Tamra Barney Opens CUT Fitness Studio!

Tamra Eddie

Tamra Barney from The Real Housewives of Orange County and her soon to be husband, Eddie Judge had the Grand Opening of CUT Fitness today, Saturday, March 2nd. The opening of Tamra’s fitness studio was a success! The classes were full and people flocked to the studio to check out Tamra’s new business.

If you didn’t get to attend to the Grand Opening CUT Fitness is located at 30261 Tomas Rancho in Santa Margarita, California. It is open Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Friday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

“C.U.T. Fitness, LLC is a health and lifestyle fitness studio. We provide group fitness classes as well as personal training to all ages. Group Fitness enthusiasts will have a place to experience some of the latest fitness programssuch as Zumba, Indoor Studio Cycling X®, Yoga, Flow®, Body Combat®, Body Pump, whine Barre and more. Personal training of these same programs is provided for those who like to improve their ability to participate in more challenging programs.

C.U.T. Fitness goal is to bring families together in a safe, fun and active environment where moms, dads and kids can learn to maintain and improve the lifestyles of physical fitness.”


Check out the video of Tamra and Eddie below where they talk about the different classes CUT offers along with previews of what each class includes! You can also download the CUT Fitness iPhone and Android app to schedule your next workout!


Photo/Video Credit: Facebook


20 Replies to “Tamra Barney Opens CUT Fitness Studio!”

  1. Becky that is mean. Why is it so hard for women to support other woman? What did Tamra ever do to you? Don’t put hate out there…I feel bad for you!!! Good luck Tamra! You have worked hard for this!

    1. Tamra

      We all Love you and know you will be a huge success in your new fitness studio!!! And don’t mind the women who posts negative comments……BC regardless of positive/negative, you are still in the spotlight and have their attention! Good luck!!!
      your New Orleans Fans at Tulane University

  2. Why did Tammysue post on her FB that she wanted to go to the White House and ask “them” about why they raise her taxes “while the lazy people get paid to stay home and jerk off”. Tamballs quote herself. She has deleted it…but it is at RealityTea website. She then issues the most shallow apology – with another insult. Isn’t she a business woman? Who just had a grand opening today? But yesterday posted about lazy people jerking off. Shouldn’t she be targeting those ‘lazy’ people to hit up her gym and get in shape? I also notice …that all of her fan base are not anywhere near Orange County. “I’m in the UK” “Open one in Tuscon”…goes on forever. Is she prejudice against lazy people only? Or also prejudice against over weight people, who are also lazy, who she just alienated – with her FB post. Not a smart business move at all. I drove by and it was DEAD! D.E.A.D. I want to know who won the “SHITrts” – this is posted on her website. The shirt shoud say “CuNt SHITrts”

  3. wow becky so wrong wrong wrong wrong of you. i hate to hear other women calling eachother such a thing shame on you tbh

  4. TammySue is far less than intellehent. Her studio will not survive more than a year, maybe two. They were counting on her reality show fame…..she is not so hot in Orange County – hence – her bach party moved to the east coast, which was not the success they had hoped for. While Tammra’s sleazy slang may appeal to a few horn dogs that love that kind of woman….almost 50, botox and fillers, hair weaves, party naked-wasted – most find her mean and pathetic. She is no fitness instructor and from all the blogs, etc., I have read, Becky is correct. Her place is dead. Nobody who is serious about health and fitness will support a place like hers. Just because she removed her vulgar breast implants and had a tummy tuck does not make for a true healthy example – by any stretch of the imagination.

  5. AlthoughTamra demonstrates through her words and actions that she is not a brilliant business mind, it does not mean it is open season for hostile attack on her and her new venture. Happy Sunday morning, people…try a little “love one another”… Geez.

  6. All of you are right I should not have gone there. It was unfair. I apologized for being offensive. @ Tom if you were offended by what I said, should I be offended by what you just said? So if I were a fat man sitting behind a computer 24 hrs, what would that mean? Would there be an issue because I am fat?
    @Mimi supporting women I do. I was being flippant. Tamra, is such a great example of bad behavior and image, I’m willing to adjust my approach let’s see about her.
    @ Deon Shame on me, you are right. I know better. It makes me just as low as her, and I aspire to be better than her.

  7. I think Becky’s comment is brilliant. Tamra is an awful human being. She is a witch and a bully and I refuse to support anything she does.

  8. Mimi, I agree Grey’s comment was a bit harsh, but I must have missed the episode where Tamra works hard! The only gal on that show who actually has a job and WORKS is Vickie. The rest live off their husbands or in Tamra’s case, Bravo’s paycheck. Yea, we should all work so hard!

  9. I won’t use any of the offensive language Tamra is famous for but I’m perplexed by the black, red and white piece she produced for the opening. I don’t know if it was a print piece she used for mailing (which, if already printed, would explain why they haven’t been rewritten or jettisoned) or for Internet use, but it is SO poorly written and includes SO many errors/misspellings it’s hard to take this business effort seriously.

  10. I commend you Becky M Grey! It takes a big person to admit when they were wrong and apologize. You’re a good person.

    As far as Tamra opening up this studio, I say good for her. She is creating jobs and revenue for Rancho Santa Margarita. I highly doubt she will make it considering her reputation sucks and she has proven that she has absolutely no ethics or morals.

  11. @becky it’s really big of you to say you were wrong! We all say something’s out of spite sometimes hahaha =]

    @davey you are very ignorant like lol. I don’t know what tamra personally did to you. But you are very bitter lol

  12. Great job creating jobs! She has all the best intructors in OC. Hopefully she wont steal them away from the Renaissance….good luck you guys! For real 😉

  13. Becky! That was very big of you to admit that what you wrote wasn’t nice. Tamra is far from perfect, but when you put negativity out there, that’s what you’ll get back. That’s no way to live! Spread the love!

  14. It is incredibly amusing that the c??? word makes everyone bunch up the skirts and cover their mouths. It is simple four letter word. It was also a simple word play, by adding a letter to the fitness studios name. She does put herself in the situation to be name called. The c??? word is one of many. If it offends, maybe a cord has been struck. Her choices, behaviors, and her employment endeavors just make here more vulnerable to wind ups. I haven’t often been called c??? , but i took it as being bait. If i had been sensitive,then it would be inflammatory. I would rather be called a c??? than a bitch. That is very slandering word because to be named as a female dog in heat that would be okay to be mounted by a random dog, is harsh and very untrue. I have called a male a dick, part of his body, in fair play the c?? Word should be tossed back. All in all, Becky, I believe, it was funny and not to far from point. Honest. Also, i use c??? because of sensors on website , i think. Sigh. From seoul Korea.

  15. I stopped watching the OC housewives on season 2 after a season 1 marathon. Faces started to change, along with wardrobes and attitudes. Speaking as a person who has worked 2 jobs most of my life including a long stint as a single mother with no child support, I was grateful for a roof over my head. I never saw such a malicious group of backstabbing “friends” who could never have enough money to make them happy. They should try living the way most Americans do (yes hardworking ones!). I could only watch about a minute or two of Tamra, she has a big mouth and should step back appreciate what she does have, we are not all entitled to be millionaires. But if you do make it, have some manners and act like a well behaved adult who should focus on what is going on around the world instead of her own small selfish fishbowl. These woman all need to wake up and act happy for the privelaged lives they lead. But clearly they prove that money cannot buy happiness!!

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