Tamra Barney Opens Up About Her Suicide Attempts, Childhood, & First Marriage…


In this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Barney opened up to Gretchen Rossi about her dark past. On last week’s episode, Tamra gave a keynote speech where she admitted after her first marriage failed she felt helpless, and it was her first attempt at suicide. “I took a bunch of prescription medication that I found in my mom’s cupboard,” Tamra revealed in her speech. “Then my mom found me and they took me to the hospital. They admitted me into a mental hospital.”

During Monday’s episode Tamra opened up to Gretchen about why she has a hard time getting close to people and how growing up without hearing the words “I love you” has affected her relationships as an adult. “They didn’t know how to love, but they were great parents,” she told Gretchen in Mexico.

“I was raised not to cry, not to say I love you. By 12 I had my first thought of suicide. At 21 I was hospitalized and it was my first attempt to commit suicide. So when people get close to me, I feel like they’re gonna leave me. Not one person up there knows that. No one, and I’ve been friends with Vicki for six years,” Tamra explained to Gretchen in an intimate conversation.

Tamra also went on to explain to Gretchen that she is drawn to friends like Vicki because she doesn’t “get deep or ask a lot of personal questions.”

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