

Watching Kelly and Michael interact it makes me sad, you can see the lack of respect and love they have for each other. Hearing the conversation Kelly is having with her mom reminds me of a conversation I had with my mom shortly before I left my ex-husband. My mom told me that I needed to prepare myself because some parents use the children to hurt the other parent. My mom told me to prepare myself for the future; she was worried that Spencer would end up living with his dad since they were so close. Not uncommon in divorces, kids picking sides. We never thought it would be Sidney and to the degree it is. My dear sweet beautiful daughter that was so close to me.

After all the Glamis drama I thought it would be a nice gesture to take the ladies to the spa for a nice relaxing day. No motorcycles, no buggies, no dirt…just mud. I was absolutely SHOCKED when Vicki told me about Shannon’s mother-in-law, Donna having family dinners with David’s mistress. To me that is just absolutely disgusting. Not only does Shannon have to deal with the affair, she has to deal with the fact that his family was also cheating on her. Who does that?!? To know that David’s mother condoned cheating? That is just next level horrible. To me that says something serious about Donna’s character.

NOW I understand why Shannon reacted the way she did at the party last week. I would have freaked out too!! At the time I didn’t know any of this. All I knew was that Shannon has had issues with her sister-in-law in the past. So last week when Shannon’s mother-in-law told me that “Shannon pushed David to the affair” I was in shock. But after hearing Shannon tell me that David’s mom is a liar, I didn’t think she would be surprised when I told her what Donna said. Shannon is my good friend and I didn’t want it to come out later without her knowing about it. So I told Shannon and it upset her, which I totally understand now that I know Donna was inviting David’s mistress over for tea and cookies!! I just can’t even wrap my head around that. It’s heartbreaking to see a family torn apart like that, especially right after David and Shannon’s vow renewal. The whole situation is just messed up.

How cool is Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona! Midway through our massages I hear Kelly and Vicki yelling and crying and I thinking “REALLY? What could have possibly happened? Why can’t we all just lie down and enjoy our damn massages?”

Later at lunch Kelly started talking about her marriage and how hard things have been. At this time in our friendship I felt bad for Kelly, I wanted to help her. I’ve been there myself. I know what it is like to be in a bad marriage. My words to her were just advice. I know from experience that the aftermath of divorce can be devastating. I don’t want anyone to go through what I have had to deal with.

Am I the only one that doesn’t know what to think about Vicki starting an insurance program for cancer patients? The way it was explained was more about making money and convincing people she had nothing to do with Brook’s cancer scam. Michael sure called her out on some of her lies. Yikes.”

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71 Replies to “Tamra Judge Was Shocked To Hear About Shannon’s Mother-In-Law”

  1. Davids mother is an evil witch. She pretty much played pimp to her asshat ‘boy’ … she and Mama Joyce are founding members of the bitter grandmas club

  2. Tamara needs to stop. She took so much unholy glee in the gossip about Shannon with Vicki and Heather. Also, I hate when she tries to rewrite history when it comes to Eddie making the comment he did about Shannon. The whole “he would never” shtick just irritates the hell out of me. Obviously this is not the first time they’ve discussed this for him to make such a comment.
    Watch out, Shannon…
    Tamara is no one’s friend.

    1. Could not agree more. Tamara thinks Eddie is Zen? He always seems to be wound tighter than a drum. Anytime Tamara tells anyone anything it is not to help, but rather to stir the pot, create drama and earn her paycheck. That seems to be all she cares about. She has always been two-faced and IMO she remains so.

  3. I feel bad for both David, & His Mother.
    We are only hearing Shannon’ s side of the story.

    If Shannon had gone over to her MIL /SIL when they walked in ,& warmly greeted them; we would not be discussing this. Who knows, that simple gesture could have healed many wounds for both sides. But, instead, she rather say” They hate me..” to her friends,& plant seeds in peooles brain. The Etiquette she talks about, she needs a refresher course, herself.

