Tamra Barney Says She Felt Bad For Alexis During Meeting With Gretchen!


Tamra Barney Judge appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night after The Real Housewives of Orange County aired, and she recapped the episode with Andy Cohen. When Andy played a clip of Gretchen Rossi’s meeting with Alexis Bellino, he joked that Gretchen was expressionless when Alexis got emotional in hopes to reconcile their friendship. Tamra also admitted that she felt bad for Alexis during the scene, because Gretchen had no emotion!

“I felt like there was no emotion,” Tamra said of Gretchen. “And that used to be her best friend. I kind of felt bad for Alexis.”

Tamra also got real when asked about Gretchen’s singing by a caller. “She tried,” Tamra joked. “I think she’s sounds better with autotune. She tried and her heart was in it and Slade loves to hear her sing and that’s all that matters.”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo