Tamra Judge To Kelly Dodd: “I’ll F*cking Kill You!” Did Tamra Hit Kelly Off-Camera?


Tonight on the Real Housewives of Orange County, the ladies arrived in Ireland and the drama was fierce.

Upon arrival, Vicki checked into her hotel room, where she found flowers from her new boyfriend Steve Lodge. The women were surprised he signed the card “Love,” but Vicki wasn’t. “Why wouldn’t he love me? I’m a great catch,” she said.

Meghan Edmonds wasn’t drinking due to her pregnant, but neither was Tamra Judge, was was prepping for her fitness competition. But that didn’t stop everyone from going on a pub crawl. Meghan went to go see a genealogist, while Tamra joined the ladies to whoop it up. She eventually forgot about the fitness competition and began taking shots with the ladies.

As the alcohol continued to flow, a huge fight started because Kelly started flicking people in the nose. Vicki called it “disrespectful,” while Heather said it was “stupid.” Of course, Kelly got defensive, and the day took a turn for the worse when Dodd told Dubrow that she found it weird as a woman of Jewish descent she couldn’t take a joke.

Just as they were leaving the pub to go shopping, Heather told Kelly that she was being racist and Tamra jumped in and accused Kelly of having her real estate agent look up how much Heather had actually paid for her house’s lot. Kelly denied the story, “No wonder [Tamra’s] daughter won’t talk to her!”

Although the cameras weren’t on the women at this time, their mics were. “You talk about my f–king daughter, and I’ll f–king kill you!” Tamra screamed. Then Kelly was heard yelling to Tamra, “You hit me?!”

The women were asked to leave the department store. Tamra had a panic attack on the bus. She cried so hard she couldn’t breathe. None of the women would speak to Kelly the rest of the day and they supported Tamra.

Kelly tried to get Meghan on her side, who was not very sympathetic. So while all of the women went to dinner that night, Dodd stayed behind and called her husband. He advised her not to apologize, and she came to the conclusion that he’s the only person who supports her.

At the restaurant, Vicki and Shannon were laughing together and having fun. Meghan told the camera she thought their reconciliation was an “Irish miracle.”

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode?

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26 Replies to “Tamra Judge To Kelly Dodd: “I’ll F*cking Kill You!” Did Tamra Hit Kelly Off-Camera?”

  1. Well, considering Kelly’s drinking problems and what slides off her snake tongue , who could blame her? She’s a mean, angry, contemptible drunk. Then she blames everyone else. It’s like the 3rd time she’s gone off on them. By now they should know better. Her racist comments about people of the Jewish Descent (of which I am one) was like watching a train wreck. She is ignorant, classless, rude, vulgar and needs REHAB for a number of reasons. Get rid of this turd.

    1. I agree but how rude was it for Vicki to quickly jump ship on her new “friend” Kelly? That was wrong & Vicki even had Tamra do her dirty work after she got annoyed w/Kelly flicking Vicki’s nose! Kelly has been die hard for Vicki from the get go.

    2. Gigi, Thanks once again I don’t need to say any more! I am so so glad I gave up watching but I will never give up commenting about Kelley and Vicki, both are beneath contempt.

      1. Sometimes I don’t have a chance to watch and I find that listening to podcast interviews (from Heather Dubrow or Juicy Scoop’s Heather McDonald), or even watching the Aftershow on YT is more fun. It’s definitely a lot easier on the ear drums given how much the OC women scream, my goodness! I’m still keeping fingers crossed for you that you’ll get the Auckland franchise in your neck of the woods, soon. I watch via streaming, but the first couple of episodes I watched via youtube. The English Cat Lady on the show is a bit like the mother hen of the group & keeps me laughing non-stop- she’s reserved, but she’s in the Champagne business and never far from a kitty or a glass of bubbly!

        1. I hope we get it soon. It’s one of the few I like. We are on last seasons OC at the moment about half way through, round about where I gave up watching last season. So hopefully when that’s finished we will get it. We have had previous seasons. They are all getting on my nerves right now, I don’t like the direction the shows have gone. Like you I can’t stand the screaming and I won’t watch Vicki anyway. I am enjoying Cheshire and just about to watch last nights episode now. Hope alls well with you xoxox

    3. I think Kelly has an inferiority complex mixed with serious rage. And when she starts drinking, look out world. She needs intervention in the worse way and until she gets it she should not be on TV.

  2. ‘I’m not racist, I’m Mexican ‘!!!!! MUHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHA!! Is this woman for real??! Yes Kelly, since you’re a minority that gives you a free pass to insult everybody else!! Smh

    Why would anybody want to take Kelly drinking??? Are these women gluttons for punishment ? Then she loses her marbles and goes nuclear. Kelly looks demented when she’s drunk, her hair gets all messy and she has an ugly drunk cry! We have seen it enough for one lifetime so please remove this hot mess. Call Michael , that’s why you went back to him and that’s the definition of a dysfunctional marriage
    LIARFACE of course now throws Kelly under then sure, now that she has no use for her. Again, MUHAHAHAAHA! Vicki was EMBARRASSING with her flirting with the married bar tender and her gyration all over the place. Her BF did NOT send her those roses. That hefer sent them to herself with the ‘I love you ‘ note. What man do you know tells a woman he loves her after 7 dates??? So stop LYING Vicki

    Ireland is gorgeous and it was beautifull to see that. Meghan is really the cocos of reason this season. She sent the women drinking and she went to do her genealogy all by herself. Good for you Meghan ! Then of course ‘popeeye’ Kelly comes busting in crying and slurring ! I felt that Meghan should have hit her with the remote control lol.

