Tamra Judge Denies Setting Up Kelly Dodd


The feud between RHOC stars Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd was at an all time high Monday night. Now, Kelly Dodd tweeted that she is pressing charges for the group of people that took over Watch What Happens Live and accused her of having an affair with a man named Frank.

So here is what we know.

Following the episode, Kelly posted a screenshot and accused Tamra Judge of communicating with a group of people and encouraging them to call in.

What started this? A Facebook group started harassing Kelly and somehow received screenshots with Kelly’s phone number that allegedly show Dodd admitting to her husband Michael that she had an affair with this Frank, according to RealityTea. But Kelly maintains that this was two years ago when she was separated from Michael.

“Got my phone hacked with the fraud Dept. Going to get a private investigator and I’m going to sue & press charges!! Good luck Thunderdome,” Kelly tweeted.

Tamra shared that her involvement started when the messages appeared in her direct message inbox and they came from some “private Housewives underground page” when she appeared on Heather McDonald’s live Facebook page.

“Shannon got hers first,” Tamra said. “They were private messages between Kelly, her husband, and another girl named Katie.”

“Kelly’s phone number was on the text messages,” Tamra continues. “It’s not cool that she’s trying to blame me and Shannon. What I’m guilty of is that I responded back to one of them.”

Watch the full interview below.

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32 Replies to “Tamra Judge Denies Setting Up Kelly Dodd”

  1. When everyone looks behind the drama what’ll you find? Trashy Tamra! All rumors, nasty, vindictive lies start with Trashy Tamra. She LIED to Vicki on Mondays episode, stated she had problems with her phone then ran back to her mean girl partners and told them that she lied. Why anyone wants to be friends with her is CRAZY!!!

  2. This is so wrong on so many levels. I’m not a fan of anyone really on OC, but Tamara goes too far. Why try to even assist these people? Why get in cahoots with a group who does this? The season is over, the reunion is over, the mean girl behavior is no longer necessary. Trying to assist them in getting their call in while knowing they illegally hacked her phone. Tamara is still up to her same old tricks. Nothing has changed except her constant need to remind everyone she’s a Christian. As a fellow Christian, I understand that we are not perfect and do not always walk with Christmas, but there needs to be a line you have to draw somewhere. Shouldn’t there be? This was just so petty and ugly. Be over oc. I’ve had enough of all of them.

    1. It truly boggles the mind. When people reach out to you with this level of confidential information, information that they have LITERALLY STOLEN, YOU DON’T GET INVOLVED, and you certainly don’t share it with others. If you do you’re making yourself an accessory to any and all crimes being committed, and depending on what you’ve done, it can carry punishment ranging from six months to TWENTY YEARS IN PRISON.

      This kind of behavior is not funny, is not cute, warranted or justified. I don’t care how distasteful or uncouth you find someone, you do NOT hack their phones – or even deal with hackers – and all this to to publicly disparage them so that YOU can come out looking good on the side of public opinion for a stupid television show?

      What the hell is wrong with society where we would ever condone, encourage, or justify such actions? ILLEGAL actions?

      I won’t even touch the spiritual aspects of this entire brouhaha, as a fellow Christian I’m just floored at the “ends justify the means” attitude of it all. While we are called not to judge, the Word is VERY clear about accountability for actions that do not honor the Lord. I don’t ever want to hear any of these women speak publicly about being Christian again: I’ve seen their works, and they are not salt and light.

      1. Once again I agree 100%. Tamera did the same kind of witch hunt going after Gretchen on Gretchen’s first season and it’s disgusting. As you all mentioned, the season is over, the reunion is over..WHY are you still encouraging this behavior? This is no longer “for the show”, so true colors are truly exposed her. If Kelly did have this affair, and she shared it with her husband..why the heck was the point in exposing it. She has shared most of her dirty laundry on the show. I also agree that it was a criminal act of hacking and Tamera is so vindictive that she didn’t care and got involved anyway.

    2. ITA! Remember Tamra also called people about Gretchen, Slade & others. She makes a point of getting involved, talking about others & their kids. Tamra can blame others but she is a dirty/evil person. No Wonder her daughter doesn’t want to be around her.

    1. I SO agree with you Rain! Even if it was true, it’s Kelly’s way of handling everything is seriously Cray Cray on a whole other level. Quite honestly, she scared the crap out of me and I don’t scare easy! Something is seriously wrong with that woman.

      1. ..even if it was true?

        Tamara Judge and Shannon Beador are accessories to a phone hacking scandal that resulted in slander on national television. This is WRONG. I hoped ALL involved are pursued to the fullest extent the law allows.

      2. You know I’m team Shannon through and through ❤️❤️❤️Is she perfect? Of course not ! But this Kelly is just repulsive and disgusting

    2. If Bravo continue with all of these ladies they have hit another level of low! I’m done done done and next season if it’s the same I shan’t even bother commenting on OC as it’s a waste of my time! For me to watch they need to get rid of at least half of the cast, Vicki leading the way off ‘her show’!

