Tamra Barney Starts Debate Over Facebook Post!

Tamra Barney

The always controversial Tamra Barney from The Real Housewives of Orange County started a heated debate over a Facebook post today! Tamra, who is in Washington DC, wrote on her Facebook page, “Eddie encouraging me to go to the White House and speak my mind…… ‘Take care of business baby, Tell them how unfair it is that when you work harder and earn more money they take more money. While the lazy people get paid to stay home and jerk off'”.  Then she wrote, “Hmmm, Not sure that will go over too well? But I might make the press?”

This comment rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way starting a debate on Tamra’s Facebook. Tamra started posting pictures in atttempt to change the subject, and later wrote, “Sorry if i pissed some of you off with my post. I was simply repeating a comment. I think everyone needs to relax , it was not meant to hurt or directed at anyone. Hateful comments are not necessary and don’t make you look to bright! Everyone is welcome to their opinion. Free country baby.”

Do YOU think Tamra’s post is offensive?

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25 Replies to “Tamra Barney Starts Debate Over Facebook Post!”

  1. I knew there was more than 10 reasons I couldn’t stand Tamra. Thanks for reason number 11. Yea, she works hard for her money. What to change jobs and live on my salary? You forgot where you came from? Let me speak for just a few of those hard WORKING AMERICANS. We don’t have our hands out for anything. To bad for you that you have to pay a little more in taxes because of your over the top Bravo salary. Remember when you had to sell real estate.. Yea, live on that money!!!!

  2. I think pretty much EVERYTHING about Tamra is offensive and acting like being paid to party like a rock star and be on TV is “hard work”? Absolutely insulting to those who do, in fact, work hard.

  3. Tamra is the ONLY one standing up for whats right!! GO FOR GIRL!!! The “RULER” thinks HIS word is LAW!! I stand with with!! Offensive!!! NOT!! HONEST!! DEFINETLY!

  4. I agree with her and if you work you’ll be seeing why in your next paycheck. I’m sick of welfare we need to abolish it.

  5. I absolutely agree. Everything about Tams offends me. I think Eddies comment offensive also. Public forum & he uses “jerks off” I guess that’s why Tams & he are a couple! I wish someone would be chosen to give her a run for her money. Everyone seems to jump on board with her. I don’t get it!

  6. Hmmmm…..does anyone besides me remember when Tammy’s loser son was living with his granmother in a condo and receiving state disability assistance? He actually referenced it quickly in one of his scenes, something about his last check was coming. He was working out at the local gym, drinking and partying on camera all season with no obvious disability, but unemployed, and receiving public assistance. Ugh!! Isn’t that the type of person Tammy Trash is eluding to? She and Eddie are trashy morons and people like her only hurt a serious cause, so stfu TammySue. If she wasn’t constantly dependent on a man for money, I would bet she would be one that would work the system. In a heartbeat.

  7. Oh Tamra works so hard for her money. How much money did she make on her bachlorette party at 100.00 per person. Who charges tickets for a bachlorette party only Tamraa!! ANDY SHE IS A JOKE!!! GET RID OF HER!!

  8. First, I cannot stand Tamra. Having said that, I completely agree with what her post said. Remember, she is opening a small business in Orange County and clearly none of you have never owned a business, much less, in Orange County. I have been the business manager of two business’s in the OC and let me tell you that the government takes so much in taxes it makes you sick.

    Further, the tax code is written in which the more you make the higher percentage they take. Obviously, the part that is inflaming is people sitting at home jacking off. However, are you people seriously saying you don’t know of human trash that sits at home on welfare and are generational welfare recipients!?!?!? Common’! I can’t stand the bitch either, but there is truth to what they said.

  9. What she said is true! Since when is it wrong to speak truth? The number of people on welfare is at an all time high. The number getting government assistance of all kinds is HUGE! And whether you’re a bimbo on a reality show or you are just a hard working person of any kind, you WILL be paying for those that do nothing.

