Tamra And Eddie Judge Having Martial Problems?


According to a new report, RHOC star Tamra Judge is already having marriage problems to her new husband Eddie. A source tells RadarOnline, “Eddie was invited to go to the reunion, but refused. And Tamra was extremely upset about it.”

The source goes on to explain more details of the couple’s marriage. “For Eddie, however, there was nothing to gain by going and it would have been a waste of his time,” the show insider said. “All of the over-the-top drama, including from his own wife, was just wearing on his nerves.”

“Bravo even offered to pay Eddie extra money to go, but that still couldn’t entice him. There are no contractual obligations for him to be a part of the reunion,” the source claimed.

The source added, “Tamara’s marriage to Eddie is indeed not in a very good place. It’s distressing for Eddie to have his wife be so obsessed with her career in reality television. They constantly bicker, which isn’t a good sign. They should be enjoying the honeymoon phase of their marriage.”

We reached out to our RHOC insiders, and multiple sources tell us this story is false.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • LocoForBravo

    Geez, not shocked by the news…she’s a little bit cray cray trailer trash and he’s a little bit into himself.

  • Ann

    Maybe that’s her new publicity story line. What a load of crap, STORYLINE, who the hell do
    most of these women think they are.
    The next thing they’ll be looking for an Oscar.

  • Eddie has shown thru-out the season that he was just not into that “cra-cra” – pot stirring crap that tamballs dishes out each episode.
    tamballa is not a nice person………
    Check out the scene where tamballs & heather are planning a trip to bali—-look at their overly tight faces, then look at the grandma necks (more like turkey necks)—-surprised because I thought heather looked younger—girlfriend has some serious sagging, maybe she should go on “botched” and get it fixed and take trailer trash with her…….

    • Liza Boston

      HW’s R Lame, I love your comments – You need your own blog, girl 🙂

  • Cin

    if it isn’t true yet…. it’s just a matter of time….no brainer… both of them give me the creeps.

  • VaNonna

    That whole marriage was a sham. He just wanted some fame! HA! Look what he got stuck with! Karma is a you know what huh Tamara!

  • Hmmm??? Wonder if bravo will film and profit off the divorce proceedings too?

  • Gigi

    Yeah Eddie looked kind of bored and disinterested of all the drama and craziness going on this year. I don’t
    see their marriage lasting much longer. Tamra has a baggage full of issues that she never resolved and
    brought to this mariage. The toll is showing on her face, she is aging right in front of our eyes. She needs
    to re-consider about going back to the show, cause all it does is highlight her unhappiness which causes her to be mean & be two faced to all the women in the show. Pretty soon even Vicki and Heather will
    tire of her. Please Bravo let her go already!!!

    • Liza Boston

      I agree ! Tamra needs to go for the same reasons that Jill Zarin needed to go from RHNY – what a relief that was. These women just get so fake, needy and mean . . . it’s annoying to watch. We want more authenticity and a little humor ! Shannon, Lizzie. and of course Vicki bring all of that!! How about some new blood, Bravo!?

  • Bravo fan

    Tamra. Eddie is not loyal to you by being on your side. That’s must be awful to live with!!! Also, did you ever consider your future daughter in laws feelings when you made that dramatic scene all about yourself? That was very narcissistic behavior. Eddie wasn’t by your side… I feel sad for you. Praying for you.

  • Jessie

    Unhappiness in her marriage would explain why she acts like a complete b!+ch to everyone. She’s acting just like she did when she was married to Simon, and we know they weren’t happy.

  • Kris miller

    i like Tamara she is honest and nice and she going though a hard time and be nice to her and stop being a bully and treat her respect.

  • Robert

    I love |Tamra. What I love even better are how all the commenters hate the show, but obviously watch it every week.