Tamra Barney’s Wedding Spin-Off Show!


Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Barney and her fiancé Eddie Judge have officially landed their own spin-off show, RadarOnline reports. Filming for the show began at the couple’s bachelor/bachelorette parties last weekend in Las Vegas. “Tamra is the perfect choice for the next Housewife to get her own show,” an insider tells Radar.

“She joined the cast in series three and has become one of the veterans of the series and is incredibly popular with Housewives fans,” the source insists. “For Bravo, she has it all: the romantic storyline of getting married, for a third time, the drama with the other OC Housewives and she’ll inevitably be a beautiful bride, when she walks down the aisle.”

Bravo has yet to formally announce Tamra’s show, but the source says, “Expect a formal announcement soon.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


10 Replies to “Tamra Barney’s Wedding Spin-Off Show!”

  1. Has the “source” been reading viewer comments? Tamra is as popular as syphilis, except you can get rid of syphilis. I wish that were true of Tamra.

    1. Ahhh that is so funny. I will not be watching this bull if it is true. Tamra is the reason I stopped watching BHOC.

  2. I will not watch this show. I find her very loud, rude, disrespectful, etc. Eddie just seems to be long for the ride, and you can take that anyway you want. I don’t understand the “popularity” of her.

  3. Bravo that has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Tamara and Eddie bring nothing. Eddie has made it clear he has no time to even plan a wedding. Stupid move Bravo I have no interest and won’t waste my time. Change the channel to Tru TV watch fun shows like Hardcore Pawn and lizard Lick my kids tell me they are great! Tamra REALLY!

  4. Tamra is an asshat and that is a STUPID pic. Eddie looks like he’s trying not to shit his pants and Tamra looks like she’s trying to air out her yuk vaj. Won’t last; he’s not into her.

  5. A third wedding should not be lavish, no matter how in love they are. Tamara has already done it twice before, Eddie has done it once before as well, I think it’s classless to go the whole 9 yards for a third wedding.

  6. NO NO NO ! Nobody wants to see her snap and scream all the way to the alter than get smashed and throw people out of her un-deserved wedding ( that won’t last) . They’re not George & Laurie . This is not a magical love story . Gretchen & Slade after all they have endured would be much better suited. To watch them marry and grow a family would be cool. Watching Tamara’s repulsive behavior and disgusting mouth just sounds awful. Please don’t do this .

  7. They should cancel this show before it ever gets anywhere near the air. Tamra is a disgrace and should not be rewarded for bad behavior. Her kids are not even allowed to be filmed so how are they going to be included in the wedding? I guess it will be a sham like everything else TAMRA!!!!

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