Tamra Judge Reveals Vicki Gunvalson Betrayed Her Again


Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge stopped by Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty, Sexy, Funny SiriusXM show on Monday, and she did not hold back about her feelings towards her co-star Vicki Gunvalson.

“You know what, I took her back this year, accepted her apology, well, her half-assed apology, forgave the past and tried to move on, only to get burned again,” Tamra shared. “She was behind my back with a machete this time.”

Tamra continue to share her thoughts on the Brooks Ayers’ scam. “Well, I’ve given up on trying to keep away from Brooks,” Judge said. “I now think that they’re soul mates. They’re a match made in heaven.”

“You know what, there were a lot of years where I wanted somebody in my life, but you don’t want a douchebag. Like if somebody’s douchey, ew, that’s a turnoff,” she said. “It’s not attractive to me. I can’t buy that.”

“You hang out with dogs, you get fleas. Maybe she needs a flea collar,” Tamra added.

“That’s where I’m at. I’m burned,” she said. “I said: ‘You know what, one more thing. One more thing, and I’m done. I’m done.'”

“It actually hurts my feelings because we’ve been friends off and on for 10 years, so we’ve gone through a lot together,” Judge said. “We’ve gone through our kids getting married … health concerns and divorces and all that stuff, so, we have a lot of history.”

But Tamra explains that Gunvalson has gotten “caught up in the show.”

“She just doesn’t know what her reality is anymore,” Judge added. “When you create a storyline, that’s when it’s time for you to go. So the O.G. might need to G.O.”

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29 Replies to “Tamra Judge Reveals Vicki Gunvalson Betrayed Her Again”

  1. oh my…. what has Tamra done to her face. Watched WWHL last night and her face never moved.. her face with all that makeup is awful… what a shame – she didn’t need all that work cuz she was pretty to begin with and now she looks like all the other clowns …. I had a hard time watching her – she needs to get a new makeup artist.

  2. She really did look awful. It wasn’t just makeup though. She’s had so many procedures done her cheeks are completely sunken in and she looks like a skeleton. It’s sad because she was pretty to being with. I’ve seen it happen with a lot of the Housewives. It’s pathetic.

  3. tamballs is one to talk about betrayal—look what she’s done to the other housewives over the years; giving out a private phone number of another housewife on twitter, betraying numerous other housewives and throwing wine in another’s face—the twat acts like a 2 year old menopausal idiot and has gone overboard with the botox/ fillers—looks freakish, acts dumber.

    1. Prudence, you took the words out of my mouth. No one has betrayed more housewives on this show then her. No one! She is a fair weather friend and no one knows that better then Vickie!

    2. I second Gigicat’s EXACTLY. Tamra should be the last to point fingers at anyone. I also agree she looked very weird on WWHL. Too much overdone work.

      1. I do too ladies xo. And thankyou for your comments to other post♥️ You know I was always ambivalent but hopeful about Tamra Barney Judge for many years. I always thought she was a little high strung, ok a lot high strung….very impulsive with her actions and words, but always deep down I could see she had a vulnerable fragile and caring person in there. She has slowly transformed for the better thru these years you can see growth. And it looks good on her. I’m happy for her new life it’s made her a better woman, mother, and friend. Don’t back peddle Tamra, for anyone, least of all troubled Vicki. Let her catch up and then perhaps you can create a new and healthy friendship just not now it’s not possible.

        1. I don’t think she’s changed at all! She is one of the nastiest housewives on all the franchises! She has stabbed more of her current and former cast mates than anyone and Vicki is a close second!

          1. You’re absolutely right she has been absolutely horrible in the past but she is learning to become self-aware and has tried to correct a lot of those behaviors with some of the housewives. And in my book that counts for a lot. So long as she doesn’t resort back to her earlier ugly uncontrolled anger outbursts and throw wine in people’s faces etc, she deserves redemption like any other who has admitted it, asked for forgiveness & changed and learned. 😉

  4. Tamra looked weird on WWHL & I’m not just talking about the overdone spray tan. She looked hard & cheap, not at all feminine. She does provide comedy with her “if you have to make up a storyline, it’s time to go.” Based on that, she should have been gone years ago. Her mail order fake baby storyline was especially boring & lame.

