Tamra Judge Calls Vicki Gunvalson a Pathological Liar

Tamra Judge is taking to her blog to react to her meeting with Vicki Gunvalson in this week’s episode of RHOC. Tamra explains why she agreed to sit down with Vicki and calls her a pathological liar, who doesn’t deserve her friendship.

“Let’s be honest: it’s hard to forgive someone when they keep hurting you. It’s even harder when that person has NO remorse for what they’re doing.

I agreed to sit down with Vicki so I could let go of things. I didn’t want it to affect me anymore. If we could find a place where we could move forward, that would be great. But I knew it would take a long time before I trusted her.

They say the true signs of a pathological liar are:

– BELIEVES THEIR OWN LIES: I really do think that Vicki believes her own lies. She’s so used to lying and getting away with it that it’s become a way of life. Even when she’s caught, she calls it “fabricating.” Never truly admitting she’s wrong.

– LOOKS LIKE THE VICTIM: Immediately, Vicki accused me of things that I had done to her, none of them true. I asked her for examples of what I did, and she couldn’t give me even one. She just yelled and said I was interrupting her. The whole conversation was about how she’s the victim.

– NEVER ADMITS GUILT: Not once did she admit her guilt. She has no guilt or remorse for spreading rumors about Eddie or inviting people to her party to create bigger lies. She truly believes that everyone in this world has done her wrong, Therefore, she is justified in “punishing” me.

– SHIFTS BLAME: Instead of taking responsibility for her own actions, she tried to blame me for the things she was doing to me. All she did was insult me and make up more lies about Eddie.

– COVERS UP WITH MORE LIES: When I asked Vicki why Eddie would be with me if he was gay, she told me that maybe he wanted me to buy him a gym. WOW! She just created a new lie, one that I have actually heard that she’s been telling people around town. Eddie hasn’t needed my financial help EVER. We are partners in CUT Fitness. In fact, he worked at the law firm that he had been employed at for 13 years while we built CUT. This woman just can’t stop!

I knew I had to get up and walk away before I lost it. She’s proved to me that she’s incapable of being a good person and doing the right thing. She doesn’t deserve my friendship. I believe that the friendships you keep are a reflection of who you are. She’s not a good friend, and I’m starting to question if she ever was.

Proverbs 14:7: “Stay away from a fool, for you will not find knowledge on their lips.”

In the past few years, I have cut toxic people out of my life. I don’t want the negativity, and I don’t want to be around people that get off on bringing other people down. Enough said…I tried, and now I know where we stand, and I can move forward. Yes, I forgive her, but I don’t want to be her doormat anymore.

Peggy and Diko have been married 22 years, and that’s a great reason to celebrate. Peggy was in her element, and you could see how happy she was.

Diko pulled Shannon aside to talk to her about David. Kind of a bitch move, if you ask me. If he had a problem with David, then he should have taken it out with David. You can tell Shannon was blindsided and had no idea what happened on the boat. I thought it was a weird conversation to have at your own anniversary party. Next time, call David and talk to him. I couldn’t imagine Eddie EVER doing that.”

Whose side are you on? Tamra or Vicki?

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45 Replies to “Tamra Judge Calls Vicki Gunvalson a Pathological Liar”

  1. Ah, sweet deflection. Granny Sue’s best friend.

    I stand by my idea: All of them are the same level of repulsive, with varying undesirable features LOL.

      1. Yeah me neither. There are a few that I find maybe slightly entertaining, but only occasionally. I’m currently on my exercise bike starting with season 3 of oc. So much better back then!!

  2. I’m on neither side. Both are two of the biggest fools of all time.
    How much easier if both had just say how sorry they were for past hurts inflicted. Instead, finger pointing from the get go.
    Each wants the other to apologize first. That’s not necessary between long time friends.
    Apologies would’ve come as soon as a peaceful front was established.
    Two royal nincompoops.

  3. Good morning sissy , I just don’t know . I have a hard time believing Tamra has truly changed . I would definitely pick her over shit tank any day though

  4. Def love the definitions and explanations she posted for pathalogical liar. Spot on!!! We all know they were once friends – now they aren’t. Life happens – you dont need to make up or be friends anymore. Thats how the wolrd turns outside the gates in the real world.

  5. Here’s one for you Tamrat


    I’m a reformed Christian and keep believing but i’ve screamed at people 1cm at person in their face on a bus, pushed cast members but I still prey to god and jesus because I’m an amazing Christian NEXTTTTT!


    Crying all the time over her daughter when Sydney has made it clear she doesn’t want her to talk about her on the show yet keeps on doing it and cries to look like the victim NEXTTTTT!


    She’s never felt guilty about screaming at Vicki when if it was Porsha you would have seen a psychical fight, she’s never publicly said sorry to Lizzie about her things she’s said her children, never admits she’s the guilty again with her daughter


    Shifted the blame straight onto Shannon when the dinner was put together, shifted blame onto heather and Vicki when she was talking smack about heather during season 9 and blaming heather for gossiping about David and Shannon’s marriage


    Covers up she’s real reason her daughter won’t talk to her because she asked her not to
    so yeah Tamra all of that pretty much sums what you’ve done over the past 8 years as a housewife
    Face it you’re not much better than Vicki and I think the situation with your daughter proves that sorry tamra

      1. Needs to be a real cast shake up, I do like Shannon and I want her to stay I think she’s going through mental health issues and it’s hard for her I’d fire Tamra, Vicki and Peggy just bervuSe I feel like she’s not really got a huge personality so I’m not really feeling her bring back Jeana K because I liked Jeana, Lizzie back as full time and new housewife

    1. Bravo, beautifully worded truth. From the start, I never cared for her & her dark, sinister beady eyes. She represented evil, conniving, manipulation to me.
      Great job!!!!!!!!

  6. That is wonderful!!!!!! One proud momma, huh? I’m doing good, feel a little out of the loop with HW. I see they went back to the Disqus boards?

  7. Yes ma’am! Oldest son graduates in December! Are you still not watching OC or did you give in? I tried and didn’t make it one episode. ATL looks interesting…maybe?! I can’t help but laugh at them…

    1. That’s exactly the thing that drives me nuts about these two. Everything they blame the other for, they are guilty of as well. Except the cancer scams, that’s all Vicki.

  8. Vicki always plays the injured party she came at Tamar and never shut her mouth . I do believe she has deep rooted problems.

    1. LOL, I just saw a preview of next week where she throws the cell on the bed with a “F You.” Goood Christian…snerk

  9. Omgosh!! I forgot about Archie. I love him! I also have a beautiful Golden Retriever. She’s a trip – I had to take her to the vet today, because she’s licked sores on her leg. She had to get a cortisone shot, anti-biotics, and bandaged for 10 days. That wasn’t an inexpensive appt!! The vet told me it was OCD behavior. Nice to know I have an OCD dog….

  10. No better dog than a golden, imo!! I was actually joking with the vet saying I think she needs doggy xanax. He told me that a good possibility, but on the bottom of the list. Yes, any storm, even light showers wiggs her out, along with the 4th and New Years fireworks. Heck, even riding in the car gives her major anxiety – panting, racing heartbeat, drooling, loud yawning. She is the sweetest, most well behaved doggie, though. Never meets a stranger. I just love her!

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