    1. Good Morning Rain! Very well said re Kelly, I can only go by this blog but as far as I am concerned you are spot on! It didn’t take Vicki as long as. Thought, as far as I was concerned another week or two but here she goes again! Maybe Kelly has some dirt on her now! I agree about the flowers, a repeat of the mink coat she said Brooks brought her! Hahahahahaha!

      1. Suze❤️❤️❤️❤️ How are you?? Hope you’re well and ready for your next wave of company 🙂 xoxo

  3. What a group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they thrive on bad behavior & accusations. Couldn’t they enjoy not even one day without conflict & confusion? Not to mention slutty behavior. They make Americans look cheap by their actions & language. Honestly, I feel sorry for Kelly. Yes, it was silly flicking noses, but they did not have to be calamity Janes & make such a big to do about it. Vicki is Vicki’s friend only, it was no surprise that she did not stand by Kelly. But then, it doesent take much for each to turn & stab each other for the littlest thing. They all need lifetime therapy, stupid little children.

  4. Hahaha omg, Rain, your last sentence….Meghan should’ve hit her with the remote control! Too funny! Every comment is dead on here what a bunch of insightful women on this blog. I haven’t much to add except I see how things escalated in my mind and the reason was Tamra this time imho. It could be been ok up until T turned to Shannon and screeched about Kelly looking into her house business. Oh that Tamra, one minute walking the righteous path the next 40 miles of bad road. When will she learn ever learn to let it be. And um her ‘fit’ on the bus….uh well I’m sure she was very upset but hyperventilating ? A little drama is never far with T. Do these 40 & 50 yr olds really think it’s smart to be doing drinking games? Am I a fart because I think they’re just ridiculous and that’s something 20 somethings do? And to mix large amts of alcohol with Krazy Kelley? That’s plain asking for trouble. Kelley hasn’t got unfortunately any social graces or skills in my mind, and I think she honestly doesn’t know where she goes wrong. She’s got the emotional intelligence of a junior high school girl, she just isn’t very evolved. And yup, that’s where she goes wrong again, running back to the guy she really wants to divorce! Talk about conflicted. She shouldn’t be on tv, she’s not stable enough in my mind.

    1. Miss M, no way are you a fart, they are immature silly little girls with bloated bodies, well in Vicki’s case. Their clothes are two sizes to small! In UK we have the worst dressed list Vicki Tamra and Kelly could top the list! Trouble is the programmes aren’t that well received over here and are classed as a bit of a joke. My friend who flew up to see me on Monday watched them all at one time but has given up all except BH. That seems to be very common now, lots of people are deserting the RH because they are so awful now. Kenya screams and twirls in ATL, Jac in NJ, Vicki, Kelly and Tamra in OC. Let’s hope Rinna has calmed down a bit this year in BH!

  5. It appears this season’s filming is the first time Kelly has EVER spent time around women that won’t put up with her crap. She has no idea how to handle anyone that doesn’t think she is wonderful and hilarious.

  6. Tamra and Kelly are two peas in a pod. Tamra’s past behavior has been far worse – although I think Kelly is catching up. … Why does Tamra feel the need to freeze her face – it’s awful – a pretty lady does not need to go this route – now she’s ruining her face!! It looked like it was halloween last night with all the expressionless faces….!!! Bring in the clowns!!!

  7. Kelly, along with her entire fugly family, need to be fired from this show. Michael her husband is so obviously gay & Kelly is so obviously with him for money…after all, what can she do besides drink, pop Xanax, & yell at people?? How she is friends with Megan I will never figure out unless Megan’s beginnings are a tad less than admirable also. But at least Megan isn’t crude & rude. (anymore..thanks Jimmy)…Bye Kelly, time to find another gig…maybe pole dancing? Nope…too old! Maybe as a babysitter for old folks & fugly kids??

  8. It is not my style to comment on the show; it’s been a guilty pleasure to watch this show, not so much now. It was quintessential cringe worthy scene after scene.. I should have just turned it off, but I could not believe what I was seeing. I never write on these blogs but I feel compelled to say that I am incredibly ashamed of the ladies behavior in Ireland. I have visited Ireland and am 2nd generation Irish/American. This behavior was disgraceful and really gives ammunition to the term: “Ugly Americans.” The Irish people and country are some of the most beautiful in the world. Too bad that these dumb, vacuous idiots could not take a step back and recognize that they were ‘guests’ in Erin.
    Shame on Kelly and Shame on Vicki and Tamara. I was embarrassed by Vicki’s hanging all over an obviously married man. Newsflash, since no one else will tell you: You look desperate.
    Shannon, could barely contain glee before, during and after starting this war. Dolt; you might have heard it, but you should have waited for another time, (if at all) to tell Tamra. Really great judgement to start it in a beautiful store. Well done.
    It’s doubtful that they’ll be welcomed back with the words ‘Caed Mile Failte’.
    Slainte, bitches!

  9. Tamra started the whole thing, big deal Kelly flicked noses! Don’t burn and burn her to the stake….big deal! Tamra needs a good hard look at herself, aggressive! She should be fired! Shannon can barely contain herself, smiling because Kelly was getting bombarded by hate! These ladies need to take a hard look at themselves then their children! Get rid of Tamra, Shannon, and High horse Heather!

  10. I just realized she. I saw that little story “Tamra apologizes for giving out Lizzie R. phone number. I forgot how utterly mean & cruel Old Tam’s was to her! Gretchen, Jeannie, Alexis, Vicki, Lizzie all her victims. I am sure there are others I’m forgetting.

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