  5. I mean, it seems very clear what the intent is behind the ladies – they want Vicki gone, period. With her there, the central storylines will always lead back to her and not them. Sorry Tamra, you will never be able to fill those shoes – nor Shannon, nor Heather, nor anyone else.

    1. Vickie needs to go. Period. She brings nothing to the show. She ruined the show for the housewives and the viewers. She’s a liar and a horrible ,disgusting, selfish snob. She’s also not smart. She’s actually very STUPID. She thought she could pull a con on all of us. STUPID !!

  6. The biggest hypocrite in all the land. The fact that she’s saying I’m done AGAIN and discussing betrayal is hilarious. I’m just hoping this isn’t going to be like last season and all conversations end up being about Vicki or Brooks. I hate when franchises are dependent on one person for a storyline so they don’t have to be open about what’s happening in their lives at the time. They accuse Gretchen of something they do as well. And the talk about Vicki letting TV get to her coming from the lady who hasn’t spoken to her daughter in years because of the show and I seem to recall a skinemax like bath tub scene with Eddie once upon a time.
    Ugh…this is the worst franchise by far. I can’t like any one of them.

    1. ITA! Tamara is a hypocrite. She should have left the show for her daughter. But the show is more important to her. I really wish they would bring back Jeana. She looked beautiful.

    2. I totally agree with you Gemini, on all counts. All of them are utter hypocrites. Why do they want Vicki to apologize to them? That I still don’t understand. She has only to answer to God & her family.

  7. Tamra – you looked gorgeous on WWHL! You have evolved the most of any HW on any franchise. You’ve become a better person. Vicki is a textbook narcissist and you are smart to put this “friendship” in the past because you’ll never change her. Keep your chin up and don’t let her get to you! You have Eddie and you have true friends. She will only seek to destroy you.

  8. I didn’t think I would watch the new season. I was so sick of all the BS. I sure hope this season is not the same as last with Brooks & his illness. Sick of this story line. It is old. What do the other ladies have going on in their lives. So far nothing seems interesting to me.

    1. EXACTLY!!!! The only one with a relatively interesting storyline is Terry Dubrow, with his scum bag ways and missing out on his kids life. Everyone else…NOTHING!!!!

  9. Vicki gunvalson RUINED the Housewives Franchise period. There’s no credibility anymore and EVERY story is now under scrutiny and clouded with doubt. After Teresa’s phoney exhibition of wealth turned out to be illegally obtained through fraudulent loans and tax evasion, Vicki follows up with a clumsily orchestrated and transparent Cancer scam designed to garner sympathy votes and acceptance for her scum bag boyfriend as well as lining her pockets with cash from peddling her phoney cancer cure juice Club Detox, which NOBODY seems to want to bring up to her attention these days. Note to Tamra: Save your soul and Exorcise the Demons in your life! Vicki should be FIRED!

  10. Funny how people jump all over Tamra and defend that washed up Ol Goat Liar. Don’t forget we watched all last season and endured it ourselves, sometimes in horrified shock. The lies, the endless screeching; more lies, sloppy drunk scenes/peeing on hotel beds and pools; more lies; cannabalizing her own daughter on national TV, still MORE lies and of course, the infamous comparison to Christ nailed to the cross. Who on earth wants to watch another second of this garbage, knowing there’s not an iota of truth behind ANYTHING Ol Goat has to say???? Not me. I’ve boycotted Bravo ever since the reunion last year. Had enough of that trash-filled mouth to last a lifetime! Bravo STILL needs to FIRE the LIAR!!!

  11. Face-lift or steroids? Either way, karma isn’t nice.. she was sure quick to make snide comments on Vicki’s surgeries last season..she needs to worry about fixing her relationship with her daughter and a little less on Vicki’s love life huh? Bye Felicia!

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