Tamra Barney Talks Planning Her Wedding To Eddie Judge!

Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge

Real Housewives of Orange County Star Tamra Barney is ready to open her fitness studio and ready to start planning her wedding to Eddie Judge! Tamra was all wedding talk over the Holidays and gave her fans some insight to her wedding plans! It looks like Tamra is going to get married right where she’s comfortable, Orange County! Tamra showed her friends and fans a photo of a possible location at Newport Beach’s exclusive Resort at Pelican Hill on her Facebook page on Saturday and wrote, “another one of our options…what do you think?”

Pelican Hill

Tamra has been so consumed with opening her fitness studio, she tells her fans she is finally ready to give her wedding some attention! “Did I tell you…I’m getting married! Wedding plans had to be put on hold due to the fitness studio taking up SO much of our time. Now that the studio is done we are planning our wedding. I can’t wait to share it with you xoxo,” Tamra shared on her Facebook page.

I’m just wondering if Bravo’s cameras will be there to film Tamra and Eddie’s wedding, my guess would be yes!

Tell Us- Do YOU want to watch the couple say their vows?

Photo Credit: Bauer Griffin/Facebook


8 Replies to “Tamra Barney Talks Planning Her Wedding To Eddie Judge!”

  1. Hate to break it to you guys, but Tamra and Eddie got married in Vegas this past summer on the down-low, alledgedly. She and Eddie are doing this for a storyline. I read this on some blog/ twitter accounts and, of course, I believe it. I even tweeted her and asked her and she answered with a flat “no.” Now if she were telling the truth, she would have raised a redneck ruckass and you guys know I am right.

  2. I’m so upset w/ Tamera I used to dislike her then I loved her and now again I dislike her cuz she made up w/ fake Gretchen and meany Gena, I’m done with her and she, Tamara totally screwed over her real friend Vicky! sick of Tamara and Gretchen! Oh ya and sick of gross Gena from Rhooc! Parf!

  3. I agree with Laur. Tamra is hateful and Gretchen too. Who are they to talk about people? They talked more junk on the first episode it makes me sick. They are two of the most un-natural looking people I have ever seen. And what is up with their hair? Get real!

  4. i knew they wear married already I really don’t know why they keeping it from us but that’s Tamar for you…..

  5. At this point who cares whether they are married or not? Poor Eddie can’t take a daily bike ride without being berated by his either current or future shrew of a wife; “Can I eat? Can I breathe?” Nothing but critical comments from the witch: You’re wearing a fanny pack; you look fat; your stomach looks fat; you spend more time on your bike than you do on me…” etc. etc. etc. nag nag nag. Eddie replies he gets more of a release from riding his bike than riding his fiance or wife or what ever and who cares. But there’s money to be made for Eddie here too with his 49% (which she “continues to remind him” is the lesser share of the business (smart lady, keep it up dumbass). And keep on hanging out with the other shrew and let’s all watch what happens. It’s the “all about ME” club again. Zolciak’s jumped on that wagon too. Have another baby, take another shot of botox, alienate another close family member or three. All for what?

  6. So if they were married when ? why lie to those who watch the show to make up a wedding , that’s nonsense ……..That wedding must of cost $2 million+ , as fancy as it was …..Just look where it took place .
    The show lying to those who’s watches it ……..ANY REALITY SHOW IS A BUNCH OF WANNABES ….

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