Tamra Judge Apologizes For Her Mistakes, Says Lizzie Is Obsessed With Her Life


Tamra Judge is taking to her last Bravo Blog of the season to apologize for letting her fans down and to discuss her fight with Lizzie Rovsek at the reunion. Tamra says that Lizzie seems to be obsessed with her life and reveals that no one but Heather Dubrow knew exactly what she was going through in her personal life. Tamra admits that when she is hurting she lashes out in the wrong way and reveals where she hopes her friendships will be in the future.

Tamra writes, “Cheers to the end of a very difficult season for me. The reunion is the time to lay everything out on the table and straighten out any misconceptions. Emotions run high and voices get loud. I know that this year was probably my worst year on RHOC and I apologize to my fans for letting them down. I am not proud of my behavior and I have learned a lot from what has happened. I started the season at a very bad time in my life (something I have not spoken of publicly) and contemplated not returning to Season 9, now I wish I had taken a step back and dealt with my issues as needed.

Between family, running CUTFITOC.com, and Housewives I had no time to deal with what was happening to me personally which is not healthy. I tend to lash out when I am not happy, I push people away because I am hurting. I have never been good at dealing with emotion. I am not trying to make excuses for any of my actions and all I can do is say I am sorry. As I watch the Reunion I look physically exhausted and emotionally drained. My eyes and face were swollen all season from crying every night. So before you want to make fun or say I have had tons of work done (which I have not) consider my pain. Thank you to my fans that stuck with me and lifted me up when you knew I needed it.

I think Shannon is a very sweet lady and I wish her nothing but happiness, I am glad her marriage is back on track and I hope nothing comes between them again.

Vicki has been a friend for many years and although I am very hurt by her actions I am sure I will get over it. Like I have said all season, If Brooks makes her happy then I am happy for her.

Heather was the only one that knew what was going on in my life fully and stood by my side when I even tried to push her away. Both Terry and and Heather are amazing people and I am honored to have them as friends. I do not see a friendship with Lizzie happening in the near future. Her unhealthy obsession and lies about me are rather weird. I would like to address some of the things she has been saying about me.

I read her blogs and I had to laugh at her desire to twist every good thing I have done for her. Every week it is the same thing and all I can say is, as a wife, mother and neighbor of Lizzie’s I hope she can let things go. The lies that come out of her mouth are so twisted and down right scary. The truth is I did not know her very well and never said a bad thing about her to anyone. I honestly thought she was a nice person until I witnessed her drunk and talking very crass about my husband because I did not make it to her birthday party.

I apologized for not making it to her birthday party and explained to her that I was really hoping my mom could get off work in time to watch Sophia, but that did not happen. My mom works for a restoration company and she got called to an emergency water leak. I thought we were OK and she understood. We texted the night of her party and joked about the picture that Vicki sent me of her dressed pulled up to her waist. I even gave her a free membership to my studio — only for her to put me down for given her a gift. BTW Lizzie we try to be as green as possible at CUT Fitness and we do not have membership cards. I texted you your login and showed you our app to schedule classes. Please stop twisting things. When somebody does something nice for you — you should say thank you!

I was even willing to forgive her for her comment about Eddie because I knew she was drunk. We all had a lot to drink that night. But her inability to apologize or even admit that she said it was mind blowing to me. Five people tell her what she did and she says “I am sorry for what you think I did or I am sorry if you think I was insinuating something.” I just don’t understand that behavior? I just don’t know where I went wrong with her and at this point I really do not care.

Now I’m reading that she invited me to the Kentucky Derby and I made fun of the charity. . . Is she crazy? When she invited me to the Derby it was before she said Eddie wanted to “f— her.” So after lots of thought, we decided that it was best that we did not go. Eddie and I were both concerned that she would have another drunk outburst and put us in another weird situation. When I first got the invite I was very thankful and asked about the charity (I always like to get the full details when I am working with a charity). That is not making fun or putting down, it’s being educated on what and who I am supporting. Who in their right mind would put down a charity that is raising money for a cause? Heather and Terry were also invited and backed out last minute. . .but you’re OK with that? LOL

Now I am a bully. . .good lord! she is talking about how she was bullied for her big breast and how rude it was of me to make fun of her. Yes, I said that out of anger after what you said about Eddie and I am sorry if it hurt you feelings. But what makes me laugh is that she told me at Shannon’s holiday party and admitted to Andy at the Reunion that she has 300CC breast implants. So if you are so self conscious of your big breast and mentally damaged about being bullied why would you make your breast bigger? Another one of her contradictions and cries for attention!

After reading her last few blogs it became very clear to me that she is insanely obsessed with my life. (Obsession: A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion.)

