Tamra Catches Eddie Judge Crossing The Line With A Stripper In Vegas At Bachelor Party


In case you missed the premiere of Tamra’s OC Wedding Monday night, the couple started planning their nuptials and headed to Vegas to celebrate a joint bachelor/bachelorette weekend with their close friends. Tamra wanted Eddie to experience a bachelor party because he didn’t have one before his first wedding. But when Terry Dubrow started texting Heather racy photos of Eddie and a blonde stripper, Tamra fumed at her fiancé. Watch the video below. Do you think Eddie crossed a line?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


11 Replies to “Tamra Catches Eddie Judge Crossing The Line With A Stripper In Vegas At Bachelor Party”

  1. Why does Bravo think it necessary to show this disgusting stuff. The stripper scenes and the bathtub scenes are truly ridiculous. Please leave something to our imagination.

    1. miss minnie, your wrong remember her UGLY strippers screwed her her I bet she got juices out her ear a week, unless Vicki slept with her and since Vicki has not been with Brooks in a long time she might have been Tamra’s q-tip,,, just saying. And Eddie wants to call Gretchen and Slade nasty, trash, scum, sanks, and even worse but I am not writing them out, but you get the point. Looks like Eddie is the pot calling the kettle black and Eddie is right up there with Brooks in my book.

  2. The reason i think she didn’t do the same thing is that the Mexican strippers were disgusting, and she was clearly disgusted by them. It was in good fun. Whereas Eddie crossed the line touching her, and being involved in the actual rubbing all over her. I didn’t know strippers did all that. She seemed more like a hired hooker. The thing that bothered me most about it (and I did turn it off) was that he seemed to be doing it to get back at her. That’s not healthy. Women don’t react the same way sexually, and he crossed the line.

    1. I totally agree with you. Tamra’s strippers were gross. She was clearly disgusted by them and was NOT turned on by them. They were there as props, not hired to get her h0rny and escort her around all night. Eddie’s “escort” on the other hand was a bonifide Vegas stripper, paid well for her “skills” and Eddie had his hands and mouth all over her. My God, we could see his reaction in his pants!!! Not to mention the fact that this stripper had her bare, large breast hanging in his mouth. Sorry, but I lost all respect for Eddie. Having fun is one thing but going as far as he did knowing Tamra would find out ( or not) is crossing the line because he willingly and joyfully without objection engaged in SEXUAL contact with another woman. I found this very upsetting and unfortunately
      an accurate portrail of what really goes on in Strip Clubs

  3. Eddie crossed the line. I don’t have a clue why he went that far. I saw Tamra in Mexico and she was guarding her face with her hand. She was clearly uncomfortable. Eddie was “enjoying” having the stripper grinding on his lap. I guess Eddie and Tamra worked it out because they got married. It would have been a deal breaker for me.

  4. Let’s see, Eddie had the strippers nipple in his mouth, smacked her ass, was in a cigar room with her, had a boner, was kissing her at one point…..yea, no way should she have married him. Cheating in my book.

  5. When an engaged man uses the excuse of his “Last Night of Freedom” to justify nasty behavior with a stripper was gone when asked the woman he loves to marry him. If he never went to a strip club while you were dating why does the celebration of a bachelor party make it okay? When a man is single and unattached is the perfect time for him to frequent a strip club, not when he’s engaged (with exception of a fiancee who is okay with it).

    Some women are perfectly fine with their men getting lap dances but I’m not one of them. When my husband gives me the green light to grind on a strange man’s body with my naked boobs in his face then he can have as many lap dances as he wants. With that being said I can assure you my husband’s lap will be empty of any grinding, with exception of his hot wife!!!

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