Tamra Judge Reveals Vicki Told Her Not to Communicate With Daughter Briana

Tamra Judge has always been close with her former BFF’s daughter Briana Culberson, so some fans were surprised to see the two avoid each other at Ava’s birthday party on this week of the RHOC. Tamra revealed on the show that she had “cut ties” with Briana because of the fallout with Vicki.

When Briana still accepted an invitation from Ava’s mother Sarah, she attended the birthday party with her two sons. Tamra’s husband Eddie warmly greeted Briana, but Tamra kept her distance and the two didn’t say hello to each other throughout the entire party, which confused the audience.

Tamra took to Twitter after the episode to clarify some things about her relationship with Briana. Even revealing that Vicki told her not to have any contact with her daughter.

Tamra replied, “Never! We both were concerned for her. We both were right! Vicki was the one that told me Not to communicate with her daughter.”

Another viewer tweeted that they loved Tamra and Briana’s relationship, but Tamra said she had to respect Vicki’s wishes.

Photo Credit: Bravo