      1. It’s all just too much. That’s why I’ve been watching the Auckland girls on youtube. I’ve finally gotten to my 3rd or 4th episode, and the worst that’s happened there yet is feeding stray kitties around town with the olive oil & champagne lady (Anne)…I think her actual Instagram page is annechampagnelady – she adds a light touch to her franchise. All this darkness and trying to destroy people for sport on the other Bravo franchises is sickening.

    3. I have finally been able to watch the clip, for some reason my husband complains if he is still in bed. I could use the head phones but I hate them!
      I don’t believe anything that comes out of Kelly’s mouth either same with Vicki both are liars.
      I just don’t know what the real story is with this info and I’m not sure we will ever know. It will always be one side or the other. But I have my thoughts! Xoxoxo

    4. I know part of their job is responding to texts or tweets from fans. We see them with their phones all the time doing that. There must be 1000’s of them, so responding to one saying I hope you get through is what? In order to actually get any kind of legal action on this kind of thing, you must prove MALICE or prior knowledge of a crime. I honestly don’t see why everyone dislikes Tamra so much, but she has fans who are normal, moral people, because I am a fan. I don’t like everything she says or does, as I have mentioned before, I don’t like everything I say or do, I look at it when I take my personal inventory every night and be more cautious in the new day of these human flaws. As far a when Wretchen was on, she was the biggest liar of them all, IMO. Besides, that was so 2000who cares. ( ( Yes, I stole that from Bethenny )

  3. tamra has always stirred the pot . oops now its splashing on her and she doesnt like it . she should of been fired for hitting kelly , her shirt should say fake christian she gives us all a bad name . heather was right we do see what they are all about . sad shannon .heather and there leader tamar are bullies , hope andy fires you and shannon. and heather what you said about kellys kids was no different then what kelly said . poor taste no class.

          1. You are funny. Believe me, I earn it enough in real life, I just try to keep it light on the blogs. I don’t even think I saw the brunt of that poster (who shall not be named), but it must have been upsetting to be threatened. In my family, we’ve always just gotten through things by trying to make humor out of it. I had to laugh at what you wrote because I have had to tell my brother that “too soon”…MANY a time. lol.

      1. BTW..that person is not banned. Maybe just monitored. They responded to one of your posts (think it was yours) just today. It’s harmless though and they called you perceptive.

  4. Trash stinks, & that’s what they all are. AND, if Tamara once more says she’s a Christian, I’ll be so embarrassed for her. She is like the anti-Christ, she shows only darkness, not light They are all shameful.

  5. I will leave the decisions of who is Christ like to God. The people with the most to repent for are the ones in most need of God’s glory and mercy. Dragging oneself out of long time pain, bad decisions and a way of life where you live within the depressive walls of “hurt people hurt others” doesn’t happen overnight. One big difference I do see is that Tamra sees that she really shouldn’t drink too much. And, certainly not when in the presence of this group of women. I believe her life will be much, much less complicated, and the rumors about herself and her family will be so much fewer, when she keeps the door closed to Viki. She doesn’t blame Viki, or anyone now for her own bad behavior. She says “I behaved badly”
    It is those like Kelly that I truly get the chills from. They hit you where they know it will hurt most, then say ( over & over, as she has proven ) “It just came out of my mouth.” As if that negates the really disgusting way she acts and speaks. Gosh, she can take the smallest comment and turn it into an all out war. Just the one little thing in Ireland with the “something’s on your blouse, nose flick” should have and could have stopped right there. The words, “yes, that’s childish, I’m sorry.” Then STOP doing it. It feels disrespectful and demeaning to have anywhere on the face touched or flicked when you don’t expect it. Any adult should be aware of that. That is the tiniest example of her out of control behavior and reaction to things. Also, “Sir, ( waiter ) I would like a Club Soda with Lime instead of tequila, please.” DUH.

  6. I have been a fan of Tamra’s until this season. She enjoys creating drama and stirring the pot that creates chaos/pain for other people.
    As a Christian, she should know that God takes how we treat others VERY seriously. “Love your neighbor as yourself” Tamra. I’m really disappointed.

    Kelly isn’t exactly a great example of good behavior either but she’s not claiming to be a Christ follower.

    Every woman on the show this year (minus Meghan) should really think about their behavior and what kind of example this sets for their children.

  7. Oh, now we are judge, jury and sentencing Tamra and Shannon? Nothing of this sort has been even close to being proven. The cyber world is so full of messages, billions, why would Tamra or Shannon hack someone’s phone, if they even knew how? I mean this is too much. It isn’t easy, I have heard. No one needs to hack Kelly’s phone to make her look bad, she does that really well all by herself. Talk about starting rumors, accusing someone, when it is right there for everyone to see. “INBOX” I don’t think Tamra handled herself well at all on that bus right along with everyone minus Megan. They all went too far, and she said she shouldn’t drink too much and that she handled herself awful. She didn’t say, “well, everyone else was doing it” like Kelly never fails to do. I don’t believe I have seen one housewives trip where there wasn’t some stupid argument. Maybe I have forgotten one of them, though.

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