Tamra Barney’s Wedding Tearing Apart RHOC Cast?


Real Housewives of Orange County Star Tamra Barney is currently filming her wedding spin-off show for Bravo, and reports claim Tamra will not be inviting some of The Housewives to her wedding. According to the National Enquirer, Tamra won’t be inviting Alexis Bellino to her wedding. When asked if Alexis will be getting an invite, Tamra told magazine, “Let’s just say not all the Housewives will be invited.” As for Vicki Gunvalson? “Um, maybe,” Tamra told The Enquirer.

“Vicki had been trying to smooth things over,” a source tells the magazine of Tamra and Alexis’ feud. “She was hoping to broker an end to the feud so that Tamra would invite Alexis to the wedding. But Alexis just couldn’t resist taking another shot at Tamra, and that ended any change of getting all the ‘Housewives’ together. Both Tamra and Eddie want nothing to do with Alexis.”

“This wedding may be tearing the cast apart,” the insider tells The Enquirer. “And Tamra loves it.”

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6 Replies to “Tamra Barney’s Wedding Tearing Apart RHOC Cast?”

  1. I don’t think these two sleezebags have a very hearty fan base. May get some viewers t for 1st show – MAYBE – but I just don’t see these two to honestly be in love or have any appeal, any interesting storyline to offer? Real life, their fitness studio is barely surviving. Wine by wives appears to be almost dead – Simon Barney is way too smart to let the children be filmed……Ummm…..bet Andy will have TammyFaye bring drama, just exactly what the dwindling amount of viewers DON’T want. Andy just keeps betting on the wrong ho in every city these days.

  2. That photo doesn’t lie…look at the evil that is so prevalent in her face! Now that’s really creepy… but the photo doesn’t lie!

  3. of course Tamra loves tearing up the cast, that’s what she does best, is bring misery to all involved in her world. Tough cookies for all of them because if they all stuck together when Tamra started acting a witch, they would of nipped the situation in the bud, she would have lost power and encouragement and forced to be somewhat decent to the rest of the cast mates. But nooooo, everyone has pardon this dirty-looking wannabe celebrity (Gretchen and Heather) and made it OK for Tamra to be malicious and vindictive to Vicki and Alexis (Vicki is deserving of Tamra’s wrath, if you ask me, she now has changed her attitude somewhat because now she’s on the opposite team because of Tamra’s wrath). I will NOT contribute in high ratings for this rat-face, I will wait for the gossip and blogs inputs, instead.

  4. So it’s Tamra’s fault that her cast mates are fame hungry and will do anything to be on TV? Lol they don’t care about her wedding. All they want is to be on TV. I don’t see why she would invite people she doesn’t really trust to be at her wedding.

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