Tamra Judge Reveals Why Kelly’s Comments About Her Daughter Hurt So Much


During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live earlier this week, a view asked Tamra Judge why she had such a strong reaction to Kelly Dodd’s comment about her daughter Sidney, when Tamra has talked about children of the OC before in the past.

“I apologize if I ever spoke about anybody’s kids,” Tamra said. “I mean, my situation is a very sensitive one. It’s about parental alienation. If you’ve ever witnessed it or been a victim of it, you would know. It’s a bad thing.”

“It’s hard for me to talk about. It breaks my heart,” Tamra previously told the Daily Dish. “It was something I really wanted to keep off the show, and it’s so big in my life that it’s just too hard. And I feel like at this point if I can help others go through it, because divorce and when kids separate and pick sides, it’s not uncommon. But people don’t want to talk about it because they feel like, oh they’re a failure.”

Photo Credit: Bravo