Tamra Judge Insists She Did Not Hit Kelly Dodd In Ireland


After the explosive episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County this week, Tamra Judge took to Twitter to defend herself of the allegations that she hit Kelly Dodd. She also revealed to viewers that there’s a scene that they didn’t see.

After Kelly made a joke about Heather being Jewish, and Tamra revealing that Kelly knew details about the loan for Heather’s new house, Kelly made a comment about Judge’s estranged daughter. This led to a massive blowout between the ladies. Tamra lost it, threatening to “kill” Kelly.

According to Tamra, Kelly attacked her more on the bus and screamed that she was a bad mom. Judge confirmed that the scene will be played on the RHOC reunion after season 11 wraps.

Tamra also insists she did not hit Kelly Dodd, as Kelly accused her of doing off-camera.

Whose side are you on?

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37 Replies to “Tamra Judge Insists She Did Not Hit Kelly Dodd In Ireland”

  1. Oh please!! Kelly is a walking exuse to be hit lol. As often as she is drunk, I can’t imagine how many times she attacked or was attacked by someone

    1. Bravo has hit an all time low with Kelly! How can they possibly think this is what the viewers want to see? Smh!!

    2. Rain, I agree. I never condone violence and no one has the right to lay hands on anyone, but if it had to happen, I wish they’d do it to each other 😀 I think they both deserve it…To quote Chris Rock on one of his best stand ups….”I don’t condone it…but I understand”.lol

      1. Absolutely freedomgirl , I don’t condone violence but how can this woman expect to keep spewing this hurtful garbage out of her mouth without someone eventually punching her? I actually think she and Michael get physical because I totally see her throwing a beer bottle at him

        1. I can’t even watch this show anymore with all of them screeching and yelling. Tamera and Vicki were the worst and now this one has joined the ranks of the squealers!!! ughh.

  2. Kelly started the whole thing with the nose flipping joke. But my favorite, Shannon, should have kept her mouth shut about what Kelly said.. I was upset by that but Kelly is pure trash and brings all this discord on herself with that horrible temper.

    1. Yes that was some major shit stirring by Shannon lol , but after what Kelly said and did to she, I’d want to throw her under the bus too lol, ESPECIALLY when gossiping about someone’s kids. Kelly keeps yapping her trap about want a good mother she is and going on and on about her daughter , well how about you care about OTHER peopels daughters!!’ Love you Aunt Bee ❤️❤️

    2. Which is worse? Not telling Tamra and then Tamra is going to see this on the show…I don’t know..she did ask Shannon what Kelly said…I agree with Shannon that I would want to know too..Tamra has got to control herself…I really thought she was better but whoa..!

      1. I agree Jacks. There seems to be an expectation among all of the HW’s, “tell me now what someone said about me, don’t make me see it later on camera”. Not sure if this is production prompted or unspoken rule among the HW’s. Maybe both.

          1. Hi Rain!
            Yes, as long as we keep watching, they will keep doing the same stuff. Conflict, cat fights…etc. I think Kelly is nuts when she drinks. She flies off the handle every time. Who in their right mind would have them go on a pub crawl in Ireland, knowing what they act like when inebriated…Oh, that would be Meghan. Then she seems surprised that her friend, Kelly, said what she said about Tamra and her daughter.
            Kelly likes to say, It is no wonder: .David cheated on you, Shannon, Your daughter does not want to be around you (don’t quote me) Tamra. Every time she gets ticked off at someone (while drunk), she says something low and hurtful to someone…and she gets loud…very. Vicki gets loud and acts immature as well…when drunk.
            So, Meghan gets to act like…I had no idea…Oh my…right, but she planned this..supposedly. Why not sightsee while in another country? There are old structures and beautiful scenery, culture and things unlike here…even in the rain! Sad, since it puts us “Americans” in a bad light yet again in a foreign country.
            How are you, Rain? I hope all is well with you and yours. XOXO

            1. Sandy , so nice to see you ❤️❤️❤️ I hope all is well with you and your hubs xoxo

              I don’t actually believe Meghan and Kelly are friends, or that Meghan planned this trip LOL. In reality , Meghan wouldn’t want to travel anywhere being as pregnant and cautious as she is . It’s a Bravo stunt, where any new HW is somehow friends with whoever brought her in !!! She sometimes comes off as Kelly’s mother because Kelly is so profoundly stupid . I hated Meghan last year but compared to Kelly, she’s a peach 🙂

              Yes , great point about the loud Americans abroad lol. And boy did these women deliver. Between Kelly being drinks and Vicki flirting and gyrating , it was embarrassing

              I hate to get political but Kelly and Vicki ARE deplorable and irredeemable LOL

              1. Hi Rain. Yes, we are doing just fine. Thank you.
                I know I thought it was not wise for Meghan to fly when 8 months pregnant and it was probably the show that encouraged them to go. Maybe they asked the ladies where they would like to go and Meghan maybe said she wanted to explore her geneaology in Ireland, so they made it look like she planned it?

