Tamra Fights Back Against Simon Barney! Calls Him ‘Delusional,’ Says His Abuse Allegations Are ‘Flat-Out Lies’


Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge is fighting back against her ex-husband Simon Barney. Simon filed for full-custody of the couple’s three children on March 29th, which created a frenzy in the media after he claimed that Tamra was a neglectful and abusive mother.

Now, Tamra is telling her side of the story in a new declaration filed on June 13th and obtained by RadarOnline.

“I am dismayed at the extent of the inaccurate statements, self-serving manipulated contentions of fact and flat out lies” it contained,” Judge said of Barney’s allegations.

“The entire basis for Simon’s motion for full custody of our children is based upon what he perceived as some type of abuse by me daring to request that any of our children appear on Real Housewives of Orange County,” Tamra’s declaration continues. “With regard to this first alleged basis, ironically Simon had no issue with our children being on RHOC when he himself was on the show, and when we were married and he stood to financially gain from such.”

“I did not neglect [13-year-old] Spencer with regard to his thumb … I asked Spencer if he wanted to go to the doctor because I was ready and willing to do so and bring him there if the level of his discomfort necessitated such. Spencer did not tell me anything to lead me to believe he was in any pain, and I did not personally see any behavior out of the ordinary to make me believe he was in any pain.”

Tamra continues, “Simon is fully aware, that since Spencer’s birth, that I have been the parent who has been primarily responsible for taking our children to the doctor … [Any suggestion otherwise] is a flat out lie and pure manipulation meant to defame me and grab headlines.”

“After Spencer jammed his thumb he continued to use his hands and to use his thumbs playing video games in my immediate presence,” Judge insists. “Obviously Spencer must have expressed more discomfort to Simon than he did to me or his teachers and staff at his school … the official diagnosis was a hairline fracture that did not require any type of casting.”

Tamra says “delusional” Simon’s entire declaration was a calculated move “to villainize me in the media knowing that the journalists who hang on every word he chose to put in the public file.”

“The only abuse our children are suffering at this time stems from Simon’s own self-serving declaration and his various exhibits … to fulfill Simon’s desire to publicly defame me,” she adds.

Tamra admits she and Sidney, her oldest daughter, “have had a strained relationship of recent.” But while Barney claimed in his declaration that the child’s therapist thought she was suffering from “anxiety” related to the split, Judge claims, “Simon has completely lied, under the penalty of perjury,” and that the therapist said no such thing.”

Tamra also claims Simon is “constantly harassing me” with “hundreds” of text messages “on a regular basis.” She also reveals she wants the three children to live with her full-time, because she believes she is a better fit parent.

“Simon purportedly desires to keep our children’s lives private, yet I am in the process of consoling our two younger children in light of the press generated by Simon’s unfounded motion for full custody of them,” Tamra says. “They are right in the middle of the spotlight.”

“Our children are more important to me than anything in my whole life,” she says. “While Simon has made various harmful and untrue statements regarding my parenting of our children, he has continually entrusted me with their care while he is away.”

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7 Replies to “Tamra Fights Back Against Simon Barney! Calls Him ‘Delusional,’ Says His Abuse Allegations Are ‘Flat-Out Lies’”

  1. I don’t believe her son was playing video games with a hairline fracture. Those hurt SO much! Actually, it is hard to believe anything that she says.

  2. If she means what she say’s that she’ll do anything for her children. Then she should leave the show so not to cause them more damage. do you think she will? I don’t think so!

  3. Tamra proved that “Tamra” is more important than her kids when she abandoned them to get her own apartment to screw Eddie. She and Siimon was new to reality tv and he allowed those kids to be filmed ( very little) as he was always present and could control the filming situation. Tamra has shown such blatent slut behavior on this show – no darn wonder Simon refuses the children be include on reality tv. It’s ironic Bravo is pushing a new baby storyline with Tamra/Eddie – Eddie is not feeling it, at all, and Tamra doesn’t take care of the kids she has! Her oldest (creepy) son has not grown emotionally or intellectually since he lived with Simon, who tried to steer him to responsibility/work ethic. Tamra has proven to the nation on this show that she is not a model mother and in fact a horrible role model for children.

  4. UUMMMM I just read Tamra’s blog, I noticed something about this piece. “self Serving Manipulated COntentions”? Anyone else think Tamra does not write her own blogs? She does not have the vocabulary to come up with those statements. Anyway every time Tamra gets on the internet to fight with Simon I want to cringe. This situation has no business being on television or these sites. ANyone else agree? We don’t hear anything about their custody issues unless Tamra brings them to this venue and others. Im not excusing Simon Im sure he has plenty of issues he is responsible for but Tamra needs to shut her mouth and keep with out of the media. Tam and Simon can fight all they want but to put these kids lives out to the public is truly child abuse. Tamra you should be ashamed of yourself. If you want to discuss issues with Simon do it with your lawyer. Tell him to stop texting you and that you will not longer respond unless it directly affects the kids in that moment” Meeting place to exchange kids, don’t forget homework, backpack etc. Anything else just don’t respond. Write it down and then take it to the attorney and address in private. Both of you don’t deserve these beautiful children all you have done is make a mockery of marriage and family.

    1. First thing I noticed is that Tamra does not speak like that. Whoever wrote this statement has a lot of nerve using quotation marks, LOL. Its pretty clear to me that Tamra is casting her own faults onto Simon in an attempt to get some sympathy. This snake never changes. The thought of Tamra being a better parent over Simon is absolutely ludicrous.

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