Tamra Judge Opens Up About Ex-Husband Simon and Daughter Sidney; Kelly Dodd and Meghan Edmonds Throw Bold Accusations

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, former friends Kelly Dodd and Meghan King Edmonds exchanged some harsh words over text message while Vicki Gunvalson met Peggy Sulahian. Meanwhile, Tamra Judge was facing her divorce from Simon Barney head on in an emotional talk with her son Ryan.

Vicki and Peggy met at a party for Lydia McLaughlin’s son. Vicki was very open to the new Housewife, even offering her advice about the other women. She warned her that they will “be your friend, then turn on you.”

Vicki also asked Peggy a lot of questions about her cancer. Ironic.

“I heard you had a boyfriend,” Edmonds said first, asking if the rumor, which she heard about from “someone on Twitter,” is true.

“A friend told me your husband has a mistress,” Kelly responded, which offended Meghan. “We are pregnant for God’s sake, Kelly,” she wrote back. “My God.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend. And, quite frankly, if I did, I would say,” Dodd told viewers.

Edmonds also denied rumors of an affair confessing, “I don’t really give a sh*t because I know it’s not true.”

“[Kelly] didn’t like that question, so she got mad and [sent] me a text when I’m seven months pregnant, saying ‘Your husband is having an affair on you. Just thought you should know,’ ” Meghan recalled. “That’s not a text that you send to someone seven months pregnant.”

But the two tried to mend fences when Kelly went over to Meghan’s house with a gift to meet baby Aspen. However, they did not mention the text messages.

“I just cut Kelly Dodd out for a few months, and then I let her back in,” Meghan shared. “Because it’s all a hell of a lot easier to get along with Kelly than it is to fight with her. The way that Kelly goes after people is not normal. In a lot of ways, I see Kelly as a child having a temper tantrum. And reasoning with a 3-year-old is not easy, and sometimes that’s how Kelly is.”

“I have a really really hard time controlling myself,” Dodd admitted. “When someone presses my buttons, I’m going to press the button right back.”

It was an emotional episode for Tamra Judge who had a heart-to-heart with her oldest son, Ryan, about her ex-husband Simon Barney. Tamra got emotional, but they were happy tears because Ryan was saying he appreciated Simon’s tough love over the years. Ryan admitted his former step-father just wanted to see him succeed.

“I had a stepdad who was an asshole, but I know now it was because he wanted me to do well,” Ryan admitted.

Judge also shared her involvement in a PSA and documentary called Erasing Family. She revealed in the episode that she and her daughter recently ran into each other unexpectedly and had their first non-courtroom/non-counselor’s office hug in four years.

Photo Credit: Bravo