Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador Dish On “Epic” RHOC Reunion


Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador are sitting down with E! News to describe the shocking three-part Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, which begins airing tonight on Bravo. “Epic,” Tamra said when asked to describe event. “Andy screams.”

“Just screams on the top of his lungs, like ‘Everybody, shut up!’ Multiple times,” she continued. “I’ve never seen him do that, have you?”

Although Shannon hasn’t been on the series has long has Tamra, she was able to back up the intensity of the reunion. “Well, this was only my third reunion, but it just was nasty,” she said. “You know, you usually have a kind of easy, breezy beginning to the reunion. And it just— bam! Out of the gate.”

When asked how she felt when the day was over, Shannon said, “Drained. Exhausted for, like, a full day.”

Tamra, on the other hand, had a different answer. “I felt good,” she said. “I was just glad it was over.”

So despite all the screaming, were the ladies able to move forward? “I believe that things were resolved,” Shannon said.

“Yeah, I think things were resolved,” Tamra echoed, before letting out a laugh that seemed to indicate otherwise. “It is what it is.”

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39 Replies to “Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador Dish On “Epic” RHOC Reunion”

          1. Hello Suze and Rain! I hope the week is getting off to a good one. I can’t wait for this election to be over. All the commercials will finally end!

            1. I have noticed that after the election is OVER, the election/voting commercials continue for at least 2 weeks. My husband and I were speaking about it after the last presidential election. It also seemed that the local and senatorial elections etc., also continued long after. It seemed like it was to enforce the choices that were already made? I don’t know why exactly, just a feeling. I rarely watch cable TV now, just Amazon, Netflix and the like, with no adds or interruptions, so I won’t notice one way or the other this time. ☮, everyone!

            1. Robert, if that is to me which I guess it is as you said parliament! Goodness knows, I wish I did I wouldn’t have to keep watching the news all the time.as far as I can see is just a delaying tactic which might put us in to another election. Thinking of you all today and hope you get the best result! Xo

              1. Who is the lesser of two evils? LOL I cannot vote for either and would be unhappy if either won, so there is no hope. I can only hope that whomever is elected is replaced soon by maybe a decent VP or someone else. So, I should vote for VP? I did not vote…yet. It is more about the questions and the other candidates than the president. I feel as a citizen of the US, that I am shocked at who is on the ballot for president. It seems more about ego than our country in my opinion. ( And both are criminals IMO.) I worry about national safety. I don’t trust either candidate and that is the first time I have said this in my life. I just don’t get it.
                I know my state will always go Democratic in presidential elections. We vote with the electoral college and not popular vote. My vote for president in the scheme of things is worthless in this state. The many strong unions control the state here and the votes reflect that. It has not been otherwise in history in my lifetime..about NJ. We are not a battleground state here in the least.
                Okay, I said it. I voted for Chris Christie, republican. He was elected. I am not happy with his handling of Hurricane Sandy victims or much else. He let us down. He was a great Attorney General in NJ, but as a governor…not so much. He might have been Trump’s VP if it wasn’t for the Bridgegate scandal…that he said he had no part of, yet, it was what made him not a candidate. Okay, I said it. I am upset. I never felt so like I did not want to vote in my life. I had to turn off the debates. Why am I still typing? Help! 😮

                1. Oh poor Sandy lol 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️ You can vote for 3rd party or write in anyone of your choice. How about write in LVP? 🙂 I hope you vote xoxoxo.

                  1. I know what you mean, like the Green candidate, Dr. Jill Stein. I know she has no chance of winning, however, so that means Clinton or Trump will win. My husband has met Mr. Trump on more than one occasion, and the man was the most arrogant rude, disrespectful person to him. I used to live in the Atlantic City area, and Trump had more than one casino, etc. I won’t go into this, but even when my husband worked in another hospital further north, he had to interact with Donald in person and it was unreal how rude the man was to him, and that is not counting all the people who lost their companies (he hired outside companies to do work at the casinos who were never paid) and those who lost jobs when he declared bankruptcies at his casinos. I had friends who did business with Trump and knew him. I am not a Hillary fan either without going into anything more. I just do not feel able to vote for either and feel sorry for our country.
                    I lived here in NJ during 9-11. Neighbors and my sons’ classmates lost their family members at that time. It was quite close to home, and it shocked us more than maybe the rest of the world as much. One of my h.s. Classmates perished while doing his job saving others. It is not just about this person or fearing a repeat of 9-11. It is about how I don’t feel safe with either candidate. I don’t know why it has come down to these two, but it has. I should not type any more. This is not the place for it. I do appreciate your concern.
                    My neighbor has a Trump flag on his lawn, but I don’t see anyone with any signs other than school board candidates signs anywhere around here.

                    1. You can say whatever you want, you’re just expressing the frustration of millions of people this election cycle. I have to admit that I don’t have a hard time picking my candidate. They’re all flawd but I’m happy with my choice . Would I have preferred another candidate ? Of course! But that’s what we have and I’m ok with my choice. I feel that sometimes we have to do what we have to do, regardless of wether we find that person inspiring or not. Just go to the booth and it’ll come to you . I promise ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                  2. This is the most negative, disappointing and frightening Presidental Election I have ever voted in, period.
                    I should of written in my Dog’s name because she is smarter, more diplomatic, SANE and tough on crime i.e. NO Soliciting & NO Trespassing are her main platforms..
                    Wake me up in 4 years..LOL!
                    Aside from Vicki’s usually disillusionment , ” Get off of my Show, Felicia!”, what really bothered me was how unstable Kelly is and how she consistently
                    pronounced the simplest of words incorrectly..
                    This only demonstrated her ignoramus mindset.
                    As far as I am concerned, this was a normal reunion show am wondering if the next two evolve into the realm of being Epic..

