Tamra Barney Judge

Season 3-12

“My faith is strong…and my ass isn’t bad either.”

“Boldness comes at a cost, and I’m willing to pay.”

“I’m not getting older, I’m just getting bolder.”

“The best thing about starting over is never looking back!”

“I call the shots in my life now… and I have good aim!”

“I’m done being a trophy wife, freedom only makes me hotter.”

“Housewives come younger, but they don’t come hotter.”

“I’m not the new girl anymore, so watch out.”

“I’m the hottest housewife in Orange County.”

Birthday: September 2nd, 1967
Sign: Virgo

A cast member since season three, Tamra Judge finds herself at a major crossroads in her decade long friendship with Vicki as she enters season 12. Filled with anger and resentment from last season’s accusations in Ireland, Tamra struggles to find forgiveness with Vicki and Kelly. After winning her fitness competition last year, the fit mom finds a new race to train for with husband Eddie. Tamra finally makes some headway in her estranged relationship with her oldest daughter Sidney, who she has not seen in over three and half years, and prays that she will be invited to her daughter’s high school graduation.

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