Tamra Judge Gives Update on Husband Eddie Judge’s Heart Condition

This season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, we’ve seen Tamra Judge’s husband Eddie suffer from A-fib, which is an irregular and often rapid heart rate.

Tamra is offering an update about her husband’s health.

“He goes to the doctor next week and we find out exactly what’s going on. So far, he feels so much better,” Tamra Judge told The Daily Dish this week. “He’s off his heart medication for the first time in a year. He still has to take blood thinners and he still has to be careful because with blood thinners, there’s other problems you can have. We have our fingers crossed that … he’s done with this and he can move on. He might need one more procedure to close a little area of his heart — but we’ll find out in a couple weeks.”

Eddie has definitely made it clear on Instagram that he’s itching to step up his physical activity and get back to his normal routine and Tamra is hopeful that is what’s next for her husband. “[He’s looking forward to] just getting his life back,” she said. “He’s not active right now. He’s trying, baby steps, and just wants to get healthy … he’s in the right direction right now.”


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