Tamra Judge Says Shannon Beador Has Neglected Herself Trying to Make Her Marriage Work

Tamra Judge is taking to her blog to discuss this week’s RHOC episode. Tamra talks about the drama at the Farmhouse restaurant, weighs in on Shannon Beador’s marital issues and reveals her thoughts about meeting with Vicki Gunvalson.

“Let’s get one thing straight — I was totally joking when I told Lydia that Shannon invited everyone. It was one of those dinners that just happened. The Farmhouse is a new restaurant in Newport, and most of us had not been there. I’m not really the type of person that gets upset if I’m not invited to every lunch, dinner or party, so I don’t understand why Lydia was mad.

That night at the Farmhouse, I kept my mouth shut. Yes, I felt a little bad for Peggy, and I did feel like she was getting attacked by Kelly. But I didn’t say anything because I was afraid that Kelly was going to yell at me like she did last year at the Japanese restaurant.

It was fun to see what everyone was doing during Easter. We were in the desert camping with family and friends, which is why you didn’t see much of me this episode. Nothing more exciting than an Easter egg hunt in the desert.”

Tamra also says she doesn’t believe David Beador said anything wrong to Diko Sulahian.

“Am I the only one that is in total shock at how Peggy explained things to her daughter? First of all, David did nothing wrong from what I saw. He simply walked into a conversation led by Diko and asked a couple of questions. For Peggy to get so irate and annoyed at a conversation that she wasn’t even a part of is weird to me. Why are they so defensive? Peggy has told the story 20 times, and it’s confusing every time. I’m starting to feel like Diko and Peggy have it out for poor Shannon…

Watching the dinner scene with Shannon and her family was hard. I saw a side to David that I have not seen before. Shannon cooks dinner almost every night — I know because we talk all the time. Yes, Shannon grew up privileged, but you never hear her brag about money…unlike others! I can’t imagine how Shannon feels deep inside two years after David’s affair. I personally would never be able to get over something like that. Shannon tries so hard to keep her family together that she has neglected herself in all this. I keep telling her, “It’s okay not to be over it.” I’m so glad she has her mom who went through the same thing.”

Tamra also admitted that she is sad that Vicki Gunvalson won’t stop talking about her family or apologize.

“When I was talking to Lydia, I explained to her that I’d started getting a rash on my arm from all the stress Vicki was putting me through. You’ll hear more about that at the reunion. I am sick of someone that I have known for 10 plus years to constantly be talking about me and my family. It’s not that I’m sad that we are no longer friends. I’m sad that she won’t stop and apologize. Instead she keeps blaming me.

Lydia suggested that I talk to Vicki. It wasn’t about trying to mend the friendship. It was more about telling her how I feel so I can move on. I can’t wait for you to see what happens.”

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11 Replies to “Tamra Judge Says Shannon Beador Has Neglected Herself Trying to Make Her Marriage Work”

  1. What everybody is doing is “enabling” Shannon to continue the alcohol abuse and not get the help she so desperately needs! David realizes she’s getting worse and not better and it has little or nothing to do with him because he can’t help her overcome the demons of alcoholism and chemical imbalance! I think he feels he is more of a caretaker than a husband in trying just to keep her from tipping over the psychological edge! What I believe David is attempting to convey through his comments without “outing” her is “because Shannon grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth” she doesn’t possess the normal “coping mechanisms” most people have to deal with the realities of life and marriage (and the ups and downs associated with those realities) “! This is why she “self medicates to cope” and that distorts her response to those realities! Her identity has become that of a “victim” and that is bigger than saving her marriage or her family! You’ll note that she’s hyper sensitive to any normal comments that may be perceived as criticism ( from him or the girls) and absolutely cannot accept ANY responsibility for ANYTHING! She needs HELP not sympathy or excuses! Get her into treatment NOW!

    1. I firmly believe David will end up leaving Shannon at some point. Maybe he’s sticking it out for the kids right now, but I thinks it’s obvious he’s ready to move on.

      1. When someone is an “alcoholic” they are in denial and using all the alcoholic defense mechanisms to avoid responsibility. When Shannon first started on the show (prior to David’s affair) did anyone see her downing glass after glass of straight vodka (alcoholics go to/no smell)? She has HAD this problem for YEARS! Everyone accuses David of checking out emotionally but I think it’s been Shannon all along! If you’ve ever been around an alcoholic.. their addiction becomes their life.. their husband or wife..their job becomes hiding it behind lies, excuses and blame! They make YOU the problem orvthecreason they drink! David KNOWS he’s not the REAL problem..

  2. Oh for the love of—- Give me more than a break. !st of all, Tamara wanted Lydia to know she was not at fault, Shannon was. What a great friend!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2nd. Lydia was not mad, she was hurt–Big Difference.
    3rd. If Tamara or Shannon got angry the way Peggy did, we would be viewing WW3 for sure.
    4th. David did do a lot of interrogating, pushed by Shannon of course to get the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth from the woman’s husband. Leave well enough alone, foolish,idle, empty women.
    5th. Tamara is now Shannon. Blaming Vicki for her rash. What else will they find to blame Vicki for, I wonder. Tamara talked enough about Vicki herself. Does she see that, Oh No, of course not.

    1. Can’t stand Tamra. Shannon is a loose cannon. I’m sick of the cancer stories. I thought Peggy’s husband explained what happened with her very well. Maybe some people just don’t get it (maybe they are dumb or are reaching).

  3. I’m not sure why Shannon didn’t make a joke of being raised with a silver spoon. I was raised privileged and my husband came from the projects and at one time, on the fast track to jail when he turned his life around. He jokes about how he married money and I threaten to give him an allowance befitting his stature in life…..NONE! LOL. Of course 37+ years later, we made it together with no help whatsoever from anyone, which we’re very proud of, but it doesn’t stop us ribbing each other. I feel that David is so tight lipped and Shannon being a very emotional and sensitive person, just has a hard time connecting with him. They both have to work on their communicating skills. Neither are good.

  4. I love not watching Tammy Sue and fatty pants. When their segments come on, I use that as my time to clean the toilet in the husband’s bathroom. Or pick up dog crap in the yard (other people’s yards). Or listen to hold music. All of these things are so much more enjoyable than listening to dumb white trash making her last desperate grab at not being dated and irrelevant, or watching Shannon feed like a sow.

  5. My spider senses tell me that Tamra and Shannon may get into it about her marriage and Shannon’s “stuff”. The telling signs are starting to show when Tamra confessed that she can’t be there to defend Shannon for every little thing. It would be the best thing if T. did tell her she’s gotta help herself and not be so codependent… for her own good.

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