Tamra Judge: Lizzie Is Feisty And Fits In Well


Tamra Judge is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss Monday’s episode of RHOC. Tamra says that she was shocked Shannon and Heather would fight over a chair, says Vicki didn’t mean any harm to Lizzie and says she appreciates that Lizzie is feisty.

Tamra writes, “I hope all the moms out there had a great Mother’s Day. I had an amazing day with my mom and kids starting at Saddleback Church followed by lunch, shopping and planting flowers with Sophia in the garden.

Washing towels at CUT Fitness has been a real pain in my butt! As a new business we try to cut costs where we can. So the first year I took the towels home and washed them myself, and it got a little overwhelming to manage. I asked Ryan to take charge and get a washer and dryer installed at CUT Fitness because Eddie and I are both busy running the studio. I didn’t want Ryan to bother Eddie with this because he is extremely busy and it was one less thing for Eddie to worry about. Ryan has always made good decisions at the studio and knew he would get the best deal possible.

Ryan has been doing an wonderful job managing the front desk staff and I wanted to give him more responsibilities. The reason why I asked Ryan “what his plans were” was because as a mother you want your kids to be doing something they are happy doing. I want nothing more than for Ryan to run the next CUT Fitness. However, I want it to be what HE wants, not what I want. I was not telling him to leave CUT and go find another job. I just wanted him to say to me, “I want to run the next CUT Fitness,” so I knew I wasn’t pushing him into doing something he wasn’t passionate about. But instead he got defensive thinking I was questioning his future plans like I did when he was younger. Ryan is in such a great place in his life and I am so happy for you too see what life has in store for him next.

I love the holidays and walking around Balboa Island during the holidays is alway fun — I wish you could have seen more of it. The limo ride to Javier’s was awkward to say the least. Vicki and Lizzie did not hit it off, I honestly felt like it was a joint effort to not get along. I don’t think Vicki was trying to be rude, she was just being Vicki. I know Vicki better than anyone and she has the biggest heart. But as we know, Vicki has a way with her words. She honestly cracks me up because I know she means no harm.

OMG, did Shannon and Heather really get in a fight over a chair? I am so confused about this whole incident and I was there. I have never known Heather to lie about anything and when she said Shannon frightened her a little I didn’t understand where that came from? I believe she was referring to a conversation that we did not see? The bottom line is they both got over it very quickly and everyone had a chair.

Vicki clearly ordered shots for everyone and I think Lizzie was jumping to conclusions because of what happened in the limo. That Lizzie has some feistiness in her and seems to fit in very well.

I feel so bad about telling Lizzie that Brooks is not a good guy. Brooks and I are now in a different place and I wish I would have just kept my mouth shut and let her make her own decision. You will clearly see that as the season goes on that Brooks loves Vicki so much and that’s what we all want for her.”

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  1. Actually…. it was Heather who was fighting about the chair and never let up….. and then she lied about the situation….. bird brian Heather…. Tamra – yes you should not have gossiped about your friends main squeeze…. after all…. if the table was turned and it was Eddie they were ragging on…. how would you feel….. hurt.

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