Tamra Judge: I’m Not Buying Brooks’ Cancer Diagnosis


Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge is finally sharing her opinion about Brooks Ayers’ cancer in a brand new interview, and Judge says she isn’t buying his story.

“I’m not buying it,” Judge tells PEOPLE. “I’m not a doctor, but I feel like it’s fishy.”

Brooks claims he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but after an “odd treatment plan” which Tamra says included three rounds of chemotherapy and resveratrol, a substance found in red wine, others started questioning his illness too.

“I don’t know a lot about cancer but you don’t do three rounds of chemo and go, ‘ehh I don’t want to do it anymore,'” she adds. “I can understand if you were deathly ill and chemo was giving you secondary infections and you couldn’t leave your bed and you were so sick that you go, ‘I don’t want this,’ but when you are going to Mexico and having drinks at parties and you’re like ‘ehh…’. It’s just weird.”

“The whole cast is like, ‘this does not sound right,'” Tamra adds.

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    1. I can’t rule out Vicki being somewhat of an enabler if not a co-conspirator, assuming a Brooks-cancer storyline would soften Briana. She is that manipulative.

      1. Lol…Tamara says she’s not buying it but she had no trouble trying to convince us she wanted another baby with Eddie (yeah, sure.) Prior to that she got our hopes up when she ran out of some get-together claiming “you’ll never see me again” but alas, we did. She also acted all innocent with the psychic thing when she clearly wasn’t. And now she claims to be serious about Christianity. We’ll see. Awful to fake that though.

  1. Look, it’s Brooks body and he can decide to treat and/or not treat however he wants for as long or little as he wants. That being said he has a history of lying and using women so in his twisted mind, he most likely exaggerated and gave his version of the truth, which is sketchy at best. This whole cancer thing has dominated the season and I’m over it. He’s like a child. If everyone ignores him, he’ll go away. Or scream louder. Either way, he is not a “man” as Vicki keeps saying. He’s creepy and emotionally undeveloped. Good riddance.

    1. I agree with you Sally. Tamara is such a mean girl with storylines that don’t ring true. She would pretend to really, really love a housewife, exchange friendship bracelets with them and then stab them in the back and tear them apart. She is all about herself with no humanity whatsoever. No one should trust her.

      1. Well, I’ll walk back the “no humanity” part of my comment. I do remember on WWHL she stated she gets paid to be a bitch to suggest she really isn’t and Andy got very annoyed with her for trying to pin her behavior on Bravo and corrected her rather curtly with “no, you get paid to be yourself.” I guess he feels see really is one. He was not pleased in that Special Andy Way he has.

  2. Okay, so no one believes Brooks has cancer. Everyone knows Brooks is a conman so why would this be big news. It’s getting old to keep hearing about it.

    1. I’m with you. I think after Josh Hamilton’s wife quit, they probably didn’t have much excitement or drama and needed to come up with something. Quite frankly, if they didn’t have this storyline, what else would there be to talk about? It’s pretty sad that this is all the “good tv” they have for RHOC this year, that and Shannon’s marriage. Both are boring me to no end!

  3. Tamra….. time to go…. ladies don’t behave like you and most viewers are sick of the ugly act. Tamra’s behavior last night was ugly… beyond ugly…. no wonder her daughter is staying clear of her. If you can behave like this in public… just imagine what she is capable of doing behind closed doors.

  4. If I were Brooks and someone or everyone was questioning my diagnosis, I would just give my Doctor permission to issue a simple statement verifying the diagnosis.

    1. Show a medical bill, a prescription bottle, have someone, just one person see it. I isnt a National secret. What is the big deal? He already gave his personal info via the diagnosis??? Its a lie thats why its a secret.

    2. I know. Doctors go on camera all of the time to give a press conference about their patients. If he really wanted the rumors to stop, he would do that. What Rain said was probably the truth and it is all because the show was getting boring. But Cancer? He already spoke of his diagnosis, so going one step further wouldn’t be an intrusion into his medical history.

  5. Case closed. The story about Brooks getting TWO FLAT TIRES on the way to see a world acclaimed Oncologist whose specialty is his alleged form of cancer???
    By the way, Brooks broke up with Vicky!!! I think he saw his plan of redemption failed and got out of Dodge!

