Tamra Judge Responds To Rumors Her Husband Eddie Is Gay


Tamra Judge is reacting to rumors that her husband Eddie Judge is gay. As you remember, during this week’s episode of the RHOC, Vicki Gunvalson via Kelly Dodd alleged that Eddie was gay and during an appearance on WWHL, Tamra set the record straight.

“I don’t talk about my sex life on national TV,” Tamra told one caller who asked her to describe her sex life.

“Let’s just put it this way. Me and Eddie are such trolls that I need to be married to somebody that’s gay? Why? Why? What’s the point of it?” Tamra fired back. “Why is it that a hot guy can’t be straight?”

Andy Cohen added, “From what I understand, you two can’t stop banging.”

Shannon Beador followed up, “Can I just say we couldn’t get in the room earlier to get ready.”

Tamra and Eddie celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary in July. “We just get each other and we’re so in love and we give each other our space. I want to say we communicate quite well, but that’s not always the case. We both get over things. Like, if he gets upset at me, he’s over it in two seconds. If I get upset at him, we’re over it. So we just have a really great way of working together,” she explained to the Daily Dish. “And he’s hot and he’s great to my kids. And he’s just a good person. So he makes things very easy for me.”

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27 Replies to “Tamra Judge Responds To Rumors Her Husband Eddie Is Gay”

  1. He obviously isn’t gay or he wouldn’t have married Tamra, not with the PDA’s over the years. Even if he is Bi so what who cares? I know quite a few people who have a relationships with both sexes from time to time. What does it matter? He is a step up from her ex, he was repulsive!

  2. Tamra doesn’t talk about her sex life on TV? Didn’t she show steamy bathtub scenes, and had sex conversations with Eddie on TV? Was it for ratings or just to embarrass kids?

    1. Nope. I’m sure her most recent fellatio talk with Eddie was a lie filmed and circulated by Vicki.

      One of the more memorable times Tamra did not publicly talk about her sex life that I recall was when Tamra said she received a new BMW on the George Lopez show.

      What Tamra meant by BMW was “Big Mexican Weiner”.

  3. Ugghhh, yuck…who even cares. Eddie doesn’t make a stink on the show or go after anyone, so why go after him? IMO, Tamera has been such a hateful shit stirrer over the years, that he should be sainted for being with her, not brought into this battle of the bitches. lol.

  4. Ah the usual sex shaming . With women we accuse them of being sluts and with men we accuse them of being gay. Well I don’t care. If you ask me, Meghan has more reason to worry about her husband than Tamra does. The point is , he’s HER husband and as long as she’s happy , who cares. We ‘salute’ married women who are bisexual but somehow the hint of that on a man is considered a scandal .. I find that odd

    1. Rain, you are funny. Do we salute married women who are bisexual? lol. I didn’t think anyone condoned extra marital affairs. That might be a husband’s dream marriage though. haha.

      1. Well we still remain a male dominated society so yes the idea of 2 women tantalizes men and so it becomes more readily acceptable ! I think most men would welcome seeing their wife with another woman. They wouldn’t even consider it cheating 🙂 but yes I’m being funny (trying) and not literal. I have no desire to dip in the lady pond, my kitty is all the kitty this bed can handle LOL ❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. Yep, it’s always been more socially acceptable (at least to men) for two women to be together, than two men. I actually think that are men out there that would be a little jealous if their wife was with another woman though. I’m with you, I’ve never swam in the lady pond either. I don’t judge it, but it’s definitely not my thing. We women are hard enough to deal with as friends, let alone being a lover. lol.

          1. Heck no Kt dear 🙂 too old new to learn new tricks lol……so glad to see you gorgeous !! How’s work and the family?? I hope all is well is Texas ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

            1. You know just went I have two seconds to say Hi to my girls I get called away! I’m great – so good to see you and Suze!!!! The kids were all here last weekend – I need a vacation! How are you? And Suze…how are you sweetheart?

  5. As pretty as that picture is, I’m bored of the Marilyn Monroe ‘inspirarations’
    Enough already !! And no , nobody can remotely pretend to be Marilyn so give it a rest

  6. I never thought he was gay. Can’t a guy work out, look good, stay as far away as possible from the meddling bitches as possible and be straight?

  7. You know what this is how I feel… since we’ve become an accepting nation (world?) of the gay community…meaning it’s fairly mainstream by now thank goodness, I’ve noticed for a long while now that because of this awareness many people feel it’s totally ok to assess others by generalizations and it’s really become irksome to me. People can’t or shouldn’t just walk around casually announcing their ‘hunches’ about someone’s sexual preference. I should think that no one would be offended because there’s nothing to be ashamed of obvi, it’s just a lack of good manners for me. Oooh you must be a lesbian because you have pumped up arms and are very aggressive and have chin hairs. NO! You don’t get to say that or you shouldn’t but then there are many many ignorant people in this world aren’t there. Eddy? If I wasn’t married you look pretty damn hunkachunka to me honey and I’d love to oh sorry Tamra.

  8. She doesn’t talk about her sex life?? Since when? I seem to remember Tamra screaming something about anal sex across the dinner table on one episode. This woman is such a LIAR!!!

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