Tamra Barney & Vicki Gunvalson Have Amazing Moment In Upcoming Episode Of RHOC!


In a new interview with Hollywood Life, Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney talk about their up and down friendship on The Real Housewives of Orange County. “We’re more like sisters,” Tamra says. “I call her my sis, because we can argue and we can fight, but we can get over it.”

“Sisters don’t go nine months not speaking,” Vicki chimes in. “Sure they do!” Tamra insists. Tamra and Vicki talk about their emotional moment in the wine cellar at Heather’s party, and Tamra says once she and Vicki came face to face she knew they’d have to dig up all the emotional things that happened, “and she hates doing that!”

Vicki also reveals that in the girls trip to Whistler (later in the Season) she gets really upset. “I can’t tell you why,” Vicki says, but we think it has something to do with the return of Lauri Peterson!

Tamra reveals one of the highlights of Season 8 is when she had her Bachelorette Party in Mexico. “Vicki and I really connected,” Tamra shares. “We had probably one of the most amazing on-camera moments we’ve ever had.”

Tamra also teases that Episode 4, “Is epic and will go down in Housewives History.” Tamra admits, “Yes, I was in the middle of all that.”

Watch the video below!

Photo Credit: Bravo
Video Credit: Hollywood Life


4 Replies to “Tamra Barney & Vicki Gunvalson Have Amazing Moment In Upcoming Episode Of RHOC!”

  1. Can we get some younger housewives on this show. I’m not against older ladies at all but there is zero class on this show. It’s a snooze fest!

    1. “lou” does that mean older ladies lack class and put you to sleep? Tune out then! Go to MTV.

    1. “lou” (not “Lou”) has nothing against older ladies then proceeds to say they lack class and are boring. That makes no sense.

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