Tamra Barney Reveals Why Vicki Gunvalson & Eddie Judge Don’t Get Along!


Tamra Barney is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal why her fiancé Eddie Judge had such harsh things to say about Vicki Gunvalson on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra explains there were things that went on off-camera the viewers didn’t see where Vicki was spreading lies about Eddie, and Tamra says Vicki wrote her a mean email.

Tamra writes, “Heather sure knows how to throw a great party. She knew exactly what she was doing sitting Vicki across the table from me. Thank You Heather.

My friendship with Vicki was in a bad place for many months. I really did miss her but I needed time to get over everything that had happened. A lot of things happened after the party at Heather’s house last year that the viewers did not see. I received a very nasty email from Vicki that was very hurtful. She also was tweeting horrible rumors about Eddie and his career, that were complete lies. Eddie is not use to all this drama between friends and has a hard time understanding this show. Eddie is basing his opinion off his own experience with Vicki and not what happened at Heather’s party. Eddie has NEVER done a thing to Vicki and he did not understand why she would spread such vicious rumors about him? Now you know why he was so opinionated when he was talking to me in the kitchen.

My talk with Vicki in the wine cellar came straight from my heart. I never wanted to hurt Vicki or try and break her and Brooks up. I want her to be happy with who ever she is dating. Truth is I probably would have never voiced my opinion about Brooks if he had not started that fight about the evil eye. I don’t want to dwell on the past or use my weekly blog to tear my cast members down, too much of that happens on the show already. Thats why you guys watch!

My hope for Vicki is she finds the happiness she deserves. I will support her in whatever path she takes. It doesn’t mean we will never get into another fight again, Friends fight.”

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2 Replies to “Tamra Barney Reveals Why Vicki Gunvalson & Eddie Judge Don’t Get Along!”

  1. Tamra’s latest blog is a joke. She’s getting ripped apart for her less than accurate version of events. Also, she says because she “tears my cast members down” as the reason why we watch the show — ummmm sorry Tamra….that’s actually the reason why the ratings for RHOC is going down.

  2. Actually believe you and Vicki are great friends Tamara and noticed when you terrible twins get together you are very entertaining and funny. It proved how toxic Crooks was for Vicki that she turned on you when you were telling her what she told you about Simon the difference being she could not take it. He was a dreadful influence on her, way too powerful when she was emotionally lost and fragile. Poor Eddie, you can see he is a just, kind soul without any malice and even if you and Vicki recover your friendship fully I hope she finds it within herself to apologize to Eddie…if all that is true, she owes him that and I hope she is a bigger person than Gretch and can take responsibility and say the word Gretch finds it so difficult to say…’Sorry’. Good luck, I hope you gals continue having fun together!

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