Tamra Barney Talks Friendship With Vicki Gunvalson & Alexis Bellino!

Tamra Barney

Tamra Barney is talking exclusively to @realmrhousewife at RumorFix about the new Season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, her wedding, her friendship with Vicki Gunvalson, and whether or not she and cast mate Alexis Bellino have made amends. When asked about her wedding Tamra says, “Everything is moving right along and I’m sure we’ll be sharing the wedding with everybody soon.” So it’s a good assumption Tamra’s wedding to Eddie Judge will be televised by Bravo.

RumorFix also recently caught up with Vicki Gunvalson who said her friendship with Tamra is a “daily thing right now.” Tamra tells Mr. Housewife she agrees with Vicki. “Vicki and I go like this [up and down movement] … We start off where we left off in Season Seven so it gets a little rough before it gets better. I have to say we’re in a good place right now. I love Vicki.”

What about Tamra’s TV nemesis, Alexis Bellino? “I don’t know if Alexis and I will ever be true friends,” Tamra explained. “I think I’m getting to appreciate her for who she is and she’s getting to know me for who I am … As I put it to her this season, ‘Let’s get to know each other in the things we do have in common versus the things we don’t have in common and maybe we’ll get along.’”

You can watch Mr. Housewife’s interview with Tamra below!

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Video Credit: RumorFix


6 Replies to “Tamra Barney Talks Friendship With Vicki Gunvalson & Alexis Bellino!”

  1. Alexis,Got along with everyone when she came on season 5.Vicki did but heads with her,But on that reunion show vicki. said it was how she felt,maybe not as pretty or thin. I think when she got to know how nice and loyal and kind Alexis was, it was like why be insecure.All the women have there own things going on.Gretchen had no friends when Alexis came on.Gretchen,was and awful friend to Lex last season.alexis and jim were there for her and slade always.Alexis you can forgive Gretchen,But watch your back.She lyed at the reunion etc…You are a loyal friend.Gretchen Karma is a Bleep……!

  2. I can’t stand Tamra or Alexis. Was really looking forward to not having to see Alexis this season, but alas, Jim decided that he really needs his wife’s paycheck to continue to live the fake rich life he wants everyone to believe they live. Guess no one’s interested in trampoline parks. Funny!

  3. Love Tamra!!! Vicki really disappointed me last season while I really grew to appreciate Gretchen. HATE Alexis.

  4. I’ve noticed how Tamra is doing alot of talkin on the blogs lately while the rest of her castmates say little to nothing. Isn’t she violating some clause in her contract that forbids chatting up the season before it even airs? Or does she just has to have all of the attention first?

  5. Tamra is foul mouthed and so fake, she is a bully and likes trouble making, she is such a hypocrite. I can not stand her. She defends everything she does even though she is wrong and thinks we are all stupid enough to really believe it. She is a liar and is mean. She should go see a doctor to get some happy pills. I feel sorry for her and everyone around her. I watch the show just waiting for her to get what she really deserves. And she should remember that the evil you do comes back to haunt you. Her crying is always so fake. She is bad to the core and seems so angry all the time. Somebody help her please!

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