        1. I watched 3D. I think next week will be more interesting. Kelly was her usual self and I think both Vicki and Kelly said a few things that upset their “friend” Meghan. It will be interesting to see what our other bloggers think.

          1. So far, I am about 1/2 way in, it has been calm. Even with certain HW admitting to a shocking lack of self respect or simple morals. The usual self aggrandizing from Viki, and exactly what I expected from Kelly, a total lack of a moral, compassionate look inward. But more to come!

  1. I’ll probably watch just to keep my mind off this horrible election. Plus I am always hopeful to hear Andy imitate Trump and tell “Vicky you’re FIRED”.

    1. Right? Anything but this ridiculous Election, which half the time I wish was just a really bad “Saturday Night Live” parody! LOL!

      Wouldn’t be Epic if Andy fired Vicki on TV?
      I can not imagine how horrific it would be as a Host during a loud, angry b*tch-fest!!!
      Have a Lovely Evening!

        1. Right? Vicki your fired! LOL!
          Poor Andy, surrounded by all of this angry estrogen? It must feel like he is entering the mouth of hell, over & over again..
          Reunions are like Groundhog day.
          As the ladies suit up put on their ” Boxing Gloves” & come out swinging..

  2. OH and by the way Vicki told Shannon and Tamra not once but several times to get off HER SHOW and Andy said nothing the coward.

  3. Can we call out the fact David is high at that party. Before you say how do you know his eyes and jaw and it should have known the way he went after Vicki. David does drugs and you can tell. I’ve been high and I know

    1. Not even remotely “Epic” this far..
      What bugged me was that Kelly continually pronounced words (simple words) incorrectly, which highlighted her loud display of meanness & lack of accountability.
      I just can’t with Kelly.

    2. I was thinking the exact same thing! Then, again I think it was self medicating. He knew ( as we know) that all parties that these Ladies throw/ attend have the potential of ending up a crime scene!

      1. Wen Viki said she only took her thyroid pill!!! Well, actually, the truthful answer would be the one that was shocking. I would bet that Kelly had some benzos and bennies in her, the speed-downer balance. If anyone recalls from the 60’s and 70’s? It would be interesting to see if any of them would agree to a drug test, hahahaha. Oh, we might just find the PDR of narcotics in the results. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. OMG! 2 Funny!
          However, Kelly does seem ” Amped Up & Aggressive”, which we know is a characterist common to Speed use..
          Perhaps, Vicki & Kelly are ” Acid Casualties”, took some bad acid & never came back? LOL!
          This would explain their grandiose
          Drug tests for Everybody!
          And, could we throw in Mental evaluations???

          1. I DVR’d all the Hallmark Christmas movies and all the Law And Orders I could find so I don’t have too watch any election programs tonight UGH

  4. I am glad but them in their places. Wrong or right, especially Tamra when Vicki was being stoned by all of them last reunion. It is hard to root for any of these ladies but I am glad Kelly is standing up to them.

    1. I am Team Shannon. Yes she has made mistakes, have never cared for Heather because I always felt she was snobbish. Tamra is someone I don’t understand. I hope that her journey on Christianity helps her in time. But Vivki and Kelly are not my cup of tea. Shannon has been a target since her first day but she forgave H and T and they are now “friends”. Kelly has been a witch (B) since her first day. Bad temper, bad language bad drunk. Maybe Shannon has seen friends or relative suffer and die from cancer and that is why she feels the way she does about V. I don’t blame her in the least for how she feels. I will never ever understand how anyone can root for Vicki. For 10 seasons she has lied about her friends, spread gossip and manipulated her friends, and husband and her children. The women on the show have had it with her. They are finally fighting back and I am enjoying every minute of it.
      If V comes back next season I will not watch. Maybe give Kelly another one but definitely not someone who lies about cancer. SHE IS VILE AND DISGUSTING.

  5. Tamra has a rocking body…. but why did she mess with her face…. looks harsh…. and Heather now has the plastic look…. just not attractive.

  6. I did not watch the reunion until a couple of days ago was not sure if I was going to watch it or not. after watching it I’m so sick of Shannon and Tamara and Heather with her holyier then now attitude. all theses women pass gossip and who said this and who said that and they all stir the pot every one of them none of then are innocent Shannon needs to leave the show and take her drugie husband with her along with her no talent kids no disrespect to the kids I just don’t think they have talent
    and enough about Vickie and the suppose cancer scare with brooks she loved the man she should have went to more Dr. appointment with him remember people he lied to her did you at one time or another have someone you loved lie to you then find out the truth how did you feel these lady’s loved what they did to Vickie you can almost see the smiles on there faces when they would confront her and they never gave up never put yourselves in her shoes just think how your would feel I know I would believe my man.
    Tamara all I can say is shame on you, your suppose to be a Christian you not acting like one your suppose to forgive people over and over not just when you want to have your tried to help any of the Lady’s no just keep call them names good Christian proud of you not.
    Heather you sh– does smell so stop acting like your better then anyone I really liked you when you can on the show but you changed.
    Shannon noting to say about her.
    Kelly clean up your act.
    that’s is for me

  7. When is Heather Leaving? Soon? And Tamara if your too good go on with yourself . Vickie can’t ever leave love her.leads life with a heart keeps going. LOVE YAVickie keep the PC rolling

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