Tamra Judge: What Have I Ever Done to Vicki?

Tamra Judge is talking about the drama that happened during this week’s episode of RHOC. In her blog, Tamra wonders what she ever did to Vicki Gunvalson, even writing that all she did was warn her about her ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. Judge also doesn’t understand why Lydia McLaughlin invited Kelly Dodd to their dinner knowing that they don’t get along.

“Watching this episode is the first time ever I wish I would have opened my mouth instead of staying quiet. We didn’t want to hear Lydia talking about Vicki. Of course Shannon’s going to get upset, who wouldn’t? Let’s face it, they just met! I just wanted them to get along and was trying to remain neutral, but now I’m not sure if that was the right thing to do.

Vicki claims she’s a “bad judge of character.” She’s merging her company and needs help staffing because she so often gets taken advantage of…really? She then goes on to put me in the same category as Brooks, as people who have done her wrong. Are you kidding me? What have I ever done to Vicki? Other than call her out for her disgusting lies, I was a good friend – I warned her about Brooks and she wouldn’t listen. I tried to protect her from getting hurt. Is it too much for her to admit that I was right? I was nothing but a good friend. I’m happy to say I DON’T have a bad judge of character OR a delusional relationship with the TRUTH!

My heart breaks for Peggy hearing her talk about her mom’s passing of breast cancer. I think if I were Peggy and I found out I had cancerous cells in my breast, I would do the same thing. I can’t imagine living with the fear of “if or when” I was going to get the news “you have breast cancer.” What a wonderful husband to say the things Diko said about Peggy. Class act!

Shannon, girl, you are brave! 40% body fat is dangerous. I’ve been worried about Shannon’s weight for some time. We talk about it almost daily and I try to give her advice without being pushy. The thing about being healthy is not just looking good in a bikini. Not all workouts are created equal and there is NO one size fits all workout. You have to find your fit and be consistent. Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle not a diet, fad, or starving yourself. The one ignorant thing that people say is “just don’t eat” that is almost as bad for you as overeating. I think most people think of losing weight as a four letter word, “DIET.” But once you get educated on the right things to eat, you will never go back. My advice to people that don’t necessarily like to work out is to try different things until you find the thing that you like. Maybe its dancing, riding a bike, or hiking.

I wish Shannon lived closer to CUT Fitness so we could train her. I want to help her so badly! We talk about nutrition and I try to keep her motivated to work out. She’s not passionate about it like me, but she trying. She’s doing a great job lately and I’m so proud of her.

Am I the only one that is totally confused about Lydia inviting Kelly to dinner? Who invites someone’s enemy to sit down for dinner? No one ever! It’s not like Lydia didn’t know, she told Peggy that, “Tamra and Shannon don’t get along with Kelly.” Then, she called Kelly to see if she’s going to make it to dinner from Peggy’s car…why?

Dinner starts off nice, Shannon apologized to Lydia for getting upset at the birthday party. It looked like everyone was going to get along. My first impression of Peggy was that she seems nice, pretty, opinionated, and has an odd sense of humor.

The look on Lydia’s face when I said, “Kelly Dodd just walked in” was priceless. At the time I thought it was weird that she jumped up and ran after Kelly. Didn’t they just meet like 24 hours ago? Lydia never once told us she’s the one that invited Kelly, and then Kelly told Shannon she had NO idea we were there…seriously, what is going on? Seems like a set up to me.

I know Shannon well enough that she was nervous when Kelly walked in. She didn’t know what to say so she started talking about her weight. Ugh, I wish she wouldn’t have done that. Kelly plays dirty. She will – and did – absolutely use it against her. It was nice of Lydia to pray over Shannon.

Kelly comes and sits down next to me and started bringing up old issues. I thought it would be best to change the subject and just kill her with kindness. I had no desire to argue with Kelly or let her get under my skin, I wish Shannon felt the same way that night. What happened next was epic and embarrassing! Insults, screaming, steaks and fingers flying, and we were running for the door. Just another dinner in the OC…LOL!

Lydia talking to Peggy outside left me feeling annoyed…she’s the one that invited Kelly, who she just met one day prior and KNEW we didn’t like her. She was responsible. Lydia, Lydia, Lydia! What were you thinking?!”

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  • starr

    She said, she said, we all said or didn’t say. Ill behaved group of women that should feel ashamed. They should be banned from being out in public.

  • sassy chickah

    Tamra, remember how you told story to Lydia when asked about Vicky @ bible study? Think about the warmth & the love you received from the women in Bible Study? Vicky complains, “I just want you to have my back meanwhile she has yours…with a knife in it! Your basic approach was to not influence Lydia’s opinion but said you would ‘pray for them?’ Lydia’s lunch w/Vicky was for VIcky to attack you & Shannon- She even had bulletin points! It’s like the 1st episode w/Kelly @ Vicky’s office & stirring up stuff- thick as thieves. You thrive on Jesus, love- they’re thriving on hatred & drama, belittling people to bring themselves up. VIcky is paranoid & jealous: Hurt others before getting hurt. Vicky likes to emasculate men= attack Tamra’s happy relationship (One of the best things in your life). Tamra was coming from a good place & was RIGHT in being concerned about Brooks. In Vicky’s warped puzzle perfect picture she goes after a very quiet, kind, empathetic, gorgeous man & your marriage by calling him gay. What kind of FRIEND does that? The WORST!

    • Rain

      Preach sister !!!!! Love it

    • jay

      piggy and kelly are the mean girls of the season. they are nasty

      • Rain

        I forgot about piggy LOL

  • Just Saying

    Tamara has a short memory guess she doesn’t remember how she screamed in vickis face on the bus or calling her an old lady at the reunion. As far as running into Kelly goes, apparently it is lydias fault that Shannon has zero self control, and I don’t blame Peggy and Lydia for talking outside, Lydia said in wwhl that they were asked to leave the restaurant because of Shannons screaming and throwing so I would be embarrassed too

    • starr

      Great job. just saying.

  • Rain

    NOBODY is as bad as cancer make Vicki!! NOBODY !!!

    • Rain

      Scammer not maker

      • ASHER

        Oh Rain!’ I couldn’t agree more!!!

        • Rain

          I personally believe Tamra and her quest for spirituality and being a better woman.. but that’s just my opinion .

  • timhun

    This is just my opinion but Tamra needs to gain a few pounds. Her face looks very harsh because she doesn’t have enough body fat.

    • Rain

      I think it’s the body building

  • jay

    Tamra got upset and all mad when Miss piggy gossiped wether Tamra’s husband was gay or not… that’s what she did, she refuse to let it go. Everyone would get upset. Piggy is just dumb.

  • Glenda Glover

    I guess when Tamera gained weight back when it was because of her daughter causing her stress. O wait a min no that’s Vickie’s fault to. Tamera you did plenty to Vicki go back and watch all the episodes from the 2 season up to now. You’re the manipulating, pot stirring, backstabbing, evil bitch of a friend. You’re always a friend until they disagree with you or a prettier housewife comes on the show then you’re horns come out and your bible tossed to the side. You proved that when you were outside the restrunt talking to Shannon.

  • Cin

    omg… Tamra is top of the list for nasty housewife…. No way – she’s a mean assss girl.