Tamra Barney Starts Debate Over Facebook Post!

Tamra Barney

The always controversial Tamra Barney from The Real Housewives of Orange County started a heated debate over a Facebook post today! Tamra, who is in Washington DC, wrote on her Facebook page, “Eddie encouraging me to go to the White House and speak my mind…… ‘Take care of business baby, Tell them how unfair it is that when you work harder and earn more money they take more money. While the lazy people get paid to stay home and jerk off'”.  Then she wrote, “Hmmm, Not sure that will go over too well? But I might make the press?”

This comment rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way starting a debate on Tamra’s Facebook. Tamra started posting pictures in atttempt to change the subject, and later wrote, “Sorry if i pissed some of you off with my post. I was simply repeating a comment. I think everyone needs to relax , it was not meant to hurt or directed at anyone. Hateful comments are not necessary and don’t make you look to bright! Everyone is welcome to their opinion. Free country baby.”

Do YOU think Tamra’s post is offensive?

Photo Credit: Bravo