Tamra Judge Says She Grabbed Kelly’s Shoulders In Ireland Fight


Tamra Judge is taking to her blog to share her side of the story in her fight with Kelly Dodd in Ireland. Since the cameras didn’t catch all of the fight, Tamra explains that she grabbed Kelly’s shoulders and yelled at her and did not hit her, unlike what Kelly is accusing her of. She also gives viewers a backstory of events that led to the fight. Judge also says she is sorry that she stooped to Dodd’s level.

“Top of the morning to you!…I think Shannon said that a million times in Ireland. We all started saying it by the end of the trip. Ireland is so green and beautiful and I fell in love with it. The Powerscourt Hotel was absolutely beautiful and best of all they had a great gym.

About that pub crawl: my plan was to have one day of drinking…light. With Vicki as a drinking partner there is NEVER a light drinking day. She made sure we had shot after shot. We were having so much fun laughing and joking around. We were riding high on the fun bus! Pub one OUT!

The second pub, The Stonehouse, started off great too. Vicki got behind the bar and was serving us all drinks and flirting with the married bartender. The more Kelly had to drink the more obnoxious she became. Her canned jokes and flicking everyone in the nose was getting old. When Vicki came up to me annoyed because Kelly once again flicked her, I could totally understand why she was so annoyed. Vicki told her she didn’t like it, but Kelly didn’t care. She replied, “No one likes it”. Then why are you doing it?

I heard Kelly yell, “GO AHEAD WALK AWAY” I turned around and asked her if she was talking to me? Why was she yelling at me? I didn’t do anything. This girl is CRAZY! She kept saying it over and over again. What the heck! I am not the one that had a problem with her, Vicki did. All we did was tell her to stop, no one likes it.

After all, I have been the one defending Kelly’s bad behavior for months. She has said some really nasty things to all my friends faces and behind their backs. Kelly has said so many things to me that I never repeated because they were childish, immature and I didn’t want to give it any life. A lot of what Kelly says goes in one ear and out the other, because I feel like she often speaks without thinking and says a lot of things out of anger and ignorance.

When Kelly went after me and accused me of repeating things that she had told me, I lost it and the alcohol didn’t help me. I just wanted to prove she was wrong by blurting out the first thing I could remember she had said about Heather that I kept private. Genius! Not the smartest thing to do when dealing with someone like Kelly. I stooped to her level and it is against everything I now believe in. This girl just can’t have fun without attacking someone.

Let’s take it back a couple months…we had a conversation at Vicki’s birthday party and I was defending Heather (I will save the content of that conversation for the reunion). While defending Heather I said, “Heather was an actress and made her own money. She bought the lot they built their first house on.” In return, she told me, “No she didn’t. My friend did her loan and she told me they didn’t have the money.” Interesting fact, Kelly’s “friend” that she spoke of was not Heather’s real estate agent or her mortgage broker. Also, it is very unethical for an agent to give out private details and why are they discussing Heather’s home loan from years ago? I have sold my friends’ houses before and I would NEVER discuss their private information or anyone else’s.

I find it ironic that she screamed at me that I was a “God Damn Liar” over and over again then they flash to her telling me exactly what I accused her of saying. Then she goes on to talk about it in her interview. No words!

When Kelly tells Heather that Jewish people are funny and sarcastic, all I could do was shake my head and think, “This girl is ignorant”. She truly is her own worst enemy.

When we got off the bus and went shopping I could see Shannon was upset. When she told me what Kelly said it hit me hard. My life has been turned upside down since my daughter left. The pain in my heart will not go away until we are reunited. I pray every night that she walks through the door. I know God will answer my prayers in His time. Divorce does horrible things to families. I hope Kelly never has to go through it. My heart goes out to everyone that has reached out to me, and who is going through the same situation.

I had a conversation with Kelly at Meghan’s house and she opened up to me about how difficult her separation was for her family. So for her to say what she did, she knew exactly what she was doing by hitting way below the belt and it just goes to show she has NO limits.

When Shannon told me, I ran up to Kelly and grabbed her shoulders and yelled at her. I know that it was not a wise thing to do, and I am very sorry I did that.

In Kelly style she went outside and told everyone that I hit her. This woman can not stop lying and exaggerating to save her life.

I tried with this girl. I really did! Now I know why Jaci tried to warn us all about her past at the ’70s party. At the time I thought, “Why is this girl telling us this?” Now we all know why.”

