Tamra Judge To Kelly Dodd: “I’ll F*cking Kill You!” Did Tamra Hit Kelly Off-Camera?


Tonight on the Real Housewives of Orange County, the ladies arrived in Ireland and the drama was fierce.

Upon arrival, Vicki checked into her hotel room, where she found flowers from her new boyfriend Steve Lodge. The women were surprised he signed the card “Love,” but Vicki wasn’t. “Why wouldn’t he love me? I’m a great catch,” she said.

Meghan Edmonds wasn’t drinking due to her pregnant, but neither was Tamra Judge, was was prepping for her fitness competition. But that didn’t stop everyone from going on a pub crawl. Meghan went to go see a genealogist, while Tamra joined the ladies to whoop it up. She eventually forgot about the fitness competition and began taking shots with the ladies.

As the alcohol continued to flow, a huge fight started because Kelly started flicking people in the nose. Vicki called it “disrespectful,” while Heather said it was “stupid.” Of course, Kelly got defensive, and the day took a turn for the worse when Dodd told Dubrow that she found it weird as a woman of Jewish descent she couldn’t take a joke.

Just as they were leaving the pub to go shopping, Heather told Kelly that she was being racist and Tamra jumped in and accused Kelly of having her real estate agent look up how much Heather had actually paid for her house’s lot. Kelly denied the story, “No wonder [Tamra’s] daughter won’t talk to her!”

Although the cameras weren’t on the women at this time, their mics were. “You talk about my f–king daughter, and I’ll f–king kill you!” Tamra screamed. Then Kelly was heard yelling to Tamra, “You hit me?!”

The women were asked to leave the department store. Tamra had a panic attack on the bus. She cried so hard she couldn’t breathe. None of the women would speak to Kelly the rest of the day and they supported Tamra.

Kelly tried to get Meghan on her side, who was not very sympathetic. So while all of the women went to dinner that night, Dodd stayed behind and called her husband. He advised her not to apologize, and she came to the conclusion that he’s the only person who supports her.

At the restaurant, Vicki and Shannon were laughing together and having fun. Meghan told the camera she thought their reconciliation was an “Irish miracle.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo