Tamra Judge Says There’s Proof Vicki Gunvalson Gets in Kelly Dodd’s Ear

Tamra Judge is taking to her blog to react to this week’s episode of RHOC. Judge shares her thoughts about her meeting with Peggy Sulahian and has a lot to say about Vicki’s reaction to Kelly hanging out with Shannon.

“Eddie is always the voice of reason and that’s one reason why I love him so much. Even though sometimes I just want to vent, he’s 100% right I should not care what Peggy was saying or let Vicki affect me. I’m trying, I promise!

Okay let’s get one thing straight…when Peggy tells Shannon, “why doesn’t Tamra say it in front of me, we are adults”. I didn’t tell Shannon to talk to Peggy about it. I was going to meet with Peggy on my own to discuss. Listening to Vicki talk to Briana once again, all I’m starting to hear is, “blah blah blah…I’m the victim”. OVER IT! Meeting with Peggy felt a little awkward at first but we ended on good terms. I think the frustrating part for me is everyone wants to talk to me about making up with Vicki. So when Peggy started in on me I just lost it. Sorry Peggs!

Drinks at The Harp was a success and the girls looked adorable bellying up to the bar. I’m confused, Vicki says she’s not happy that Kelly will be meeting with Shannon but Kelly tells everyone that Vicki isn’t worried about Shannon she’s worried about me? I can tell you one thing, Shannon is the strongest girl I know and no one is going to convince her not to do something she wants to do. This statement about me being in Shannon’s ear is just another delusional statement from Vicki. News alert Vicki, Shannon doesn’t speak to you because you included her in a cancer scam and spread vicious rumors about her husband. It has nothing to do with me. I’m so glad they showed a flashback where Vicki got in Kelly’s ear in Ireland. Shannon had no plans to single Kelly out and get her drunk. Shannon ordered drinks for all of us, including me who wasn’t drinking at the time. So there’s your proof, Vicki gets in your ear Kelly!”

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  • Starr

    What a manipulative, conniving, dirty minded piece of work. For her to think all those things, it’s because she is all those things. I cant think of one single thing to praise her for.

    • Bonnie Akers

      Which one are you talking about?

    • Starr

      I am referring to Tamara of course.

  • watching in ohio

    Tamra needs some spiritual help from her pastor in defining what constitutes Christian behavior and/or thinking! It’s the same old cursing unforgiving angry out of control behavior she has always exhibited! Jesus Jugs needs a dose of Jesus!

  • timdun

    I could be wrong but it seems to me that Shannon and Tamra are trying to become friends with Kelly, Lydia, and Peggy so Vicki is the outcast. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got together while not filming and hashed out a plan so it’s everyone against Vicki. I think Tamra needs to read up on what a good Christian is.

    • Starr

      Truly put, timdun.

  • justanothermary

    Vicki isn’t liked because she’s not likeable. If someone I knew tried to pull a cancer scam and dragged my name into it, I would never speak to them again.

  • Starr

    Sure could’ve fooled me. Tamara is definitely not trying AT ALL. She wants to fester & bathe in her anger, bitterness & unforgiveness. She enjoys it actually for that’s what makes her get up in the mornings. Forgive & forget, best gift one can give to oneself. Many will never forgive nor forget Vicki & cancer gate, if people like living like that, good luck to them.
    And Yes, Tamara did put Shannon up to confronting Peggy. She can deny all she wants, I, for one, am not buying it. Those two bullies are good only for each other, no one else

  • Marie Singewald

    kettle calling pot black

  • timdun

    I saw the previews for next week where Vicki said she had pictures and proof about something. I’m assuming
    it’s about Eddie. I also can’t remember who said this to Vicki. It could have been Lydia. I heard that Vicki and
    Tamra have a huge fight in Iceland that almost came to blows. I wonder if Vicki ended up showing whatever
    she had to Tamra which started the argument?