    1. BINGO. Before i read your comment I wrote as much elsewhere. That extremely transparent excuse can’t be ignored. “Two flat tires” would not deter me from keeping the appointment.

      1. True. Since there are affordable, alternate ride services like UBER. Which I even had to use a couple of times myself, for a few dr. appts. when my car was in the shop a couple of months ago. He does seem evasive. But, I also think it’s his own personal business.

        1. I agree and disagree. Let’s go on the assumption that Brooks is telling the truth and he got 2 flat tires. I agree that Brooks should have rescheduled. But we call him Brokes because indeed he is. Coto de Caza to City of Hope in Duarte CA is an hour away without traffic. I myself could not afford an UBER trip (and return) like that.

    2. Brooks’ lame excuse is a HUGE insult to me! As I mentioned on another thread, my brother in law actually does have lymphoma, and he IS being treated at The City of Hope. Including chemo treatments and a stem cell transplant. Even if he had 4 flat tires he would have never blown off an appointment with an eminent doctor, at a cutting edge hospital who could potentially save his life. Who does that? By the was City of Hope is an amazing hospital with the most kind, efficient and caring staff. My husband had a brain tumor and her was treated there. Two surgeries- through the nose. It wasn’t cancerous, but it was big, and it caused some permanent damage, but for the most part, he’s doing fine.

      1. You sound like Meghan, making this story about YOU. Sorry for your BIL but that is sickening that you would personalize Brooks’ story. Where do you idiots come from?

        1. Why attack another poster! All we can do is compare to our own experiences. I hope to God you never have to go through this with your family! Get the hell of Karen’s tail!

          1. Just to add there are a lot of us talking about cancer in our families or ourselves so why not do a message to all and not just one person who s still going through this?

    1. You know, I believe her. After watching the year when she opened CUT, or when she had that party there and then gave that talk at the women’s convention, I saw her realize she was going about things wrong. Because it still took a couple years to find God is what makes me think it’s real. But, we all see what we see. This group makes me often think of the saying to take things with a grain of salt, my Grandmother used to say that.

  6. I am trying to keep an open mind – after all, pathological liars get cancer, too – but the “I had two flat tires on the way to the consult with the prominent oncologist” is a MAJOR red flag.

  7. Brooks is a lot of things but I wouldn’t consider him dumb. Dumb would be going on a TV show seen all around the world and lying about having cancer. I don’t know.. I just don’t see him doing that.

    1. Brooks is a con man and he would absolutely do something like that. It’s all a scam to profit from this so called miracle cure that Brooks is promoting all over his Twitter page. Funny thing this miracle cure has absolutely nothing to do with resveratrol! Brooks claims that juicing is curing his cancer! And the most dispicable thing is that he’s taking advantage of real cancer sufferers desperate for a cure by telling them that they too can be cured by this $199.99 miracle cure! Remember this isn’t the first time that Brooks told a girlfriend that he had cancer! He told his ex that he had nose cancer in 2011!

  8. I do know people who have decided after a few rounds of chemo, to quite. It happens daily; alternative forms of therapy are becoming more and more popular as chemo can be very damaging, and these other forms are proving more and more to be successful in some people. Suzanne Sommers, for instance, has written books about it and claims to have been cured of breast cancer (after chemo I believe) by choosing alternative methods, i.e., healthy diet etc. If people are really concerned about loved ones and interested in learning more about ways they can recover from cancer, then perhaps more attention should be paid to these things. They aren’t money makers for the Federal Government, certainly, so you won’t read about them in the mainstream media. Start paying attention.

    Tamra apparently has no experience with cancer (or we would have certainly heard about it by now). Her ignorance shows.

  9. Unlike most, I like Tamra. She came to the show ‘damaged’; Simon was no joy to live with; Eddie seems to hold her to ground or, at least, closer to it. Tamra and all the rest have agendas when they go on ‘reality’, but isn’t that why we watch them every week?

    1. I like her too, Gale. I do actually believe her journey. She has done some questionable things on the show that I really didn’t like, but I just like her anyway. I agree that Eddie’s love, the first to love her for who she really is, from what she said, has been good for her. Maybe her heart can heal and she can find peace.

  10. Can’t stand Tamara. Her behavior is disgusting and she always seems to stir the pot and backstab people. I totally can see why her daughter doesn’t want to be around her and I hope that Vicki wakes up and stops being her friend.

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