I have never had another person pay so much attention to my every move and twist every conversation we have ever had to make me look bad. She blogs about me, tweets about me, and goes around the neighborhood talking about me, It is sad. The only thing I can think of is she sees my success and my happy marriage and she’s jealous? She told me herself that her marriage has been on the rocks for years and she was very vocal this season that her husband does not satisfy her needs in bed. It really breaks my heart and I would like to tell her that we don’t have to be best friends — but we don’t have to be enemies. I was very upset what she did to me in Bali and I had my fair share of bad things to say about Lizzie after that, but I have moved on. If anyone did anything bad it was Lizzie doing something bad to me. I am willing to forgive. Forgiveness is the key to freedom.

But maybe that is something you learn with “old” age? Yes, Lizzie you are right I am old, 47 years old TODAY and so proud of what I have accomplished. I have four amazing kids, granddaughter on the way, married to the man of my dreams, own a business, and I’m in the best shape of my life. Maybe being old isn’t that bad after all?

I am happy to say that with the support of my loving husband and saddleback church my life has gotten back on track and I am in a much better place. I do believe that things happen for reason and although I am not proud of how I acted this season, I am proud of my outcome and the way I have grown. God works in mysterious ways! CUT Fitness is doing great and we are considering opening up our second location soon. If you are interested in coming in and trying us out we offer three free classes, just log on to our website and register. If my life wasn’t busy enough, I’ve gotten back into real estate and teamed up with a good friend at Keller Williams. My kids are excited to go back to school this week — and so is mama. Ryan just found out that he is expecting a baby girl and I can not be any more excited to met her. I do not know what the future holds for me, but I am glad that I have been able to share my ups and downs with you through out the years.”

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72 Replies to “Tamra Judge Apologizes For Her Mistakes, Says Lizzie Is Obsessed With Her Life”

  1. Ohh Tamra do I believe it is all your fault NO..do I believe you are a bitch YES..you do not do yourself any favours with that nasty angry face through the reunion and as you have pointed out you are 47 years old so by now you should have learnt how to control yourself so i do not care for your excuses, we all have our own sh*t going on…Did you let your fans down?? where the f..ck are they?? i haven’t heard or seen of any of your fans haha sorry that statement just made me laugh..In saying all of this I do believe you were an easy target but you put yourself there stupid!!

  2. swollen eyes cause u have to been crying every night all season huh ?????

    your face doesn’t move that is a little different than swollen eyes from crying

    nice try …. but u do look cross eyed

    1. I am laughing so hard right now at your comment Jeff! WAY too true!. I wonder how she feels now that the shoe is on the other foot? She’s used to leading the pack when the other ladies gang up on 1 of the ladies, (Alexis, Gretchen, etc.) but now SHE’S the one being ganged up on. If I thought she would have any conscious thought as to her past wrong doings…would she consider that karma now has HER in it’s gun sights?

      1. Jeff —– hilarious!!!! Tamra —– blah blah blah, you’ve always been a nasty person, so this year is no different than any other. You are a sad, pathetic person who only feels better when putting down or bullying others. Be an adult. Your children deserve a mother not a remorseless liar and evil bully.

  3. Tamra why in he!! Would Lizzie be jealous or obsessed with you??????. You are delusional. The whole world knew about Simon’s fighting you for custody. It was in print and on TV. You and Heather and Terry are friends because you are so alike and we all know you to be a liar. Just grow up before you lose Eddy, your kids and that so called successful business of yours. As for your fans – from what I’ve seen and heard and read they are few and far between.

    1. I am pretty positive that Lizzie is not one teeny bit jealous of Trashy Tamra. I think Tamra AND Heather are both jealous of Lizzie bigtime. Lizzie ‘has it all’ as Heather’s tag line claims she has. She has plenty, but she sure doesn’t have a husband like Lizzie has. Not only is he super cute, he spoke up to them about the ambulance call, the toast/construction worker/etc. I think the reason that Heather and Tamra are getting so close is they BOTH want to take down Lizzie ala ‘take down the Beadors” bit. NOTHING about Tamra could make anyone I know jealous.

  4. People are so mad at Tamra that I’m afraid to write anything nice about her. So, I won’t! But I will say that she’s good for TV…

    1. Brazilian, I want to hear it!! don’t be scared I may have found one of the fans she was talking about, I am excited it’s like I found one whoohoo!!

      1. I’m not a fan of Tamra, NO WAY! But she’s not all that bad, is she?? I mean, she was okay some seasons ago (except for when she was totally mean to Gretchen… and Alexis… and Jeana!! Oh, well, I think you are right about Tamra. That girl is bad news…

        1. Brazilian you had me going I was very excited I thought I had found the Hope Diamond haha not to worry apparently they’re out there the Tamra fans !!!!

