Tamra Judge Reacts to Vicki Gunvalson’s Remarks About Eddie

RHOC star Tamra Judge isn’t ready to forgive her co-star Vicki Gunvalson over remarks she made about her husband Eddie Judge’s sexuality.

Tamra recently spoke with the Daily Dish and said, “It’s just so stupid and so ridiculous and it’s just — it’s Vicki being Vicki. She can’t keep her mouth shut. I mean, being on a show there’s rumors about everybody. Like I’ve heard rumors about her. I’ve heard a ton of rumors about her boyfriend,” referring to Vicki’s relationship with new boyfriend Steven Lodge.

“If you’re that person that goes and spreads the rumors, you’re just as bad, if not worse, than the person that created it. So she just, like I said, she has zero boundaries and she doesn’t understand or acts like, ‘I don’t why people don’t like me,’ ‘I don’t know, people owe me an apology.’ Well, no, nobody does,” Tamra added.

Tamra believes that Vicki was waiting for the right time to says something about Eddie, “I think at the very beginning when she started that, we actually had known that she’d been telling people that for about four years. Yeah, and the story wasn’t just that. She was giving details and stories and just things that were so untrue. Eddie knew this and was still pretty cordial to her when he saw her. I had never said anything to her and I’m like, let’s just see how far this gets. I knew it was a matter of time before she was going to bring it up on the show. She absolutely knew what she was doing by telling Kelly [Dodd] that. She knew what she was doing. She has people do her dirty work for her,” Tamra recently told Decider. “That’s what she does. And you’ll see that on the show as well.”

Photo Credit: Bravo