Tamra Judge Reveals She’s Coming Back To RHOC Next Season


Tamra Judge was definitely at the center of the controversy this season on The Real Housewives of Orange County and after rumors she was being fired from the show, Tamra is letting everyone know that she isn’t going anywhere!

A fan tweeted Judge, saying, “I hope those rumors are not true about u not being on next season. You are the BEST sh*t-stirrer around! #oclife #drama #RHOC”

“Haha not a chance,” Tamra responded, later adding, “I have been told I’m the highest rated on our show. Just keeping it real baby.”

Another viewer tweeted Tamra, “YES I’m sure she’s real happy about being the villain all season & post season geez…..#RHOC #Reckless”

“I’m happy every time I go to the bank!” Tamra replied.

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45 Replies to “Tamra Judge Reveals She’s Coming Back To RHOC Next Season”

  1. tamra has needed to be fired for about four seasons now. such a negative toxic energy she’s one of the people that brings these franchises down! she become so unwatchable and unlikable

    1. Agree. I skip her scenes. She is so gross. I don’t use twitter, but I wish someone would ask the Dubrows if the still think Tamra doesn’t lie. Heather has repeatedly said Tamra is honest.Tamra doesn’t lie. Tamra is a straight-shooter. Wonder how she feels now that she’s being publically skewered right along with Tamra?! Pull out that thesaurus Heather because I need another word for comeuppance.

      1. I agree, but pull out the dictionary yourself, ‘publically’, among others, gives you little room to go grammar nazi on anyone.

        1. Thanks for the nasty comment. I need spell check not a dictionary since you seem to be the spelling police. Gmafb

        2. Monica must be Heather since neither of them know the difference between a dictionary and a thesaurus. So I misspelled a word, big deal. It’s funny you’d take the time to point it out. I’m still going to make fun of Heather for misusing words and not knowing the difference between a dictionary and a thesaurus. I’m not on national TV making a fool of myself, Heather is. If you’d like to diagram my sentences or spell check the post instead of reading the actual content of the post, knock yourself out “Monica”.

      2. Me too. I don’t like to hear or watch trashy tamra. There is a site to vote for housewives, but it didn’t have the ones I wanted to vote for. And can’t find it now. I am tired of her and about tired of this show. I always watched all the housewives. It’s just getting old with tamra n how she hurt Shannon flirting with David. To me vicki was just friends with David but tamra is scum and would love to have him. Has anyone read how bravo covered up last season taping on RHNJ ? Makes me wonder about bravo and housewife shows? Wish so bad tamra would be fired from the show. Her dirty trashy ways. Plus heather and terry can’t repair their ignorance . It’s done . No one can forget them. Made me sick how it showed the back plays of tamra talking about Shannon. And ambulance? Lol. Did u all see Terry’s face when Shannon was at Lizzie’s party. Terry was eating it up when Shannon was upset. Tamra really made Shannon out to be terrible and it’s on film. Heather n terry loved it. So stupid. Tamra has managed to get rid of ole Gretchen which I don’t like. But I did like Alexis. Beautiful inside and out.lots more. Those cheeks on heather. Lol. That hair. Lol. The lowest class besides tamra. I also like jeanna before she was took off. You know the one tamra threw wine in her face? Heather kept tamra cause it made them look more classy cause tamra is so low classed. It’s plain to see . For yrs now. I say get her gone.

      3. WELL WELL WELL,

        Haha, love your comments!

        Comeuppance: a deserved rebuke or penalty 

        “COMEUPPANCE” is the perfect word for what Tamra will get, WELL WELL WELL!
        A very good word you used!

        Tamra won’t understand your word and Heather will be running to the online Webster Dictionary site or pick her dictionary off her book shelf which was placed there when she and Terry doesn’t understand a particular word. They, of course, study the dictionary all the time to find out some bad words to use hoping no cast members will understand the words, but,will get the “drift” from their expressions to realize their words were mean and hurtful words Heather and Terry are throwing out there at the dinner table.

        Tamra has never been online to key in the words WEBSTER DICTIONARY in her life and I can assure you she doesn’t have a Webster Dictionary handy in her house. And, Tamra will not have any idea what “rebuke” or “penalty” means either. Tamra will be calling Vicki to find out what ALL THOSE WORDS means.
        Vicki will probably say the words, “Karma” bit*ch! And then tell Tamra that the way Tamra has treated everyone, that Tamra is going to get worse treatment than Tamra will know ever existed for all the lies and hurts she has done to her cast members !

        Good gosh! I didn’t mean to go on and on like this! Tamra, Heather and Terry gets me heated up. Sigh…

        1. I don’t get on twitter to talk to ppl, but I read today that tamra and heather are still blaming Shannon and Lizzie for lying and twisting words to start trouble. So I would like to know too. And a few days ago I read where tamra said Danielle had her husband to call tamra so Danielle could apologize to tamra. Wasn’t Danielle Lizzie’s friend? Tamra and heather know better than to keep acting like Shannon is lying cause it was on tv. We all watched it. Even watched heather on the reunion show tell Shannon.

