Tamra Judge Says Shannon Beador Has Neglected Herself Trying to Make Her Marriage Work

Tamra Judge is taking to her blog to discuss this week’s RHOC episode. Tamra talks about the drama at the Farmhouse restaurant, weighs in on Shannon Beador’s marital issues and reveals her thoughts about meeting with Vicki Gunvalson.

“Let’s get one thing straight — I was totally joking when I told Lydia that Shannon invited everyone. It was one of those dinners that just happened. The Farmhouse is a new restaurant in Newport, and most of us had not been there. I’m not really the type of person that gets upset if I’m not invited to every lunch, dinner or party, so I don’t understand why Lydia was mad.

That night at the Farmhouse, I kept my mouth shut. Yes, I felt a little bad for Peggy, and I did feel like she was getting attacked by Kelly. But I didn’t say anything because I was afraid that Kelly was going to yell at me like she did last year at the Japanese restaurant.

It was fun to see what everyone was doing during Easter. We were in the desert camping with family and friends, which is why you didn’t see much of me this episode. Nothing more exciting than an Easter egg hunt in the desert.”

Tamra also says she doesn’t believe David Beador said anything wrong to Diko Sulahian.

“Am I the only one that is in total shock at how Peggy explained things to her daughter? First of all, David did nothing wrong from what I saw. He simply walked into a conversation led by Diko and asked a couple of questions. For Peggy to get so irate and annoyed at a conversation that she wasn’t even a part of is weird to me. Why are they so defensive? Peggy has told the story 20 times, and it’s confusing every time. I’m starting to feel like Diko and Peggy have it out for poor Shannon…

Watching the dinner scene with Shannon and her family was hard. I saw a side to David that I have not seen before. Shannon cooks dinner almost every night — I know because we talk all the time. Yes, Shannon grew up privileged, but you never hear her brag about money…unlike others! I can’t imagine how Shannon feels deep inside two years after David’s affair. I personally would never be able to get over something like that. Shannon tries so hard to keep her family together that she has neglected herself in all this. I keep telling her, “It’s okay not to be over it.” I’m so glad she has her mom who went through the same thing.”

Tamra also admitted that she is sad that Vicki Gunvalson won’t stop talking about her family or apologize.

“When I was talking to Lydia, I explained to her that I’d started getting a rash on my arm from all the stress Vicki was putting me through. You’ll hear more about that at the reunion. I am sick of someone that I have known for 10 plus years to constantly be talking about me and my family. It’s not that I’m sad that we are no longer friends. I’m sad that she won’t stop and apologize. Instead she keeps blaming me.

Lydia suggested that I talk to Vicki. It wasn’t about trying to mend the friendship. It was more about telling her how I feel so I can move on. I can’t wait for you to see what happens.”

Photo Credit: Bravo