    Shannon may be a Master Manipulator, in a Chanel outfit? Just a thought

        1. Rain/ ladies, . instead of making a spectacle out of everything, When Shannon saw them, she should have diffused that situation. She claims that she is trying to protect her ” family” from any further gossip, embarrassment; so why add more fuel to a fire.? Why give people more ammo. To use against you.

          Want to clarify another point, I NEVER meant that it is a woman’ s fault for her husband cheating.
          Cheating is not gender specific. There are as many women cheating as there are men. If the roles were reversed, & Shannon was the Cheater, my opinion would be exactly the same.
          When I mention Shannon may want to do some soul searching, & ask herself,
          ” How did this happen?”. Its the reality of the life. David mentioned,” Shannon didn’t push him.” . He did that to appease her.
          I don’t agree with David’s actions, past or present.
          I hate to say this, He is buying his time.
          I don’t think he is genuinely happy, or in love with Shannon.

          Happy Friday all! 🙂

          1. Several thing plaid dahhhling, I love you regardless of how we disagree on Shannon! We will always have Erika 🙂 THIS is all just good fun 🙂

            The myth that women cheat as much as men is baloney. There are no ‘studies’ supporting this lie , it’s just something that men tell themselves to feel better about their cheating. Men have been cheaters since creation and for centuries, almost like it’s in their DNA . So I don’t buy that , nor do I buy that your opinion would be the same if Shannon would’ve cheated.

            You say you don’t blame Shannon for davids behavior , but you still feel it’s HER responsibility to diffuse the situation???? Why the heck would she??? So David and his witch mother do the crime and Shannon has to do the apologies??? No sense whatsoever . As I said before, just plain sexist my dear snugglepuss , that the woman even if she’s innocent should still partake in the punishment
            We agree on one thing, David is a scoundrel and will probably leave anyways. Yet instead of feeling compassion for Shannon, you still think somehow it’s her fault that he’s ‘ unhappy’ … come on!!!!! At what point does he grow a pair and take responsibility??? He keeps using her and it’s still her fault?? Psychology 101, we are all responsible for our own happiness, you can’t leave that to others nor should other people think their happiness is in your hands. So if he’s ‘unhappy ‘, pack a bag, go to mommies house.
            Happy Friday to you and to your hubs ❤️❤️❤️

      1. At this point, I think the only person she should blame for that is David! Now hearing more of the story, it seemed to me that David had full intentions on leaving Shannon and something went awry. To move out, give your ring back, tell your kids you no longer love your wife, and to bring the mistress around your family seems like he believed he was going to move on with this lady. Shannon’s MIL was so wrong to run her mouth like that, but maybe she was under the impression that he was “pushed” from her scumbag son. It’s easy for him to shout it when his family left, but I wonder if he’d be willing to have that conversation face to face with Shannon and his mother there. I’m sure a lot more cats would be let out the bag that Mother has been keeping under wraps for him.
        It seems to me that Shannon has a lot of misplaced anger when obviously she’s not over the affair and the wound is deeper with David than she let on to be.
        Also, I heard David used their house as collateral on a bond for his business and they called in his debt. Supposedly that is why they had to leave so fast and why Shannon is being more shrew like lately.

      2. Rain I’m confused, I know it doesn’t take much these days! Should Shannon have greeted the old slapper in her MIL’s house? The slapper shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I quite liked David as he seemed to be making amends for his affair but to take her to his mothers, no wonder Shannon screamed! I would have done more than that! Shannon needs to kick him out go back to live with Mummy! Best place for him! Xxxooo

          1. Shannon is far more generous than me, I would’ve banned that witch from my home FOREVER. I find Plaids opinion of ‘warm greeting’ utterly confusing !! Plaid if that’s how you are in real life , forgiving your cheating spouses and their families and warmly greeting them, then I bow to you my friend . As if Shannon has to apologize to that witch for David cheating because it’s HER fault. Hmmmm ok?? I’d like anybody here to raise their hand if they would warmly greet their MIL if they found out what Shannon found out. I mean , seriouslly come on !!!!!

