Tamra Barney Reveals Brooks Got Dumped By Vicki!

Real Housewives of Orange County former BFFs Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson may not be friends anymore, but something fishy is going on in the OC! As we reported earlier, things between Vicki and her boyfriend Brooks have seemed “off” lately. And according to Tamra Barney, it’s because Brooks got “dumped!”

In late August Vicki revealed to Wetpaint Entertainment that she and Brooks “are still dating” but that their relationship has been “damaged by all the negativity.” Negativity like her daughter and son-in-law bashing him on Twitter?

Brooks then sent out some weird tweets bragging, “fresh new start” and adding, “’If a relationship has to be a secret, then you shouldn’t be in it.’ Just saying….” These tweets may or may not have been directed at Vicki, but fans started wondering what was going on!

Now Vicki’s former BFF, Tamra Barney, is speculating about their relationship. She tweeted, “I hear Brooks is throwing down some mean comments on twitter cuz he got dumped……boy did I call that move!” Brooks responded with, “Stupid and you aren’t even ‘in the loop’. #getalife #payattentiontoyourownbusiness.” Brooks is quite the hash-tagger isn’t he? Haha!

All of this and Vicki says her and Brooks are “taking time for themselves.” Looks like Vicki’s love tank isn’t full anymore…

Tell Us- Do you like Brooks?

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