                I agree about Kelly and crazy Vicki too…deplorable.

                1. This is an atrocious season and definitely my last, Shannon or not. I think my new rule is that I have to at least really like 2 HWs to watch a show lol

                  But hey , RHOBH and VP Rules are coming back! Yay

                  1. It is my last season too. I am down to BH and NY…and we shall see how that goes. I want more other shows that are not housewives.

            2. I didn’t even see it, and haven’t seen more than a trailer of Kelly, but anyone who says things like that should be banished. There is no apology good enough for saying disgusting, hurtful things like it sounds as if she did. Nana, my Maternal Grandmother used to say “Drunk [men] speak sober thoughts.”

  3. I also have to wonder WHY any of these ladies want to be friends with Two-faced Tamra…she tells EVERYONE’S secrets. She is a loose cannon, she is violent and a hypocrite! She has spread lies on Vicki, Heather, Shannon, Alexis, Gretchen, and now Kelly..the woman needs serious help. She also needs to clean up her own act before criticizing others..

    1. So agree! I can’t stand Tamra (the original/Queen Crazytown).. She has not changed one bit.. she is still so full of anger and can jump from 0-100 in no time flat (as she did even before her daughter was brought up). Stop blaming your angry issue on your ex Tamra.. own it and go get some serious therapy, combined with meds. I think Kelly needs help too, by I agree with her when she said NO WONDER THAT HER DAUGHTER DOESNT TALK TO HER.. Big mouth Shannon shouldn’t have mentioned it then after everyone had been drinking.. And I do believe that Tamra either pushed her or did something physical..

  4. Tamra/Kelly… again I say – two peas in a pod. Tamra’s actions thru the years has been ugly – really nasty stuff. Last night the old Tamra was back. She’s looking for a fight… and then Bravo brings in Kelly…. they knew….

  5. I don’t condone violence either HOWEVER with this piece of trash, is it considered violence if you pick her up and stuff her into a dumpster on garbage day five seconds before the truck arrives? I’m not big on Tamra either but Kelly LOVES hitting below the belt and then wondering why nobody likes her. She’s passive aggressive and a garbage can is the ONLY place for her to go. If that’s violence, then oh well…. shame on me!

  6. I’d slap Kelly upside the head if I could! Let me at her LOL..can’t help myself can’t stand that BirdBrained NitWit

  7. Tamra is a price of trash and always has been. Her daughter chose to leave her mothers home for a reason ands some of it we have been witness to. This is the second time Tanra had accounted someone, first throwing the wine and now hitting kelly which I do believe she did. Karma is coming for Tamra , Kelly we don’t know enough about yet but IMO Tamra started this fight on purpose she had no reason to come so hard at Kelly for something she wasn’t even involved in

    1. Just saying…that I agree with you. Shannon & Tamra are both shit stirrers and when it was time for Tamra to lick the spoon she went into fake breakdown mode with her frozen face struggling to manufacture tears after SHE started the whole thing. This of course does not excuse the ridiculousness of Kelly & Shannon.

      In another piece of ridiculousness, Heather declares that saying “Jews usually have a sense of humor” is racist when in fact Heather it was a passive aggressive putdown of you. Not tasteful but not racist either. This is where Heather became the drama queen, not when Meghan accused her of that during “The Phone Call” that Heather made about the accident. Heather was handling herself well then, not like a drama queen. But then Meghan did need to cover her bony ass by blaming any miscommunications on Heather’s histrionics. As if we couldn’t see through that. Don’t test us Meggie, we are smarter than you even if you can replicate Anthropologie’s style in Jimmie’s candle shop. Lol

    2. Totally agree.. Tamra is trash.. she started it over stupid bullsh^t.. she was looking for a fight.. Tamra recklessly caused the accident and the girls forgave her.. She shouldn’t be starting anything with any of them.. She is an obnoxious mess.. if I were Kelly, I would sue her ass for assaulting her.. Tamra, you are trash.. you are the reason that your family is a mess!!

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