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51 Replies to “Tamra Judge Says She Grabbed Kelly’s Shoulders In Ireland Fight”

  1. If this was coming from anyone else, I’d see her side. Since it’s Tamera, I can’t feel sorry for her. We all saw on film, her throw the legal letter in Jeana’s face at Vicki’s party that one year, and have watched her scream, cry and manipulate as well. Don’t get me wrong, Kelly deserved more than a shake for what she said, but who the heck can believe Tamera either. They are all too much for me anymore.

    1. I agree but I would take Tamra over Kelly any day. Having said that the pair of them and Vcki deserve each other. I can’t take all the screaming so glad I don’t watch!

      1. Hi Suze: I think Vicki was the only one bringing any fun to the Ireland trip. Don’t spit out your tea! The rest of the testy ladies were no fun at all and while we do see cute sides of Heather, just like Jeff Lewis knows how awful and snooty Heather is, so do friends of mine who have dealt with her multiple times. Very fake and snobby. Having said that, she has her moments when the cameras are on where she appears to be clever and caring. Not buying it but I thought (from what we saw) that Heather handled the aftermath of the accident well and seemed to show compassion for Vicki when Meghan & Shannon showed none. So Heather gets points where the others get none, especially Tamra for her horrid remarks after the accident. Let’s add spoiled brat Briana to the list. Her and her brother could not be bigger tools. Without Mommy, they’d have jack yet they have no gratitude. They are so disrespectful it’s sad.

        1. So true about Vicki’s entitled, spoiled brat kids! I can’t stand Brianna. Everyone always brings up how Vicki bought her that Mercedes, then told her, she’d be making the payments. Well, duh–don’t they realize that Vicki was most likely giving the greedy brat an allowance? She was in college, full-time and I highly doubt the little Princess was going to work, at the same time. I don’t doubt that Vicki put the down payment on that house in Oklahoma and probably the new one in the O.C., too. Plus the one she bought for her son, here in San Diego was not by any means a cheap, starter home. I know that area very well and most houses start at close to a million. Yet they are always so disrespectful and nasty to her.

    2. Honestly, Tamara exaggerated when she told Heather that kelly looked her up. They went back to the footage of what was really said, but kelly does go too far. I do think Tamara hit her because there’s no reason for you to feel the need to just “smack” the phone out of the producers hand when he’s recording the scuffle.
      They’re both terrible. 2 sides of the same coin.

    3. Kelly should sue her.. Tamra is nasty.. she had no right to get physical what so ever!!! And I don’t believe that she just grabbed her.. Tamra is the reason that her family is such a mess.. Tamra is a total hypocrite!! Keep acting this way Tamra and your daughter will never come back to you.. and rightfully so

      1. Oh, smh, shut up. You must not have children. Tamra has always been a wonderful Mom, and kids have problems too. We as parents also have the right to speak out, and Kelly is a horrible example for her daughter if anyone is. Screaming “Fucking liar” over and over, saying cruel things to everyone on the show, never letting anything go, she should look to her own home before criticizing another’s. Every single event she has attended she has been vulgar and inappropriate. You know nothing about the problems divorced kids go though, it has very little to do with her being on the show. It is very common, what is going on between this family, and Simon is a dictator asshole bastard who tried to brainwash his wife, and succeeded in doing to to his kids.

  2. Tamra’s not perfect but she has never stooped to Kelly’s level. Kelly needs a TEAM of shrinks, she needs REHAB and she needs to get her ass booted off this show. I just can’t even imagine being anywhere near this POS when she starts going off. Why is she even on this show?

    1. It’s crazy that she was found as a friend of Megan’s. I’ve not been crazy about Megan in the past, but I can’t imagine that this was her good friend. I don’t watch this regularly anymore. Has Megan been her friend through all of these rampages? I did see the episode of that accident, and it seemed like Kelly was only too quick to throw Megan under the bus about visiting Vicki.

  3. You Tamra Vicki and Heather turned nothing into something .. Mean girls of the OC.. Kelly said something regarding your daughter in the heat of the moment, ever done that before Tamra.. You know hit below the belt!!!! Vicki omg did you have to make is so obvious you were just using Kelly cos the means girls turned on you .. Really poor effort!! Shannon your a twirp but got the end result you wanted by repeating to Tamra what Kelly said and Heather as I don’t want to leave you out .. The world doesn’t revolve around you .. Pull the stick out of your arse for 5 seconds and just breath!!

  4. I have a hard time believing anything that comes out of Tamra’s mouth…remember when she told Heather about Shannon’s marital troubles, then lied about it? She claims to be friends with these women then bad-mouths them when they are not around. And to Kelly claiming she did the nose boop to her daughter; um yes but these are women, not children, so it is not funny to them. And to the women…why did you not say to Kelly please stop. They all need to learn to communicate…well, except for Tamra, she just needs to keep her trashy mouth shut.

  5. Is everyone two faced on this show. Friends for a day and then stab you behind the back….talk about everyone as if you are the perfect one, spout religion and then have a fit of rage like a hormonal animal. I cannot stand any of them except Shannon. Shannon is not perfect, and she is even self deprecating and knows it, and she seems the most real. Heather is a show off and annoying, but I have to say, she is never one to embarrass the group by misbehaving. She has a lot of class even if she flaunts her wealth and seems to be an uppity spoiled princess a lot of the time. I am no fan of Heather’s but I understand how insulted and embarrassed she must have felt being thrown out of that store and because of Kelly, Tamra and Vicki’s behavior, most of all which embarrassed me as an American.
    I have to say that anpub crawl is no waynto see a foreign country, and it contributed to the craziness that followed. Only Meghan got away from it…but did she really plan that itinerary?

    1. Great post RealSandy… ITA. And yes Heather annoys me a bit but she does have class and I can also see how horrible it must’ve been to be dragged out of the bathroom and thrown out.
      I still can NOT believe that with Kelly’s history , that they all thought that yeah let’s go drinking at noon and keep going!! It was stupid. Not sure who set the itinerary but those women don’t strike me as ‘site seeing’ crowd lol. Tamras decision to turn back to confront Kelly was a tad dramatic . At this point they all know she’s a drunken fool so it seems to me there was more to it than the ‘nose flipping ‘ game that ticked Tamra off

      Even though I’m Shannons number 1 fan, than is my last season , unless they dump at least 2 or 3 women

      1. I am with you, Rain. Shannon cannot do it alone. They need to change this cast a lot. I would not miss Meghan, Tamra…and cannot stand V icky and Kelly.

        1. I’m liking Meghan more this season but that’s probably because she is not saying or doing much lol. I hated her last season . I will be miss her if she left
          With all the ‘OG’ obsession , it’s hard to imagine Tamra or Vicki being let go . But I can see Meghan and Kelly being let go for sure.

          1. Wouldn’t it be nice just for once if Bravo had a poll on who should stay and who should go! Then they listened to us! Xxxoooo❤️❤️❤️

  6. IMO Tamra is the absolute worst HW ever to be part of RHOC. She was extremely crass and mean from the get go. She says she is a good mother. Really? We’ve seen how Ryan turned out! And what kind of moronic mother would encourage her ungrounded son to marry a woman who has I think 5 different baby daddies with court docs filed that she is unstable and volatile. Her father was a murderer who then killed himself. I think any sane mother would tell their son to RUN not walk away from crazy Sarah and her gene pool. But I think Sarah & Tamra are alike and Tamra doesn’t seem to mind sacrificing her son for a storyline, which is very sad. Ryan is the spitting image of his mother. Prior to all her surgeries they had the same face, minus the beard…I think. I apologize to any Tamra fans, but this is what I see. A two-faced, back-stabbing liar who enjoys hurting people and shit stirring. Don’t forget to lick that spoon Tam’s!

  7. I just realized I really don’t like any of these woman. Tamra, you wouldn’t have reacted so crazy if 100% of what Kelly said wasn’t true. There is some truth to it cuz you spazzed out. Do you honestly think your daughter doesn’t speak to you because you’re 100% angel and your x is 100% evil??? Kelly is a nut job. That Childish nose flick is immature and annoying and after doing it once and told it wasn’t appreciated, you’d think you’d have enough sense to stop. People distance themselves from you not because they are mean girls but because the only way to get you to shut up is to get out of your presence. Stop drinking and bring an A-hole.

  8. Kelly Dodd is a NUTJOB…..but that’s why we all watch…if it was just a bunch of boring housewives….would we watch??? Probably not!! So you go all the ladies from RHOBH!!! Keep the crazy coming!!!!!!?

  9. Tamra is full of shit, she obviously hit her. Her “Kelly lied about me hitting her” story makes negative sense. Why would Kelly say to Tamra’s FACE “you just hit me!?” and Tamra not rebuttal it? Or no one else in the moment? If someone who I “didn’t hit” yells at me for hitting them I’m gonna say “uh… no ? I didn’t?”

    Tamra is absolutely disgusting. Kelly has piss poor deilvery but most of the time what she says is actual factual.


  11. Why is it so shocking that Kelly said no wonder her daughter doesn’t talk to her? Based on Tamra’s life since she left Simon, she still bashes him on national TV every chance she gets. She still brings up her and her daughters business every chance she gets. Even though Tamra herself has admitted that her daughter doesn’t want her talking about her and her father on TV anymore!! She don’t give a F***. Tamra only cares about herself and the attention she gets on TV. And what an embarrassment for her daughter to see or to hear from others about her mother running around a party with a big dick hanging from between her legs! She also just told Eddie at the sushi place she would give him a blow job. Not to mention that very sexual bathtub seen with Eddie when she was going thru the divorce and all the countless other stupid sh** she’s said and done. What a shame for her daughter. The truth is the truth. If she wants to see her daughter, she needs to try harder to be a respectable person.

  12. Unless it is defense against another physical threat, I don’t care if they say your mama has three t*ts with a kickstand for a leg, you don’t put your hands an another person. Because if someone puts their hands on me, my knee jerk reaction will be to go into self-preservation send a mollywhop straight to their clavicle. Period. Don’t open the door to your own kick in the rear end. Learn to use words, not hands, during an argument- even arguments that you feel shake you to your very core.

  13. I hope they show Tamra “hitting” Kelly at the reunion. All I saw was Tamra push past Kelly. I don’t remember any “hitting”.

    1. I don’t remember any denial from Tamra at the time either……later, she said she pushed her. So she admitted contact, just “down-graded” it to a push. I think old Tam’s is lying based on her volatile, angry history and what I said about no denial.
      Tam’s has had always been a mean drinker. I say if you can’t be a happy drunk, don’t drink!

  14. If anyone still has questions about Tamra and her morality think back to the naked waisted crap she pulled on G. Come on who does that and she did it just to prove what kind of person G really was . Well guess what most of us already knew . To me that showed exactly who T really is

  15. I don’t use Twitter very often, probably the last time was when I got my tweet from Ken thanks to Sandy! I did get an email yesterday with lots calling out Tamra, I can only go by what I have read but it seems to me Kelly is just as much to blame as Tamra. No person should ever hit another person, but my goodness if I had to spend more than thirty minutes with Kelly I would probably end up hitting her! And yes I know that is wrong and don’t need telling as I have already said no one should ever hit another person!

    1. Good morning Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️Yes I am against physical violence but nobody better mess with my kids. I am not necessarily a Tamra fan but Kelly bringing up her daughter (who’s not even part of the show) is a low blow. Most parents react viscerally when they’re defending their kids xoxoxo

      1. Kelly knew just what she was doing bringing up the situation with Tamra’s daughter. She is sick! It makes me wonder if Andy brings these women on to get rid of one of the oldies or at least to take them down a peg or two!
        Kelly needs to go and to take her ex buddie Vicky with her!

    2. As you know, I don’t theoretically believe in “violence.” But if you put that cee u next tuesday Kelly in my face, saying what she did about one of my children, oooohhhh , she’d find herself in a LOT pain on her ass in Ireland with no bruises to show anyone, believe me when I say. But, I would make damn sure no camera or microphone was anywhere in sight. It’s like idiots who kill their daughter’s kidnapper & rapist, and bury them 3 feet deep. You go somewhere far, FAR away, and bury them 7 feet deep, plan it, cover your tracks, then… don’t EVER become a suspect.

  16. Tamra has been talking about her ex all along even though her daughter asked her not to. Tamra’s behavior has probably been a real source of embarrassment from the “naked wasted” to the ill-advised, porno-ish tub scene, to the dick-in-the-face Mexican strippers, to the throw the-drink-in-Jeanie’s face, to the general foul-mouthed “get the eff out of here Jesus Jugs.” I don’t think Simon had to do anything to turn the daughter against Tamra but I bet he helped it along.

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