  5. The stuff she wrote about Lizzy – I think Trampa was describing herself with the whole Gretchen situation…. LOL
    And poor Eddie – run while you can. I don’t understand how he can wake up every morning to that face — SCARY!!!!! She looks like a mannequin.. that skin and face that doesn’t move, only the eyes! OMG I’m going to shit on myself if I keep looking at her!

  6. I love how every admission of this guilt is interrupted with a “but”. I was a horrible person, BUT I was going through a lot. Sugar, we all go through a lot without going through life lying about people and having a permanent case of resting bitch face. Take some responsibility. And in the meantime, get off my television.

    1. Nice comment Christopherm….I was just thinking that the Saddleback Church that “got her back on track” may need to take some more time with her…don’t think all her negativity quite “fixed” yet. It is getting harder and harder to watch the Real Houswives anymore w/their over the top antics.

  7. Just when I think this bitch can’t get more delusional she proves me wrong. You are mean and nasty. No one is sympathetic to you because you never were to anyone else. You are beyond dead and just smell now. Please leave. No one is obsessed with you except you. If you were gone they could actually have fun together and have mature conversations. You have never left Jr HS – mean girl anyone?

  8. Why would Lizzie, who has a great personality, looks, great family, good business mind, be jealous of a trailer trash, married 3 times, plastic surgery face gone wrong, psycho? Tamra, shut it down. You are yesterdays news. Please don’t have her back next season Bravo.

    1. Think of that poor little grandbaby when she sees Tamra’s scary face and hears that filthy mouth. Good thing they don’t live near each other.

      1. I am definitely not a Tamra fan as you all know but facially she is not ugly – her face will not scare a baby (mine might but not T’s) what should scare people especially the parents of her grandchild is her attitude and general meanness. I would not want to be her daughter-in-law for anything in the world.

  9. I believe Tamra is very jealous of Lizzy. She is young, naturally beautiful & confident, Everything Tamra is not & all Tamra ever Wanted to be. If Eddie said Marry or “Sleep with” it’s sending her over the edge with Anger & spite. Bless her little raisin hear,t poor thing, she is a whole lot of insecurity.

  10. Wow Tamara, u really are bat sh×t crazy. Lizzy is Def not obsessed with you. You’ve really showed your a $$ this season. You need to do some reflecting on yourself.

  11. Oh yes she is big time jealous of Lizzie. I didn’t know that they lived in the same neighborhood.
    She talks about fans. The only fan that she will ever have is one that she can purchase in a
    Japanese gift shop.
    Why is she talking about her neighborhood? Is she afraid her house will get egged and she is
    looking to blame Lizzie. She really is pathetic.

  12. what a trip she is….. holy cow! Tamra has acted like this from day one. No excuses lady! You’ll never change… you are a mean girl. Bravo – listen up – dump Tamra. Bring in a successful happy woman that we can admire. I started fast forwarding thru Tamra’s scenes…. that is not a good sign.

  13. What I don’t get is how Tamra, who has proven herself to be the BIGGEST liar on the show, can so easily call out EVERYONE else for being a liar. How does she not feel complete embarrassment for the way she acts? And did you see the look on her face when Andy was asking Lizzie about Nick Lachay? She is just a wretched woman and I hope she goes away.

  14. Tamra, Remember a few seasons ago when you said almost the very same thing? You said you were in pain, so you lashed out at others and you had learned from that mistake? Now here again in this blog, after repeating the same behavior for another year (every year) you say you’ve learned that lesson. But the blog itself has so many nasty accusations and blabbing supposed confidences meant to embarrass the other women that it’s clear this lesson is still eluding you. Here’s you to-do list for turning around all the hatred and hurt you cause all by yourself: Stop being mean! Stop hurling horrible comments! Stop spreading malicious gossip! Start thinking about other people’s feelings! You of all people have made your own bed, by being untrustworthy, vicious, self centered, and ill mannered. And P.S. Don’t be jealous because Eddie said he wanted to marry/shag or whatever Lizzie. You know he didn’t mean it, and you know why.

      1. Thanks, Aunt Bee! I think the same about you. And I agree with you about Tamra’s looks, too: that’s NOT her problem. Her problem begins with her thinking that her looks matter, and her behavior doesn’t.

  15. Is this the same woman who posted Lizzie’s phone number? Tamara spent all this energy writing and it was mostly about Lizzie, I think Tamara is obsessed. Lizzie is smart, has a successful business, only one husband and a good personality. Tamara is a dried up bitter woman, a marriage that is a sham, 3 husbands, children that don’t want her and really no storyline. The Botox isn’t working, Tamara is a delusional liar because she’s so miserable. Misery loves company. Guess that is why her and Heather got along so well. I think it’s also pretty well known Eddie doesn’t want to “get” with Lizzie. Must be rough selling yourself that way.