          1. Danielle is such a “scaredy cat.” and why would Danielle need to apologize to Tamra? And what GROWN WOMAN would have her husband/boyfriend
            calls a woman so so she, (Danielle) can apologize to Tamra?!!!? WTF Danielle is also such a weiner. Is Danielle in elementary school or something? Just saying…. What a weiner Danielle is! Soooo funny!!

            1. That’s what tamra had on one of her foo dadds. Wasn’t Danielle , Lizzie’s friend? I’m not sure but for some reason I did think that was Lizzie’s friend. Did you read it? Said Danielle felt bad for it. So apologized to tamra.

              1. Oh I wrote that foo dads on purpose. For that girl that thinks I need to go back to high school. She had a lot of really nice things to say about heather and terry.

      4. many times it’s not about spelling, etc…. as we type – mistakes are made – a bit different than speaking….. so what I’m trying to say is…. no need to attack one another…..

    2. Tamra needs to go. Someone has to look out for her children. She is a deplorable role model for her children and they continue to suffer as their mother’s vile and horrendous behavior is put out there on a platter every week. Tamra do you not care how your behavior affects your children? No wonder you’re having custody issues. I find you embarrassing as a woman. The fact that you joke and take pride in being the best bitch on the show, someone needs to knock you off your perceived ivory tower. I do hope Simon is taking care of the children better than you. You will lose Eddie too, he is way too good of a person to put up with such a bully and vile human being as yourself. BRAVO, let her go.

      1. I am proud of you for speaking what everyone feels. So tired of her. Those kids are in a mess. I have thought a lot and I know it’s embarrassing to them plus to not have a mother they deserve. She can twist it any way she wants but it comes down to kids and what’s most important in her life. Looks like bravo is to tamra.

  2. They need to get rid of her and Heather. Tamara is and has always been ugly and evil. No amount of botox can change that. I’ll quit watching. Hopefully Bravo will listen to the viewers.

  3. If Tamra comes back next season, I would support the rest of the cast making up random malicious BS on her and see how she enjoys it. Hey, if Tamra is allowed to “make the show more interesting”, why can’t the others do the same?

  4. I fast forward through Trashy’s scenes. However if the truth of Eddie’s adoption by a guy when he was already a grown man and his past comes out, that I will watch to see Trashy try to defend her fake marriage!

  5. How come no one offered to call an ambulance when Tamra lost it any screamed at Vicki. Actually she reminded me of Vickie screaming at Lori on that ski resort in Canada. Tamra is white trash just like Kat says.

    1. I so wish David would have asked Tamra if she wanted him to call for an ambulance when she was screaming at Vicki. I don’t watch her parts usually, FF thru her. She ruins the show.

    2. Rite. I just can’t get over the ambulance deal and Terry’s face. Tamra sure is a wore out w—-. Look at her. Her mother looks younger and better. That’s not saying much.lol. Total put on. She needs to think about her own business instead of Shannon n David’s.look what she looks like and the mess her life is in. The show is her life. And the do rows . Lol. Too.

    3. Aunt Bee,

      If you look back on all past episodes, you will find that Vicky and Tamra have always been the “screamers.” But Vicki has calmed down more.

      Did you see the mess at Tamra’s house when Tamra’s son and his girlfriend said they were getting married? Tamra’s mother and the mother’s boyfriend were there also watching Tamra spaz out! What a crock of sh*t. Tamra looked and acted like the “village idiot.” Ryan’s soon-to-be wife seemed to be saying to herself, “What the fu– am I getting myself into !!!!!!! I figure Ryan’s wife will be able to deal with the temper tantrums that Tamra has. Poor Tamra just needs A LOT of attention it seems. I’m wondering now if she is mentally ill. ~ She may need to be under a Doctors care. You just never know!

      1. You are right Patti that is why I question this new Vicki. I’ve said all along that Vic taught Tamra everything she knows. Vic started out bad with Lizzie and also told Lizzie than Tamra didn’t come to her BD party cuz “she didn’t want to”. Vic is still the sh#t stirrer she’s always been.

        1. I do not agree that Vicki taught tamra everything she knows. My opinion. Tamra was always tamra. She just don’t like it to turn on her. Bet her mom could tell you, if she would. Tamra has always been tamra.

