Tamra Judge Explains How Vicki Gunvalson Made the Rumor About Eddie Go Viral

RHOC star Tamra Judge is taking to her blog to react to her confrontation with Vicki Gunvalson in this week’s episode. In her blog, Tamra explains why she can’t listen to Vicki’s lies anymore. She also talks about what it’s like being in the middle of Lydia McLaughlin and Shannon Beador.

First, Tamra talks about the ramifications from last week’s episode.

“I’m still pretty shook by last week’s set up. I try not to let it bother me, but it does. So upsetting that in this day and age this kind of stuff is still going on. Disappointing, especially coming from grown adults.

Let’s get one thing clear: I’m not mad about the actual rumor. I’m secure in my marriage and I know the truth. I’m mad that someone I thought was my friend is spreading rumors behind my back and has now taken it this far. If she was a friend, Vicki would have come directly to me. This was not coming from a place of concern; her only concern was to try and hurt me and humiliate Eddie. Briana knows her mom best, and yes, Vicki fights dirty as we all witnessed. Her own words: she wanted to “punish” me for not being her friend.”

Next, she explains what it is like for her being in the middle of Shannon Beador and Lydia McLaughlin’s problems.

“It’s hard for me to be in the middle of Shannon and Lydia because I love them both. Yes, I do talk to Shannon several times a day. It’s a running joke with us when we hang up, “talk to you in an hour”. We have a really good friendship, and I’m lucky to have her in my life.”

And of course, Tamra talks about her confrontation with Vicki Gunvalson and how the rumor about Eddie was leaked.

“As Vicki does the walk of shame to the the volleyball party, she complains she has anxiety about seeing me. Here’s a crazy concept: DON’T DO SHADY S—, and you won’t have anxiety about seeing me.

In one breath, Vicki says she didn’t invite Ricky, and he’s not HER friend. Then she tells Kelly, “I didn’t BRING Ricky there to hurt Tamra.” Always a contradiction with Vicki.

While talking to Peggy, I thought maybe I should talk it out with Vicki. It couldn’t get any worse…right? Vicki and I have a past of fighting and making up. But after spreading rumors about my husband and Shannon’s husband, I told Eddie and Shannon that I was 100% done with this cycle, and if I got weak to remind me of what Vicki has done. I’m a girl that gets over things in five minutes and gives many chances, but it’s time for me to move on. That being said, Shannon is NOT obsessed with me or jealous that Vicki doesn’t want to make up with her. She is being the friend that I asked her to be.

I thought it was very interesting that Kelly tells Vicki, “if you don’t talk with her you’re going to look guilty.” BUSTED! The way Vicki aggressively tells Kelly “I don’t set people up and you know that” was kinda like she was telling Kelly to shut her mouth.

Why am I crying, Vicki? Let me spell it out for you: you had a party and brought people there to create more rumors about my husband.

The next morning it was all over social media that my husband was caught with another man. So not only did you invite trolls to do your dirty work “someone” leaked it out to the public to make sure that the rumor went viral. I had to sit my 11 year old daughter down to explain to her that “someone” is spreading lies about her stepfather and how to handle it because children can be brutal.

As Vic-tim finally walks over to talk, she’s kicking and screaming like “I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM BEING THERE, AND HE WASN’T ON MY LIST!” Vicki comes in hot and aggressive, accusing me of hurting her, conquering and dividing her friends.

Come on! These lies are getting ridiculous. Please show me the evidence. What friends have I pulled away from you? Yes, I called you a liar, because you lied and you continue to lie. You admitted to “fabricating” your constantly changing story. So why are you shocked that you’ve been called a liar?

Shannon walked down after hearing Vicki screaming at me, knowing Kelly was with her. She just wanted to make sure I wasn’t getting ganged up on. That does not make her “crazy,” Vicki. That makes her a good friend. When Vicki started screaming about David, I had to just walk away. I can’t listen to her lies anymore. She’s so toxic and delusional, I just couldn’t deal with it.

With all the talk about boobs, I turned to Lydia and asked her if she had a boob job. No one at that table heard our conversation. Shannon had NO idea that Lydia had her boobs done. I didn’t realize how big this fight was until I saw it on TV. I was eating cake and talking with everyone when Shannon was yelling for me. I went downstairs and was talking to Doug, Peggy, and Diko. Honestly , I didn’t want to get involved. I had enough drama for one party. They were fighting about boobs — how serious could it be?

Watching it now, I do side with Shannon. She had no idea Lydia had a boob job. Shannon was just trying to say that they were the only two without implants, so she was very hurt that Lydia accused her of talking badly about her when she was not.”

Re-watch the fight below:

Thoughts on what Tamra had to say? Whose side are you on; Tamra or Vicki?

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18 Replies to “Tamra Judge Explains How Vicki Gunvalson Made the Rumor About Eddie Go Viral”

    1. And in this day and age why is being gay or not even a topic for gossip. What happened to Mathew Shepherd should have ended the hate towards gay men

  1. Tamra is also fueling this due to not taking the high road and keeping her mouth shut. Who cares about Eddie and his sexuality. No brainer rumor …. (wish I could do the smiley faces)

    1. Exactly! This whole thing wouldn’t even be a thing had Tamra not brought it to light in Ireland. She announced it on television, not Vicki. Btw, why is this even being discussed this season? Didn’t they put it to bed at the reunion?

  2. All are deflecting & by all I mean Vicki, Tamara & Shannon.
    All are in error of holding on to bitterness, resentment & lies.
    For Vicki to say she wanted to ‘punish ‘ Tamara for de-friending her was just stupidly silly & got herself in a worse place.
    Tamara & Shannon was unkind beyond unkind during the cancer scam to Vicki. Instead of letting it go, Vicki did play sad sack victim as she’s a people pleaser & wanted to remain their friend, but they would not forgive nor forget & discarded her like an old rag.
    Vicki then brought up–again–old stuff to get even for the way she was treated, this time about their spouses which did not jive well with either.
    Tit for tat, wrong & strong, all are in error of holding on to rubbish, spreading rumors & being downright negative & nasty.
    These are spoilt, entitled, rotten to the core who will never, ever find inner peace & happiness.
    Good luck to that trio is all I can say. Life is too short for this nonsense.

  3. Let’s face facts: former BFF Gay dude had to sign waiver to be on TV and have a mic on. So Vicki LIARFACE KNEW he was going to be crapping all over the table. 2nd–How did someone come uninvited to her party? Hummmm…I’m SURE there was an invite from SOMEONE. Vicki is so controlling, she wouldn’t allow someone not invited to her party.

  4. As a gay man, I am telling you that Eddie is not on my team. We know these things. Also, I am so effing sick of these Housewives using gay rumors as some sort of revenge, and then pretending that they just love the gays. And Andy Cohen is a coward for not shutting that shiz down.

  5. 3 D’s, forget about the demented housewives. More importantly, how are you feeling now? So sorry to hear of what you have been enduring. Must’ve been a really bad allergy. I truly wish you better & will have you in my prayers. Good gravy you’ve been through a really difficult patch. Kind of scary too. Sending bunches of hugs & get well mind notes to you.

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