Tamra Judge Reveals She’s Cancer Free

RHOC star Tamra Judge gave an update on her melanoma diagnosis on Instagram, Thursday.

“I had Surgery last week and today I found out I am Melanoma Free 🙌🏼 margins are clear. Save YOUR ass and get a full body skin check.@cacoastalderm thank you for all you do.”


Tamra previously revealed in August that she had melanoma on her buttock, saying on Instagram, “I work out hard for this Booty. I was planning on competing again in November at 50 years old, but I’m not sure that’s happening now. [I]t looks like God has a different plan for me. I don’t want sympathy, I want you to save YOUR ASS and get your skin checked. This was just a small black flat freckle…. I had no idea!”

We are so happy to hear that Tamra is cancer free! Congrats!

Photo Credit: Bravo


17 Replies to “Tamra Judge Reveals She’s Cancer Free”

  1. That is great news. Melanoma is the worst. My MIL was not so lucky after hers was discovered…by her son. It metastasized very quickly. She was a sun worshipper for many years.
    It is good that Tamra is spreading the word about getting a full body skin check by a dermatologist. I wish her well.

  2. I’m happy when anyone is cancer free, but is one ever really?! She’ll have to watch her body closely after this scare. Wish her well.

      1. Yes it is HJ, every time we take a deep breadth, we hear of another with cancer. It’s become like the common cold. Hope a total cure is found soon.

    1. When cancer starts in the stem cell, it is microscopic. It takes 8 years for most cancers to grow to pea size. Melanoma is already inside before it pops out on the skin. There are so many natural ways to kill the cancer cell without poisoning oneself. I am very happy Tamra is cancer free. Cancer has become an epidemic in this country. It is the reason I no longer watch the OC, because of Viki’s lying and just being horrible, now Kelly, who is not only evil but ugly and looks like she shops from a closet of a person with no taste with their moth eaten wardrobe from the 40’s. I do come to an article if I see Starr’s name, or Rain, Daisy, Sandy, Sunshine, so many that I can’t think of all the names just now. I’ve been on the phone for 16 hours over 4 days to get rid of a hacker that got into my computer. But it’s all fixed and protected now!!!! Yay! That’s what’s messing with my memory of women I adore here. You all know who you are. Love to all of you.

      1. Gosh 3D’s, a hacker? So happy it’s squared away. What a nuisance.
        Love right back to you, such a special person you are.

  3. Really glad Tamra got a clean margin. Melanoma is terrifying. I had the beginning of it as a little got on my foot. Noticed a speck of odd color so I went and had it checked. They sure whacked my foot but I am so glad they were aggressive… Love Tamra, think she’s beautiful but do not like her makeup and clothes here at all. Looks like Halloween.

  4. Another housewife with cancer….I wonder what the next disease will be…rectal prolapses?, STD´s ? Alzheimer´s ? halitosis ?

    1. Sadly, it is part of the real world and a fact of life. What world do you live in where disease and illness does not exist? No one is immune to illness.
      Unlike Brooks’ made up cancer, this was real cancer. Cancer is a scary thing. It affects most of us in some way, if not directly, it affects someone close to you.
      Melanoma is the worst. Generally, by the time you find out you have it, it is already too late.

  5. Spread the word 3D’s. Will be so helpful to many others. I do not need to meet you to know your heart. It speaks clearly .

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