  10. Pinky, what I love about you is, you never forget a thing. Thanks for reminding me cause I had forgot. By he way she only threw in the welfare bit cause she knew what a verbal blunder she made!

  11. Thank you Barbara. lol I hate how people in this country abuse our assistance programs. I’ve always felt that if the govn’t would go after the patients and doctors who commit fraud – it would be a wonderful program amd our nation could afford to help ther truely less fortunate. It is, imo, the Tammys of the world who have family members, and prob herself back when she was a single mother, who abuse the program that we hard working folks pay for. Tammy is so ignorant and pure trash-she is a very poor representative of people like me so don’t show your ass in Washington – ever. Teality people are a joke in general and they need to stay out of politics and religion, again in my opinion. And lastly, if Tammy and Eddie had a brain, they would read the papers/watch CNN/educate themselves to have a clue that small businesses were hurting nationwide and probably should have sought a venture with less risk and competition – or how about work an honest job for a change? lol sorry – she really grates my nerves

  12. poop for brains…….. love the fast forward button…. I use it when she has a story line of the housewives……..

  13. Uh Housewives shouldn’t be talking about politics the two don’t mix. I used to really like Tamra on the show then learned she’s a bitch to her fans on Twitter.

  14. “Nothing is certain but death and taxes”. Has Tamra turned into some kind of advocate for those who don’t want to pay their taxes? AS IF she’s “to bright” enough to go the White House and “take care of business” concerning anything to do with government??? I suggest that if she wants to pay less in taxes, quit the show…that’ll put her in a lower tax bracket and she’ll have less to complain about. Hell, leave the country, I don’t care. But, lets get real here, she said it herself, she’s really after press attention — how sad is she? Her bachelorette par-tay in New York was an epic fail. It must have stung so bad to actually see, with her own eyes, that a majority of RHOC viewers DO NOT support her, thus putting her wedding spin-off into jeopardy.

  15. Tamra seems to be the Brandi Glanville of OC…….Please not another RH bullshit season. These are getting hard to watch.

  16. Hey Deborah Benner…………….duh……..the reason so many are on welfare is because unemployment is so high and benefits were cut. And you are defending Tamra? How many unemployed people live in OC anyways? what really does she know? and obviously You arent in the know either. Dont speak stupid until you know what you are talking about. Fox news isnt the gospel.

  17. Hey, Leah Deemer, If you read as well as you…. well, I’m certain you do something well…. you’d realize you’re the one whose comment was stupid. What she said essentially was that the people that EARN money pay for the others to DRAW money. That’s irrefutable. Your comment as to why this is true doesn’t change that. It’s not enough to be able to read, you need to comprehend. I don’t think referring to her as a ‘bimbo housewife’ would indicate to anybody (other than you, I guess) that I was defending her, only what she said.

  18. Get Tamra off RHOOC. She’s retaliatory towards her fans (whom she egomaniacally thinks are “haters”). She said SEVERAL times, “Dont watch the show, if you cant handle it!!!” Okay, I as well as over 700 of my Facebook friends will simply block the station. Its not life or death… not for us atleast. Remember what happened to Evelyn Lozado of Basketball Wives? Even Oprah got pissed at her. If you’re going to act like a villain, then as a public figure, you’re going to get responses, criticisms & comments. You’re on OUR cable sets. Tamra reminds me of Al Pacino’s character on The Devils Advocate…. short, vain, & vicious.

  19. I agree with a lot of what Tamra said but not the way she said it. There are a lot of people who are not working due to the economy, but there are also a lot of deadbeats and generational freeloaders. I worked for a collection agency many years ago and listening to people tell the stories of why they couldn’t pay their hospital bills was very interesting. After a while you could tell who was truly in a bad place and who the DB’s were. The DB I remember most was a woman who had never married, had 10 kids and 7 alleged fathers. The fathers never paid child support because none of them were working. She was always taking her kids to the ER because the kids were beating each other up.

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