  6. Tamra doesn’t even fit on this show. She and Eddie have a completely fake marriage and are broke. He was sued last year for impersonating himself as an attorney with his stepdad’s law firm. How come none of that is exposed?? Many commenters from that area either knew him or knew someone that knew him in earlier years and swear he was not only gay, but openly gay and dated a college professor, etc.. I do not have a problem with gay, my problem is he and Tamra making a mockery of their marriage of convenience for money, attention. I read yesterday a screenshot from a CutFitness customer on what a sham their place was, the few people they have teaching classes are not certified, or care. This one customer was disgusted and make valid points which had nothing to do with the show at all. I think Tamra’s karma is kicking her azz and it is about time. I cannot stand her fake tears about her problems with Simon/children. She abandoned her small children to have her own apartment to party and screw around (imo) and she is no kind of role model for a good parent. Bravo needs to fire her lame, old, ugly, broke, fake, trashy azz.

    1. Bet really terry is the one doing trashy Tamara’s face and whatever else. She really does look awful. Looks older than she is. Her mother looks younger. But neither are pretty. Heather is scarey looking really is. Those nice shoes don’t help her out. But they would me. Lol. Classless b——. Added terry I there too.

    2. All the ugly inside Heather, Terry and Tamra are taking a toll on their outside appearances. All that hatred inside of them is oozing out their skin and making them look old before their time. Jealousy will hurt the persons inside of their bodies as well. And can majorly affect innumerable organs in their bodies. For their own well being, I would say being “nicey-nice” will get them back on the road to good health and well being. That’s the way I would go. And have some fun while doing it. The saying goes, LAUGHTER IS THE BESSST MEDICINE!!! Just saying…

  7. I’d like to know what Tamra is “highest rated” in. Are they measuring ignorance? Nastiness? Self absorption? Character most fast forwarded? The only thing people watch her for is with the hope to see her brought down. Take that to the bank, Tamra. Everybody sees right through you.

    1. Me too Deb, tamra is trashy get her way tamra. They acted like on the show Eddie was a prince or something. I never did see that.

    2. I hope they’re not rating her on how much we are talking about her. Heather debrows page is to make ppl see they are a nice family. They have hurt themselves. I think.

  8. BUMMER! I seriously will not be watching next season. The Housewives have become very predictable. No more fun. And with Tamra returning – ICK. Vicki needs to go too. p.s. You may laugh every time you go to the bank Tamra but you won’t be laughing when you approach the pearly gates and have to experience all the nastiness and ugliness you put out into the Universe.

    1. Exactly how I feel Trixie . And I so loved to watch all the housewife shows, but keeping trashy tamra and terry n heather I won’t be watching. Just won’t interest me anymore. I lost interest in hwnj over reading how bravo tried to hide Als mistress from the show. How Caroline stopped that. So it’s just another ole show now. Since tamra will be bk I’m finished. Wish these shows were what I thought they were . Thinking of all the time I wasted. I like dr rush on another channel. Think I will be moving away from bravo. Wish tamra gone.

  9. Tamra thinks she is essential to the show. I feel the same about her the way I feel about Brandi from BH. I wouldn’t miss them if I never seen them again. Why do they keep these women on the shows, Ill never know. They got rid of Jill Zarin, when she thought she was indispensable, why not Tamra?

  10. Tamra and Heather are so phony!! Tamra, your jealousy over Lizzie is hilarious!! Of course your husband would never touch her…. Her husband is more his type!!

    1. Janice, trashy tamra has been jealous of so many younger lady’s and they ended up off the show. Wish they would put nasty ugly old tamra off so bad. Terry n heather let her follow them around to make them look classier. Tamra so trashy. Now the debrows showed stupid n ugly they are. Lol. So funny. Made fools of themselves. Lol. Tamra has no pride at all.

  11. Janice Cook sooo funny I never thought of that but yes I can see that…I have to say just the mean twisted face is enough!! wow I have never seen someone that reads that much hate on her face and I have to say omg she is really starting to look like her mother they are starting to look like twins instead of mother and daughter.

  12. I was sure hoping Trashy Tammy Sue got fired. She keeps trying to fight aging. She can’t hide her old hands and her meanness is showing on the outside. She is so irrelevant. This season was the worst.

  13. No matter how much surgery, ppl get old. But tamra looks worse than anyone I know. Inside and out. Ughhh. Next those debrows. Some ugly ppl on this show and these dr made cheeks crack me up.

  14. I hve watched this show for years. It amazes me tht Tamara smiles when people call her a shit stirer. The other thing tht blows my mind is heather is intelligent and she can’t figure out tht Tamara talks shit about her. I hope Vicki does not ever becomes close friends with Tamara again. She is the biggest liar and manipulative person I hve ever seen. Thy need to tke her off the show thy take the other women off but not her. You can see in her eyes tht she is ling. and when she cries there are no tears. I try to laugh at the show but she really gets under my skin. It’s funny she has to see the comments tht people post about her. Why don’t she try to wrk on herself. When her do. Said get out of Orange County crap possibly he could hve been talking abt her. She is very stuck on herself when u r ugly on the outside there is no way u can b pretty on outside. Funny when people confront her Eddie says this is her fight maybe because he knows she is a triable maker. Alexis said it perfect she is a BULLEY.

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