Tamra Barney’s Ex Sends Cease And Desist


The drama between Tamra Barney and her first husband, Darren Vieth continues! Tamra’s ex sent her a cease and desist letter. Darren’s attorney, Peter R. Nasmyth, issued the legal letter on Wednesday in an effort to “resolve a series of disturbing incidents” in which he claims Tamra made “several defamatory statements” about Darren on Twitter and other social media networks on or about July 16-18th.

RadarOnline reports, Nasmuth wrote, “First, Mr. Vieth demands that you immediately refrain, case and desist from issuing further defamatory and libelous correspondence of this type.”

“Second, Mr. Vieth demands that you issue an immediate retraction of the libelous statements, and forward the retraction to each and every individual or entity that received publication of the libelous material,” he adds.

“Failure to take immediate action will result in Mr. Vieth exploring all available remedies including the filing of a complaint for damages against you in Superior Court,” the letter says.

Tamra’s son, Ryan, spoke about about his father recently, saying he is only looking for his 15 minutes of fame.

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4 Replies to “Tamra Barney’s Ex Sends Cease And Desist”

  1. You forgot to mention that Tamra had tried to delete those nasty tweets, which of course makes her look more guilty. DOH! but it was too late, Darren has the screenshots and now has Tamra by her Tammy Wynette extentions. Oh wait, didn’t she try and pull the same maneuver with Jim Bellino? Yes, that’s right, she did! Scared the botox right outta her when she heard from his lawyer I bet! And judging from some recent pics of Tams, it scared the botox right outta her again when Darren’s lawyer got a hold of her. Poor old Tamra, will she ever learn? Why does she keep doing this to herself? She’s already been successfully sued by her ghostwriter, does she just like being sued?

  2. It seems to me that a guy looking for his “15 minutes of fame” doesn’t ask the person giving him that attention to quit talking. Tamra feeds on defaming others. How many years has she been divorced? Get over it.

  3. You know I almost wish big mouth Tamara would keep it up I would love to see her ex shut her up… Is and Vicki are bullies and needs someone to bring he off her high horse…

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