  4. HAND RAISED! Never let them see you sweat.

    I find some of your comments baffling,& a little hypocritical in nature.
    You ladies that are Mothers to boys, it wasn’t too long ago, that one of your son’s Ex girlfriend is screwing with him.
    Remember something about a cane,& a possible whacking, if she didn’t leave him alone.
    The point is we don’t know the full story about everything.

    1. Come on! That’s a low blow . I’m disappointed in you that you take something I shared about my personal life and used it against me
      I did not encourage my son to cheat nor did I dislike his gf and diss her while they were together . I still haven’t dissed her to his face. I shared that I didn’t like that she was toying with him post breakup . You need to look up the definition of hypocrisy. You’re losing an arguement so you went low

      Shame on you

    2. Awww…come on Southern Plaid and Rain…let Shannon and MIL duke it out, no need for anything more than opinions shared by the rest of us. I see both sides. Southern, I don’t have boys but I’m viciously defensive of my brothers. If women hurt them, they are hateful gold digging bitches…at least between the rest of us family members..but I’d not react to the wench’s face..especially when kids are involved. Maybe what Rain was saying was that she wanted to beat the crap out of the hussie that messed with her son, but she’d not go and actually take action on the girl like Shannon’s MIL did at that venue. Just my guess, but what he heck do I know 😀

      1. ❤️❤️❤️ freedom girl. This place is a sanctuary where we share private things if we choose, so this was unexpected. Plus, the situations aren’t even remotely similar. I’m fine , I’ve had worse thrown at me at blogs before. A bit disappointed but thanks for your kind words darling xoxo

        1. Of course 😀 I’ve actually been on both sides. I protect male family members from bitches.lol. But when I became divorced, I totally got it that I was now the bitch to my in laws (even though I was not at fault)..so I didn’t sweat it their insults. But I sure as heck worried about it when I was still married. So with Shannon and David, still going through it, I definitely don’t envy that crap. Ughh!

    1. Yep…separated meaning, he was in some hotel screwing this other woman, while Shannon was at their house at home with the kids..lol. Sorry, I guess that’s not really funny, but I was being sarcastic. Cin, I honestly don’t know of their marital state at the time of the affair. I believe legally they were still together, but maybe he’d been staying elsewhere physically. Either way, lets’ just say that I don’t think he was given a hall pass, if you know what I mean….

      1. They were not separated. -actually that woman went out of her way to become Shannons friend, coming to her home and bringing her kids over.all the time she was sleeping with David. Shannon said the woman was always asking her how she and David were doing and their marriage etc. isn’t that diabolical??

        1. I of course agree Rain and disagree totally with anyone who blames a wife for a man cheating, so far David has been very lucky he Would be hunting spare bodyparts if he had done that to me! No question! David’s mother is a cheap nasty hag and so is his sister!

        2. I was just going to mention that, about this trashy Nicole woman befriending Shannon, then screwing her husband. Then we hear that she was also getting cozy with his mother and sister? There’s something extremely EVIL about a woman, who would go so far as to do such things. Plus, the whole time, she had a husband and kids waiting at home?!? Shannon is a bigger person, than I. No way, would I forgive such actions.

          1. Queenie, I agree totally, I have had the discussion with Rain about forgiving a one off but there is no way I could forgive this. This woman, David and his Mumsy and sister deserve each other. I would never have any of them in my life! Hope you are well xoxoxoxo

            1. Hey Suze…I’m here in your beautiful, a little over cast right now, UK! My first night I slept but last night!!!! 5:30am before I fell asleep! Feeling shattered now after I pried my eyes apart to wake up.

              Talking of unsavoury women……..Thursdsy night Monica Lewinsky sat right next to me at dinner! (Here in Chelsea) And it was definitely her…conversation etc.

              1. I’m not that far from you at my sons in Surbiton, just on the outskirts of London, it has rained on and off all day today. Going home tomorrow! Much warmer here than where we live!
                Fancy dining with Monica! I don’t think I would recognize her these days. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Xxxooo

                1. We got back in just a few minute ago. Yes the rain is off and on though we walked home through it. It’s been really mild…not too cold, not too warm. Just perfect! Even with the rain.

