Tamra Judge On Gay Rumors About Husband Eddie: It Was Sickening

Tamra Judge appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Monday night after her explosive argument with Vicki Gunvalson on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Judge addressed the rumors about her husband Eddie being gay.

Andy played the clip of Tamra’s former friend Ricky Santana saying he caught Eddie making out with a man.

Eddie was also in the WWHL audience to address the rumors and Andy gave Tamra the floor to react to what happened. “First of all, it was totally staged,” she said. “Vicki set up the entire scene. It was quite evident by the bad acting.”

Tamra continued, “I think that in today’s day and age that we’re still trying to humiliate or bring someone down because they’re gay is disgusting. You know what? Who are they to say that? Let’s say he was [gay], who are they to throw him out of the closet like that? I think it’s absolutely sickening.”

Judge revealed that her hairstylist Julius Michael was attacked for being gay and the police were involved. “We put this on TV and we are feeding into people that want to bash people. It was kind of sick.”

Check out the clip of Tamra below:

Do you agree with Tamra?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Cin

    some things are private … anyway we can figure things out

  • Rain

    That was an EXCELLENT response !! The covenant of the witches should rot in hell

  • timdun

    Tamra never did come out and say he wasn’t and double-talked around it. That said, I don’t care one way or the other. Eddie seems like a great guy and if him and Tamra are happy then it’s no one’s business.

  • Liz

    Tamra acted so bizarre on WWHL last night!

    • Sadie

      She was right???? And all she kept doing was looking in the camera to see how she looked. She really is quite full of herself since she got this facelift.

    • Debbie Reed

      How about she’s unhappy having Kelly in her life again.

  • timdun

    I really like Tamra’s hair but the dark makeup is a little too harsh. Makes her look really hard.

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    A few decades ago Tamra would have been called a “beard”….but times are changing

  • Daisy

    Tamra looked gorgeous . The other stuff is just a disgusting invasion of privacy

  • Debbie Reed

    I totally agree that this whole thing at Vickis’ party was a set-up. She had invited Gretchen and Slade, Lizzie and others that haven’t been around for awhile and got them to say what she needed them to say. I no longer like Lydia- a major personality make over so she can be on the show. Either the last time she was a cast member or this time, Lydia drank the koolaid so she could be on the show. So glad Meghan is back. She’s cute, quick and smart. The other new woman on the show (can’t think of her name-drives sports cars) is rude, boring, adds nothing–bye bye please Bravo. Finally, Kelly. I have been a huge anti Kelly person, but had almost thought i needed to give her another chance until she and her husband went out the patio to lubricade her breasts, strictly a Kelly thing. So i’ve seen enough of this seasons series and don’t want or need to see more.

    • cat62

      The whole show is a set up and staged if you ask me.