Tamra Judge Meets Her Granddaughter Ava For The First Time


On last night’s episode of RHOC, we saw Tamra Judge meet her granddaughter Ava Ryan for the first time when her daughter-in-law gave birth to the brand new baby girl.

Tamra was emotional and excited to hold her grand baby. “My first born just had his first born,” she confessed. “I am a grandma now. There’s no going back. It’s just overwhelming, it’s precious, and I feel a little old.”

“This little baby, she’s a part of me,” Judge continued. “I just feel like my whole life has changed forever.”

Watch the show highlight below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “Tamra Judge Meets Her Granddaughter Ava For The First Time”

  1. It was more fun watching Tamra on WWHL where she was weighing every word out of her mouth trying to be the new good Christian Lady.

  2. I could watch people have babies all day everyday. Not the actual birth but the look on the parents/grandparents faces when they meet that new baby is the most amazing look every time.

  3. I am rooting for Tamra’s new found faith. I believe her and know it takes a long time to look really different on the outside. The change begins in the heart. I pray and trust her faith is sincere. Loving the new Tamra. Loving this civilized sweet season. There is enough drama and lots of nice moments. This is what I hope to see going forward.

    1. I thought so too. I thought c-sections were easier on the baby. I am sure it will be ok so Dr Munster won’t have to touch it.

  4. no that baby’s nose needs help. the son looks like he had FAS and so does the grandbaby but the nose should not look like that even with a vaginal delivery.

    1. fetal alcohol syndrome-short nose where nostrils are long and show face on. I’m so mean but seriously because I have nothing against Tamra, that baby needs an immediate nose job.

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