                  Monica actually looked quite nice. A little hippy but overall good. She was dining with an English lady and at one point was showing pictures of herself at the White House , Pentigon and other DC spots. We thought it was odd to be showing pics of the W.H. And Pentigon etc………as it was awhile ago she was there, right? Where has this dinner mate been living?

                    1. Pity you’re off home, maybe we could have met up for tea at the Kensington Hotel? Safe travels home.

                    2. That would have been really nice! We are home now glad I can be back in my own bed tonight! Xoxoxox

              2. She was what, 20 years old when Bill “selected” her? I would think a decades older creepy man should be called out, rather than one of the many victims he abused over the years with his position of power. The stories from his former secret service detail tell the true story.

              1. Hi Sweetie, yes I am thanks. I met my My DIL as of next summers mother and father. They are just as lovely as she is. She made me a cherry cake, her mother and brought me some Cornish Tea, grown and made at the plantation in Cornwall.home tomorrow as super tired! Just want to curl up in my own bed and sleep for a few days! I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Xxxoooo

                1. I’m an avid tea drinker but I’ve never tried Cornish tea or maybe I have and forgot. I lived in London for a year, many lifetimes ago lol when my husband was doing his Masters. We lived in Queensway on the West End
                  I’m glad you enjoyed meeting the future in laws , and that’s very sweet of them ❤️❤️❤️ Yes I love my bed and crawling underneath my covers. Get home safe and sound lovely lady xoxoxo ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Rain. Wow. I never meant any disrespect. I will apologize.
    The point is that Mothers will always protect their child. No mother wants to see their child hurt, or unhappy. Right or wrong.
    I used you as an example, because it was the first thing that popped into my head.

    1. You KNOW what you said so just own it and don’t weasle out now . You don’t realize how hurtful your remark was nor do you care

      Having said that, apology accepted and appreciated

      1. I love Southern but in this case I agree with Gigicat he was wrong! Should never have brought up about your comment as it had nothing to do with Shannon or was not similar at all. As far as Shannon, I do not and will never understand why she should have to diffuse a situation made by someone pretending to be her friend and her cheating scumbag husband and his mumsy and sister. I would have been so hurt if that happened to me I would never allow Mumsy dearest anywhere near my house again!
        As far as Tamra, her last comment got me about Vicki and her cancer scam! Also her son calling her out on her lies. So that’s her daughter saying she exaggerates situations and her son calling her a liar! Interesting! Nice mother!

  6. I finally read all of these. There is NO REASON EVER to throw back something in our face that we wrote earlier. Southern Plaid, that was just wrong. A lot of things “first pop in my head” when I read things that people write, but I would never write something that would hurt one of us. I choose to believe that we respect each other – us regular posters. We can differ in our opinions but to throw things back at someone is just not right.

  7. I found Michael’s facial expressions and words spoke volumes about his thoughts on his mother. Did we ever know why Michael never rushed to his mother’s hospital bed?

  8. As far as the mother-in-law…..not cool!!
    I have 2 married daughters and 1 unmarried son. I too am a MIL and the mother to a son and NO I don’t just take the side of my kids just because. If a situation is wrong I will speak up and support what I consider to be the right side. I’ve even taken the side of my kids’ in laws against my daughters! I’ve also blasted into the in-laws to their faces! I’m Libra….what can I say? I feel I have to be fair to all at all times. 🙂

  9. Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m an avid tea drinker but I’ve never tried Cornish tea or maybe I have and forgot. I lived in London for a year, many lifetimes ago lol when my husband was doing his Masters. We lived in Queensway on the West End
    I’m glad you enjoyed meeting the future in laws , and that’s very sweet of them Yes I love my bed and crawling underneath my covers. Get home safe and sound sweetheart xoxox ❤️❤️❤️

    1. I haven’t been down to Cornwall in ten years and it wSnt there then but was just starting. I will enjoy a cup of it, although I’m really just an Earl Grey drinker but will make myself a pot to go with the cherry cake she made me. Xxxxoooo

      1. Hi Suze!! The cherry cake sounds divine. I was just reading up on Will & Kate’s trip to Canada on DM. The comments you Brits make, have me rolling on the floor!! A nice change from all the intense drama of these crazy housewives.

