Tamra Barney’s Son, Ryan Vieth, Speaks Out About His Father!


Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney’s first husband, Darren Vieth, has been selling false stories about her to the press. Now Tamra’s son, Ryan, is speaking out about his father! After Darren told RadarOnline he wanted to confront Tamra on Watch What Happens Live, Ryan is telling the Examiner, “I do not speak to my father, Darren, for many reasons, funny how he suddenly wants to look like a good father, “Ryan says. “Simon was more of a father figure than my dad ever was to me.”

“My mom never gave me up as a child, only asked for my dad to step it up and help out when she was going through a difficult time,” Ryan insists. “My mom has always been in my life even when she was struggling. It’s disgusting that he is trying to go after my mom by spreading lies. Everyone wants there 15 minutes of fame!”

“I feel sorry for him and hope that one day he will have peace in his life,” he adds.

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2 Replies to “Tamra Barney’s Son, Ryan Vieth, Speaks Out About His Father!”

  1. Ryan only knows what his mother has told him. For the longest time my husband thought the same thing about his dad until I started asking questions. Come to find out, his dad would fly to see him and his sister and his mom wouldn’t allow his dad to get near the kids. By the time his dad could talk to a judge in the state, he already had to be back at work in a different state. She threw away cards but kept the money, blocked phone calls… the list goes on. It’s a shame that these women pick a man to be the father, but when things don’t go their way, they keep the kids from their dads and make the dad a bad guy. Tamra has now done this with two men, Eddy will be the next, just watch. Wasn’t Tamra talking about how wonderful Simon was to Ryan in the first season…

  2. Yeah, its not like Ryan is the greatest son either. He’s got his own set of issues that aren’t exactly pretty. I’d love to see if Tamra would be willing to take that lie detector test or if Darren really is going to sue her! That would be most entertaining. Seems like Tammy Sue loves to get SUED.

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