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Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge appeared on WWHL with Andy Cohen last night after an all new episode. Judge dished on what’s been going on this season, her cast mates and more.

First, Andy pointed out that Tamra seems to be different this season and showed a clip where she claimed she was a former mean-girl. But Tamra always has an opinion and Andy went through some of the current situations on the show and had Tamra give her opinion.

Brooks living with Vicki: “That’s Vicki’s problem.”
David’s affair: “Not shocked, knew about it.”
Was Shannon right to forgive him? “I think they’ve been married a long time and yes she should give him another chance.”
Is Meghan a good fit as the newest Housewife? “She’s the best bitch out there.”
Is Heather less of a know it all? “She’ll always be a know it all.”
Shannon vs. Meghan: “Nobody. It hasn’t played out yet… they’re both petty.”

A viewer asked Tamra what her relationship with Jesus is like and if her OC lifestyle interferes. “I don’t know if it’s a challenge with the OC lifestyle but it’s a challenge with the OC Housewives,” she said, adding that she goes to church, “probably three times a month.” She continued, “Only because of my busy lifestyle, but when I don’t go [in person] I go online.”

Andy asked Tamra what she thought about Meghan saying that she understands her stepdaughter more than the mom. “I thought that was disrespectful,” Tamra says. “I thought that there’s a fine line when you come in as a step-parent that you don’t cross, especially given the circumstances that her mom is sick. You just don’t say that.”

Another viewer asked Judge which former OC Housewife she would like to see return to the show. “None. Move forward, I don’t live in the past,” she said, adding that she has not run into Gretchen Rossi or Alexis Bellino.

Andy pointed out that Tamra and her husband Eddie have been spending a lot of time with Jim and Meghan Edmonds and asked if Jim is being accurately portrayed on the show. “No,” Tamra insisted. “On the show it kind of looks like he’s not really into her. I think that he’s so used to being the star… I mean we film together and people are screaming at him not us. Maybe he’s not comfortable in front of the cameras.”

A caller asked Tamra if the amount of boob jobs she’s had is sending the wrong message to her daughters or granddaughter. “Um, no,” she said. “My daughters don’t know that I’ve had my boobs done. I mean one day they will. I mean are they that wild? It’s a personal choice and my girls are young and they aren’t really talking about boob jobs.”

The next caller asked Tamra why Vicki didn’t stand up to her family and bring Brooks to her mother’s funeral. “I don’t think standing up to your family at a funeral is a good idea,” she said. “I don’t know, that’s Vicki’s battle. You don’t bring someone to a funeral that’s not wanted so why would she do that?”

Andy backed up and asked Tamra about her comment saying she knew about David’s affair. “Okay, Andy, remember the reunion show?” Tamra said. “You kept saying, ‘Do you have something to say?'”

The last caller asked Tamra if she is going to apologize to Alexis Bellino for her Jesus Jugs comment because Tamra has found God now. “No, but I did apologize to Jesus,” she said.

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18 Replies to “Tamra Judge Dishes About RHOC On WWHL”

  1. Tamara was right when she said Meghan was disrespectful regarding her daughter’s sick mother. She was wrong not to apologize to Alexis B about the Jesus jugs comment and showed no remorse. She still managed to take a jab at Brooks, and I’m no fan of Brooks.

  2. Oh my god. Tammy Sue, can you PLEASE attempt to wear or at least say something age appropriate?! Really?!? A granny in a cutaway jumpsuit and purple extensions? You look like a sad clown.

  3. This is to Shannon, You keep bringing up the affair and you are going to lose your husband for sure! It’s over move on Shannon. A man needs to come home to a woman who can’t wait to see him and is excited to see him. You keep on talking about the past like all the restaurant they went to. Who cares, you have him! Hold your head high and be in love with your Husband and be happy instead of negative Nancy all the time! Make him want you! Quit thinking about the affair and reliving it! If you are working on it and say you forgive him then actions speak louder than words Do it!!!!!!

    1. Anon I have never been married and come from a family that does not believe in divorce but I must say your advice sounds so right and logical to me I wish Shannon could see and read it. Maybe God willing she will.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed her last night. I was absolutely no fan of the old Tamra so I am hoping this new Tamra sticks around for a while.

  5. First of all, yes, Tamara was correct in expressing how disrespectful Meghan’s comment was. But, totally incorrect not to apologise to Alexis for the “Jesus Jugs” comments especially as she now professes to be a follower of Jesus. Very clear that she hasn’t opened a bible & is following the beat of her own drum. She is a grandma now & her dress code is that of a teenager still. Guess at almost 51, she is trying extra hard to look young. Face it Tamara, age happens.

    1. She is very new in her walk, I’m sure if you were a child when you came to know Christ those are things you were taught your whole life. I’m also sure He is convicting her heart of what He finds important for her where she is. I would hate for my EVERY word and action to be condemned. I would also venture to guess if we give her time she will repent for past actions. However I will say just because we want her to apologize when she became a believer she was forgiven. The day Jesus was on the cross she was forgiven. So no maybe she doesn’t get it all right now but the fact she stood up and said “don’t make fun of God” on international TV to her boss on WWHL last night was awesome.

  6. She seems to controlling her mouth but what is with that outfit and circus hair? She needs to stop buying clothes from Cache or Forever 21. Just because you have to body to wear it, doesn’t mean you should. She always takes things too far. The same jumpsuit with flat sandals, a nice jacket and her real hair would be okay, but all together? Trailer Trash.

  7. I thought her outfit was super cute. If I could rock that I would. My new life goal is to be able to dress like that in 20 years. I’m not sure how it was inappropriate? Her boobs were covered it showed a bit of her side and back. Oh and the ever so controversial shoulders. I am also liking her new attitude.

  8. Just can’t take the trash out of Tammy Sue. She will always be inappropriate. She can have all the surgery and injections to try to look youthful, but her hands will always look old no matter how many new diamond rings she wears.

  9. I have never been a big fan of the OC. Tamar is not a favorite I see. She has said some questionable stuff, but who hasn’t? I thought this show was boring and like a therapy Dr. Phil. I am really trying to like Shannon and failing. I am happy for Tamra being a Grandmother. what I really want is for Ryan to shave that disgusting beard. He looks like a freak. If I say what I really think, well, that would show I haven’t learned and grown.

  10. I agree with you Giovanna.. Tamra, you get what you give.. you have been, and continue to be a miserable human being.. What the hell is her problem with Brooks.. mind your own business Tamra!

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