        1. It’s a Madeira cake with lots of cherries.i haven’t had any yet as we ate so much at lunch yesterday. But Kate took a quarter of it for her and her flat mate! Xoxoxo

          1. Suze I just saw Mary Berry make a Madeira cake the other evening I never knew what it was. Hers had candied lemon peel on top but I love cherries as well it sounds so delicious! I’m going to slide in the chair next to you in cyberspace and enjoy a big piece with a cup o tea 😉 I hope you had an excellent time on your trip! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

            1. I did thanks, we are just getting up to pack then comes the long drive home. It’s 7am here and we should get home around 4pm. Hopefully no later than that. I spent ages chatting to my sons future MIL about the Bake Off. She is upset as well. It was so good of her to make me the cake! Lucky me! I will have a piece when I get home. Xoxoxoxoxox

                1. Hi Rain ❤️❤️ glad to be home! Yes I have had a piece of cake and it is really good! My DIL’s parents are lovely so I don’t need to worry about my son there.
                  My Daughters relationship has finished The other girl did it so my daughter is very upset. It happened two weeks ago but she didn’t want to tell me in case I worried about her! Silly girl! I just hope she finds someone else soon who she gets on with and has more in common with. Someone who wants a stable relationship with babies at some point. Oh boy what it is to be a mum and worry about them even at the age of 31!

                  1. Hey Suze ❤️ Welcome home sweetheart, I’m sure it’s nice to be back home and in your own bed . I’m still drooling over that cake xoxo

                    I’m sorry about your daughter but yes how can a parent stop worrying ? But they’re young and you just have to let them live their lives, make their mistakes, go through the good and the bad. We sit and hope for the best , right?? My daughter is very strong , unlike my boys lol. I worry more about them than about her . I would say at this point , she’s the rock of the family .. I’m sure your daughter will find someone. Things have changed now, it’s almost like this new generation are all about serial monogamy than happily ever after
                    Enjoy your Sunday ❤️❤️❤️

                    1. Thanks Sweetie, you too ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    1. Ok I will wait for it to show. I will be asleep hopefully very soon! Xoxoxxo enjoy rest of your day.

                2. Hi, Rain. How are you today my hippy soul sister? Good, I hope. Not much going on here on the blog, with NY being over and BH and VPR not started. I have not watched the NJ episodes more than once, which is a sign, for me, that it is rather boring. Everything that isn’t boring is sad. Whatever anyone thinks of Theresa, it is sad for her and her kids. I can’t stand her brother, he is such a troglodyte. I’ve never liked the look of a man whose upper body is twice the size of a normal ( to me, normal ) looking man. Some of that muscle should be above the neck, but apparently he got short changed there, and was given bulk, or decided to bulk up to replace the missing brains, reason, and being a decent dad and husband. The things he says about his wife are simply too much for me, “look where I PUT YOU!!!” OMG, if any boyfriend ever had a propensity toward trying to “PUT” me anywhere, I PUT him on the curb a few times.
                  Anyway, sigh. It is Fall here, I love Fall. I actually love every season, but Fall is here now, so love is what it is!! oxoxox

                  1. Hello lovely 3Ds!! I left you a long response in Meghan losing her baby posting
                    I hope you and yours are doing well
                    I do not watch either NYC OR NJ LOL 🙂 I’m only limited to Oc and BH and this is my last season of OC. These are not fun shows anymore. They’re a ratchet acrimonious hot mess. I miss the older shows when it was about the fashion, homes, trips , food etc . There was some drama but not this atrociousness . It’s getting worse and worse , next we will have someone accused of murder or rape . It’s seriously shitty 🙂

                    Love you soul sister ❤️❤️❤️

                    1. I only watch OC & BH, too. And barely at that. When the shows first started, they were SOO interesting. Now, I barely pay attention and after reading the posts, have to re-watch, because of what I missed.

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