Tamra Judge Accuses RHOC Co-Star Vicki Gunvalson of Planting Negative Stories About Cast Mates

RHOC star Tamra Judge appeared on Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis’s Sirius XM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, on June 1 and not surprisingly, Vicki was a major topic of conversation thanks to her ongoing feud with Jeff.

ICYMI: The feud recently escalated after Vicki claimed Jeff fat-shamed her and then reportedly tried to get Bravo to fire him. Last week, Jeff revealed that Vicki might have had her friend, Cory Larrabee, plant the tweet that originally accused Jeff of fat-shaming her. Well, Tamra seemed to confirm Jeff’s theory by shockingly stating that Vicki has had Cory plant negative stories about her in the past.

“A big part of the issue in the past few years [with Vicki], it wasn’t only that she was repeating a rumor, she was having Cory plant stories,” Tamra revealed via Reality Blurb. “Like right after her birthday party, he planted a story with all these bloggers. He actually did a post where he did a petition to get Eddie out of the closet. An actual petition. And this is her good friend.”

Tamra continued, “The thing is it’s really hard to be friends with somebody that’s friends with a guy like this, that’s doing stuff that’s very destructive. He does not make her look good.”

Jeff added, “Let’s just assume she’s innocent, which we all know she’s not. When you surround yourself with people like this, it doesn’t make you look good. And more than likely, if you’re associated with these kind of people, you’re probably in on it.”

Tamra confirmed that Cory is an employee of Gunvalson.

“He does a lot of stuff on [Vicki’s] behalf. Like, he does a lot of stuff on Facebook Live and things like that,” said Tamra. “People are constantly sending me things. He was fat-shaming Shannon [Beador] a couple of years ago when she grabbed her stomach on TV and all that. He was calling her Shamu.”

It gets even worse as Tamra alleged that Cory threatened to leave negative reviews for Shannon’s new QVC food products just recently.

“I heard he was writing for a blog or something like that. Shannon did her QVC [show] and he started posting on her Instagram, ‘Just wait till my review of you,’ and he puts laughing faces,” said Tamra. “So, [Shannon] actually texts Vicki from the plane. She’s like listen, this is what Cory’s doing, he better not be doing some bad nasty review of my QVC. This is my business. And all of a sudden guess what? A really nice review came out.”

“I’ve told her that she needs to get rid of those type of people in her life. They don’t help her at all,” added Tamra.

Despite all the drama, Tamra gives an update of where her friendship with Vicki stands right now.

“Well, you know what? We’re better now. Vicki and I are better and things are looking good,” she said. “I feel like right now she’s in a much better place than she was a couple of years ago. She’s got a nice guy that she’s with. She’s happy. I feel like him being such a positive guy is making her better.”


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