  16. Wow, it finally happened—trampa proved that botox & fillers go straight to the brain. trampa — you are DELUSIONAL and jealous of Lizzie. You’re obsession must stop… And no-one believes that you cry, because in order to cry, you must have feelings and heart, both of which you do not have……Instead you are filled with bitterness, envy, hatred, jealousy, and cra-cra……..And note to trampa, you do realize that there are more beautiful women out there, more successful, more appealing to edward, etc., than you……

  17. I just keep remembering the trash talk about Tamera having a—sex and shaking her rear in front of the whole party as if imitating it…….yuk…….disgusting. Heather”s husband was salivating and almost thinking out loud with his lust. You than want to call Lizzie out? Confusing! Weird!

  18. Didn’t Tamera call Gretchen out last year or the year before for creating a story line about “wanting to have a baby with Slade?” What the hell was the baby-bot?? Talk about trying to reach for a story line!

  19. Tamara giving Lizzie a CUT membership as a gift, making it seem like it was some grand valuable gift is like wrapping a used dried tampon in a pretty package–YUCK! Who wants a CUT membership? That “fitness” center is no prize, from what the comments read about the center, staff, and programs–she might as well given Lizzie that used tampon.

  20. You know what. Well I know what. Met her the other day. And she said don’t even acknowledge
    this woman Tamara at all.
    And you know WHAT. Now we all do.

          1. Gotcha…yeah, Ann’s comment didn’t make sense to me either..important thing is that she understood it; that’s all that matters ha ha ha

            1. That’s a piss rotten egg. I really did I wrote it but when I read it. I can understand thedilema.
              Will try to explain . Sorry Bee. Since when is 70 Old. Look at Joan Rivers and Betty White.

      1. Bee, I am going to try to explain my crazy mind. People always say You know what?
        And maybe I am wrong, but I thought that Tamara was saying it constantly. So, in my sarcasm
        I was saying yes I know What. And what I was trying to get across was she kept saying. Youk\
        know What and what is her. And we do know her.
        So HUSH. Do not give her any platform.
        What ever.

          1. OMG Aunt Bee I just had this flash in my head, no mean spirited to you, when I told I think it was a Amanda and a Ceebee or Jody to wack it up there ass never to you so I hope you didn’t read that wrong bloody hell I would never say that to you Aunt bee

            1. You are OK. I didn’t take it that way. I just plain enjoy all the banter. I am pretty much housebound and these sites are the most fun I have all day.

              1. Aunt Bee I want to give you a cuddle right now..haha good for you get up on this and have some fun I love the housewives have watched them for years!!

    1. WHO met WHO the other day? Did you meet Gretchen? And she told you not to acknowledge Tamra? If so, it’s probably true. Bravo keeps the women that grab all the attention, good or bad. But there has to be a point where they dump them when they realize we can’t stand to watch them anymore.

  21. I would like to put a shout out to any Tamra fan PLEASE STAND UP, i will not be rude or anything I just want to find one so PLEASE STAND UP TAMRA FAN!!

    1. I am a Tamra fan and always have been. I think that even though she stirs the pot she makes for great tv. A lot of people like to tear her down but the show would be pretty boring without a person like her and she’s not stupid…. she knows how to keep her job and what gets ratings.

      1. I love you keep calm!! good for you I like a person to stand their ground…and I get exactly what you are saying it would be a little dull without her!!!

  22. What goes around comes around.

    How hysterical that Tamra, on her third marriage and horrible custody battle because she’s trash, thinks Lizzie is jealous of her. It always makes me laugh as Vicki almost did when Tamra says she offered Lizzie a year membership to her gym to make amends.

  23. I found one fan!!! I am absolutely thrilled..I didn’t know they existed but they do!!..I do think everyone seems to love to hate her so would you actually miss her ???? just saying!!

    1. Let’s compare Tamra to the other nasty ones that have left different shows. Does anyone miss … dang. I can’t remember any of their names.

        1. I applaud your intellectual curiosity and scientific experiment, Lia. I believe the outcome you found (one person pro, the rest against) illustrated that the exception does prove the rule.

          1. DebBrenn, I was hoping more would follow suit after the one had broke the ice but now she being Tamra can now write such thing’s in her blogs because she does have a fan.

  24. Yea, this from the anal twit trampa………….Give it up, no-one thinks you are “entertaining”, and the “you & eddie” story is boring /lame……….You wish you were Lizzie because she is the total package, beautiful, brainy and has a hot hot husband……..
    and the anal twit, removed the boobs and tried to give them to andy on WWHL, on you’re 3rd marriage, and still fighting with the baby daddy, and one kid (28 year old amish looking dude), high tailing it AWAY FROM YOU……….

  25. Well, you know what Tina no way. She latched onto something grabbed the paycheck (as she
    her self as said) and ran with it and fell onto her two faces.
    Aunt Bee, Vickie is bad but this one is a Tamra whatever.

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